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Aloha Listed

March 14, 2011 | Video

'Aloha' voted in NME's 50 greatest live albums of all time 2011: The hip UK music magazine New Musical Express has this month voted Elvis' 'Aloha From Hawaii' as one of the best "Greatest live albums of all time".
Placing Elvis at #30 it states..
'Aloha From Hawaii' Recorded: Honolulu, 1973. Why it's so good: This gig was broadcast live via satellite, and was the most watched broadcast by an entertainer in TV history, airing in more than 40 countries. At the time, the event was also the priciest entertainment TV special, costing $2.5 million."
Elvis is in good company as the highest placed albums were...
1. Thin Lizzy - 'Live And Dangerous' 1977,
2. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 'Live Rust' 1973
3. The Who - 'Live At Leeds' 1970
4. Radiohead - 'I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings' 2001
5. Johnny Cash - 'At Folsom Prison', May 1968.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Lefty wrote on March 15, 2011
This is great news! First, Afternoon In The Garden gets a chart nod, and now Aloha is recognized as one of the 50 greatest live albums of all time. Better late than never, I say!
Michael.W. wrote on March 15, 2011
There's only one number one live album and that's "Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Star Club"
Mark S. wrote on March 15, 2011
I don't care much for these "greatest of all time lists" and this one is a good example why. 'Live and Dangerous' contains a considerable amount of overdubs. The producer of that album, Tony Visconti, has gone on record that the album was "75% recorded in the studio"... How can this be the greatest LIVE album of all time? It's still a great album though. Live...well...not so much... As for "Aloha", it's the biggest music event ever for sure. But not Elvis' best live-album...in my opinion anyway...
daviddoelen wrote on March 15, 2011
The album "Elvis' 'Aloha From Hawaii"contains a lot of uninspired performances from The King. "On Stage" and especially "Elvis in Person" are much better.
dgirl wrote on March 15, 2011
James Brown Live At The Apollo should be in the top 5 as well as Jerry Lee at Star Club. The words up top said it best. This album is more known for the TV event it was than the actual concert it was. The event was huge and it also was a Quad #1 LP, the first of its kind. So all that would lead critics to rate it high but I would even take the Elvis Live On Stage In Memphis album over this show. It was a much more inspired show. Elvis At The International was his best live LP by far.
Jerome wrote on March 15, 2011
what about Dolly Parton live at Grande Ranch??..
bray1977 wrote on March 15, 2011
The current issue of NME also contains a list of "The 100 Gigs You Should Have Been At". On this list Aloha From Hawaii is listed at number 14. A much better slot. The Number 1 spot on that list went to the Sex Pistols gig at the Manchester Free trade hall.