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For Sale On eBay: A Piece Of History

March 07, 2011 | Other

It's an original ticket for the legendary Cotton Bowl show on October 11 1956, the world's first stadium show with 30,000 people attending. This is where Elvis showed the media, the critics and the business folks how great an entertainer he really was. The ticket is a one of its kind, which explains the asking price of over 3,400.00 $US  


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Mystery Rider wrote on March 07, 2011
Thats really cool stuff, but this weekend i was lucky enough to be at a fair outside of Philadelphia and picked up SUN 209 -217 - 223 and the rarest of all records issued on SUN 388 by the teenangles which was never released to the public all in a box of used stuff at .20 cents each all original and grade a condition . some times good things are where u find it