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Elvis Rocks On Official Elvis.com Website

February 23, 2011 | Other

The ELVIS ROCKS festival in Belgium and Holland also caught the attention of Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises. Here's what we saw on their website today: The Belgian and Dutch Elvis fan club 'ElvisMatters' is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a special live concert titled “Elvis R8cks." The production will feature members of the TCB Band, a symphonic orchestra, and the Dutch singing sensation Bouke. In 2009, the 28 year-old singer won the Dutch TV show “Where is Elvis?!” with his strong, powerful voice that left even musical director Joe Guercio speechless! The "Elvis R8cks" show is coming to the Cultureel Centrum De Warande in Belgium on May 20, 2011 and to the Theater De Reehorst in Holland on May 21, 2011. Get your tickets today! 


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Harvey Alexander wrote on February 23, 2011
Elvis Matters and EPE. They deserve each other.
lray wrote on February 23, 2011
That is a little harsh Harvey, don't you think?
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 24, 2011
benny scott wrote on February 24, 2011
Harvey, what's your problem with Elvis matters ? It's a great Elvis fanclub, doing very well in both Belgium and Holland. Always El.
Sylvain wrote on February 25, 2011
"The production will feature members of the TCB Band" MEMBERS ??? there will be only 1 member Glen Hardin
Harvey Alexander wrote on February 25, 2011
There you go, Benny - someone has answered your query for you, or at least given you an example of how these guys do business. Anyone get suckered by them over the "free giveway" with the 'Elvis On Tour' DVD?
benny scott wrote on February 25, 2011
Harvey, this is a test-posting. Was trying to answer yours, 2 times already, didn't work. I'll see if this message finds it's way, and if so, you'll read my answer.Always El.
benny scott wrote on February 25, 2011
Harvey, my answer seems to be too long, 3 attempts so far without succes. I'll keep it short : the person "who answered my query" runs a (IMHO not so succesful) Elvis fanclub himself. Ring a bell? As for EM : from my part no complaints, I'm getting what I'm paying for. Take care. Always El.
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on February 26, 2011
Hi guys, Wow - never knew that working for The Man would cause so much controversy. I run the fan club, along with several other friends and we do our very best to promote Elvis & his Legacy. With over 2000 members and 6 to 8 concerts a year, with 2 Memphis trips a year and 4 (may I say so Quality) magazines and a daily updated website I don't think we're doing such a bad job. We've worked with the TCB Band countless times and did tours in Europe with shows in 7 or 8 different countries. With the little profit that we do make, we support good causes. We're a non-profit organisation and do not have 'private bank accounts', so there is no personal gain. Our fuel is passion. Pure Presley Passion. But I've learned along the way that we can't please everybody. I've always kept quiet when other fan club presidents felt the need to give their view on our work/mission. I'm not planning to change that, but I did notice that Sylvain makes a habit of talking down on us. I don't know why, but I'm afraid he sees us as 'competition'. I don't think he should, really. We - for instance - never work with impersonators while his fanclub Elvis Memories does nothing but work with impersonators. Their 'main man' is Dick Presley, please check him out on Google. Sorry, but that's not our cup of tea. And to Sylvain: we don't want to be in your way: impersonators are just not our thing and there's room enough for both clubs, so please stop bugging us. Not that I have high hopes, but still one can only hope for the better. Fanclub members get 2 to 3 CDs free each year, compliments of ElvisMatters. However, I do think Harvey has a point. It is correct that we'll have 'just' Glen'. But we have also booked Paul Leim, who stood in for Ronnie Tutt at the Virtual shows many times before, and Tony Smith who stood in for James before at the same show. To me, they deserve to be mentioned as well: both are fantastic musicians, and I know that both men are highly respected by the other TCB Band members. John Wilkinson has lent his original "Elvis Guitar" to Tony for these shows - and trust me: he doesn't do that for just everybody. But I do understand this remark and will correct it with each further communication on our website. Having said that, look at the other side as well: