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Rave Review From Rolling Stone For Elvis Is Back

February 19, 2011 | Other

The King of Rock 'n' Roll continues to wow critics! Rolling Stone is raving over the upcoming release "Elvis Is Back: Legacy Edition." The magazine gives the album a whopping 4.5 stars, saying "it might be the the king's greatest noncompilation LP: wildy varied material, revelatory singing, impeccable stereo sound." 


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Jamie wrote on February 19, 2011
It's always a joy to see such recognition. Which is why it's so counter-productive to release projects like 'Elvis In Concert'. Apart from the paltry value of satiating some fans' curiosity, no good can come of it. The good impact of his best work becomes diluted by the scorn his other work attracts. 'Elvis Is Back' - what a session! I got hold of the Four Fellows' version of 'Soldier Boy' recently (The Shirelles recording is a completely different - though very good - song). The 4F's original is really cool but Elvis's is just towering.
Steve V wrote on February 19, 2011
Jamie is right on the money. This album warrants all the praise RS has given it (notice its for the Elvis Is Back sessions and less so for the follow-up LP). If Elvis In Concert gets released you know it will get reviewed and scorned, and in my opinion rightfully so. Certainly not Elvis at his best and the release will only do well to satisfy the fans who want it all. It is correct to say that no good will come of it as far as Elvis' body of work goes. Put it out on FTD only.
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2011
Hi Steve, did I miss something ? "If Elvis In Concert gets released...." Do you mean released in another form than the since long available Sony Music-CD ? I'll appreciate your answer ! Always El.
Steve V wrote on February 19, 2011
I should have been more specific. I meant the DVD of the TV special which everyone seems to want. I know the CD was out once before. If that show ever gets released, the reviews will show no mercy. I can understand the estate not doing it for general public, but an expanded FTD release would be OK. I thought FTD was going to get into the DVD business. I guess not.
Martin DJ wrote on February 19, 2011
It will be interesting to read the comments from those who said, a couple of weeks ago, that Rolling Stone was anti Elvis.
benny scott wrote on February 19, 2011
Thkx Steve! FTD and DVD? Maybe in the near future, who knows . But even if it should happen, I wouldn't buy EIC on DVD. I explained in a previous posting why I cancelled my BoxCar-order. Had too much pain watching EIC on an old VHS. Always El.
marty wrote on February 20, 2011
Rolling Stone's editors and probably most of its readers have never been Elvis fans, that's for sure. The rare occasion when they praise an Elvis release is always welcome. Having a rave review in Rolling Stone is a so much better way of helping Elvis reach a wider audience than some silly/horrible remix! As for Elvis In Concert, I agree that it should be released by FTD...
Andy_2 wrote on February 20, 2011
this must have seemed like it was from outer space in 1960 what with all the drippy nonsense being put out by all the bobbys, billys and Frankies. Way ahead of it's time and incredibly still unknown by the general public. What a way to make a comeback and immediately let every other pop star that they were all fighting for 2nd place. As for the review, Steve V is right, this is what will give Elvis back his credibility which has sadly been lost, making releases like this more high profile. They still get it wrong though when they say what the key records are at the end of the review. 2 songs that were on neither album. Surely the key track is Reconsider Baby...........
Martin DJ wrote on February 20, 2011
Marty, what do you mean by Rolling Stone editors have never been Elvis fans? Jerry Hopkins wrote the first proper Elvis biography (and was suggested to write one by Jim Morrison), Dave Marsh wrote an illustrated one and did the liner notes for the seventies box set. Both were Rolling Stone editors/conributors.
Natha wrote on February 20, 2011
As far as I can recall the pop magazines in the sixties till seventies were all focussing on the trendy pop music. My brother was very much into that, so I saw these till mid seventies. I can't recall any raving article about Elvis. Sometimes they just mentioned the release of a song. Maybe I am wrong as age does something to the memory, but in my young days Elvis was not done for teenagers (!) and that attitude was supported by the pop mags. Of course they were more for the youngsters at that time (sales). So I am happily surprised to read about this. At the end people cannot deny the power and ultimate influence of Elvis on even modern pop. It is strange to refer to EiC, as many famous stars had dramatic endings. Elvis was hardly an exception, apart from being the most famous, most bashed and most ridiculed super star.