by doing so many shows in so many different cities in both Holland and Belgium, we reach out to an audience that otherwise may have never went to an Elvis themed show. In that case I say: the more people in the audience, the better the promotion. And, if you would excuses this tongue in cheek remark: I'd rather have potential new fans see a concert with Glen, Paul, Tony, a Symphonic orchestra and no jumpsuits rather than a concert with Dick Presley and his home made high collared bejeweled overall. As to the On Tour DVD: we promised a copy of the original 1972 itenerary and that's exactly what we gave the fans. Everybody got a small booklet with the reproduced itinerary on DVD-size, so that it fitted the box. Further more, we sent everybody who asked for a 1 on 1 copy the photocopied itinerary in 'real size', that too was communicated on our website and in our magazine. If you haven't got that 1 on 1 copy, shoot me a pm and I'll make sure myself that you get one. Unless Harvey was aiming at something else? At any rate: mail me if you have a question. There's enough jalousy in the Elvis world as it is. Maybe it's time to head for the same goal and focus on the Man himself. If you feel like promoting Dick Presley or Tim Tipsy: that's fine by me. If you prefer to work with a member of the TCB Band/members of the TCB Band, that's OK too. As long as the quarelling stops: that serves nobody. Again: contact me with any questions you may have and I guarantee an answer within 24 hours. That too is ElvisMatters service :-) Long Live The King! - Peter
benny scott wrote on February 26, 2011
Peter, I couldn't agree more. Yesterday I made 3 attempts to answer Harvey's posting . My answer was rather long, I wrote about the quality of the magazine, stating it's worth the membership-cost alone, I wrote about the free "give-away pleasant surprises" we obtain (CD, calendar, etc..) regularly and without obligation to buy tickets for one of the many events organised by EM. I don't know what was the reason but 3 times my "save" didn't work.At first I thought my posting was too long and wasn't accepted by the webmaster, but that could not have been the reason, seeing the length of you answer. Indeed : Long Live The King ! Keep up the good work !Always El.
Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on February 27, 2011
Thanks Benny, you're a good man. Your posting may not have been saved for three reasons: if you use too many capitals, or if you include a url or link this reply is not accepted by the computer. That happened to me a few times as well. Also, if you use too many exclamation marks, it doesn't work - but knowing you I don't think that was the problem :-)
Tony C wrote on February 27, 2011
I have always enjoyed the Elvis Matters magazine and had never had any problems or the need to complain about the people who run the club. Some people feel the need to complain about everything Elvis related, they think that everybody is ripping them off. If they can do better, why don't they?
Sylvain wrote on February 27, 2011
Our annual "Elvis weekend Breda" did have 1 day with and 1 day without impersonators. We did have Shaun Nielsen as a special guest 2009 and Ed Bonja last year. Because we are a fanclub for all Elvis fans we work with impersonators no discrimination in our fanclub. On our benefit for the "Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma center" everybody could sing yes also Dick Presley, and we will give 1000 dollar at the fanclub Presindent's event august 12. And Benny Scott you said "(IMHO not so succesful)" why don't you try to raise 1000 dollar for the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma center.
benny scott wrote on February 27, 2011
Hi Peter, indeed that was not the problem and I still don't know what happened. Main point is that EM is a real good Elvis Fanclub doing a lot for its members. In a previous post I should have written " I'm getting MORE than what I'm paying for. To Sylvain : since when is the succes of a society coupled on a certain amount of money given to ,let's say, charity in general ? Let me put it this way : suppose one of the members is a very, very rich person and makes a gesture by donating ( let's take the amount you mentioned) 1000 dollars, in the name of the society, does that mean that the club itself is to be considered as succesful ? Now in your case it's the society doing this and the gesture is OK, no doubt about that, and it suits you and your club, let this be clear! But the definition of "a succesful club or society" depends, (once again IMHO) on more than that. Tony C : a full "Amen" to your reaction. Always El.