emjel wrote on February 20, 2011
The main music papers in the UK, Record Mirror and NME from the early 60's always gave Elvis plenty of space for articles and reviews (not so much Melody Maker). Even the glossy b/w Pop Weekly magazine had a good amount of Elvis so too did Fabulous with some great colour pics. Granted this lessened as the 60's progressed and moved toward the Sgt Pepper era where Elvis was totally off the scene, as far as Joe public were concerned anyway, but you have to remember that even by 1965, Elvis was 30. As for Elvis is Back, there was a queue outside the door of our local record shop in Sutton on the Friday that EIB was released. It's definitely a cracker of an album which ended on a real high note with Elvis' amazing rendition of Reconsider Baby. And it wasn't unknown, in my area that many record shops had Elvis displays in their windows.
Jamie wrote on February 20, 2011
Steve V, thanks for rsponding to my posting. regards, JK
theoldscudder wrote on February 21, 2011
Steve V..Usually you are right on but In Concert should never be released in any form .I think your judgement in this matter is being clouded by a general lack of puswar ala tar tar in your diet.
Lefty wrote on February 21, 2011
Eleven Elvis Presley songs made Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. I read all eleven reviews, and they are very complimentary of Elvis. For this reason alone, I don't think Rolling Stone is anti-Elvis, as someone noted earlier. With all the new music out there, giving a fifty year old album 4.5 stars is outstanding! I wonder if that will happen to Lady Gaga fifty years hence? What surprises me about this discussion is that it turned into another debate about Elvis In Concert. Come on people, give it a rest! Wasn't all that talk surrounding "The Final Curtain" enough to satiate the most ardent "In Concert" fan?
Pedro Nuno wrote on February 21, 2011
This is a "throw away candy" critic, folks. Just because Elvis is back is an outstanding album not only in Elvis catalog but in Rock Era catalog. Honestly I think is a dishonest critic, since “Elvis is back” is as good as Revolver, The white Album of Abbey Road from The Beatles; Exile on Main Street or Sticky Fingers from the Stones, or Led Zeppelin I, II or II. All of those truly deserve 5 stars, not 4 1/2 stars. With Elvis is back being a true predecessor made long before all of those. Don't thought sand to my eyes. If Rolling Stone don't recognize Elvis is back as one of the best albums of Rock Era they don't deserve any credit to me. And saying "it might be the king's greatest noncompilation LP", it revels prejudice and ignorance, just wonder what about Elvis Presley and Elvis (1956), From Elvis in Memphis, or Elvis Country??? Give me a break...
Martin DJ wrote on February 21, 2011
Are we now complaining that the album only got 4½ stars instead of 5? As William Shatner (captain Kirk) said on Saturday Nigh Live to Star Trek fans: 'Get a life.'
Jamie wrote on February 21, 2011
Martin, how dare you? Given a choice of getting a life or writing in to this website scores of us choose to forego having a life and submit our opinions to these pages instead. I think there's a nobility in sacrificing our purpose on this earth so that we can bicker with one another about the soundtrack album to 'Easy Come, Easy Go' etc.
Martin DJ wrote on February 22, 2011
How right you are.
dgirl wrote on February 22, 2011
To add to that, I was a subscriber to RS for many years back in the day. They also gave great reviews to the Memphis album and the MSG album and the MSG concert itself. Of course, they did not rave about albums such as Love Letters, Elvis Now, etc. I think they have been fair. Their readership for the most part does not include Elvis fans but more the Woodstock generation (or it did then). I dont know who reads this mag today, but if it is teenagers, to even mention ELvis n a review or a poll says a lot to me since most young people dont know his work at all.
Cruiser621 wrote on March 02, 2011
There was a time in my youth I used to get this magazine but stopped once all they cared about was politics on the liberal left leaning side and no longer music, to be honest, and for them to endorse with 4.5 stars an Elvis album takes hutspah. Next to his 2nd album Elvis which wasn't a hodge podge compliation back in 1956, this is a keeper and definitely worhy of 4.5 stars especially from Rolling Stone. Why? Very simply it was actually put together with some thought and originalty unlike what was to come in the 1960's; disregarding the Memphis album of course.