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Daily Love Songs

January 30, 2011 | Music

Available today in the UK newspaper, "The Mail On Sunday" is the 15 track CD, "Elvis Love Songs". The CD comes in a cardboard case and has a really nice looking cover. The CD had more advertising than "Viva Elvis - The Album" with a great advert showing film and photos of Elvis with selected songs playing which I saw 4 different screenings during peak viewing hours. The paper said that when they have an Elvis promotion, sales increase by 30%.

Source:The Elvis Express
Brian Quinn wrote on January 30, 2011
Got my copy today. It received more TV promotion on Saturday than the 'Viva Elvis' album did in total.
OtisBlue22 wrote on January 30, 2011
It frustrates me that venerable music mags like Uncut, MOJO, and The Word, always seem to ignore Elvis. I once did some work experience at Uncut and asked why he had only graced their cover but once (for a special edition). I was told that he just didn't sell, hence they had surplus copies of Jailhouse Rock on DVD, as giveaways, stashed away in their basement. I wish editors would take a chance, bearing in mind the success enjoyed by The Mail On Sunday, or the fact that having the acknowledged King of Rock 'n' Roll on the cover of one of these (largely) classic rock-based mags might be a refreshing break from seeing the same tired, old faces—I think you know the ones I mean. If you're wondering what else could possibly be said about Presley's varied life and career, I would argue that reading a respected journalist's own response to Aloha, an in-depth feature on our man's run at Madison Square Garden, or a photo essay on Presley's hallowed '57 shows would undoubtedly be a fascinating and immensely rewarding experience, rekindling our regard for the man and hopefully piquing the interest of the unconverted. What do you guys think?
circleG wrote on January 30, 2011
I think if magazines had a more positive or at least subjective approach to the legacy of Elvis Presley then positive sales would result. The teens and young adults in my family definately have a more positive approach than some older fans who were there! Thank goodness for the younger generation. Well done to the Mail on Sunday who had to use public domain songs, I believe, when sony should have let them use a wider choice but didn't.
Tony C wrote on January 30, 2011
Sony would have let the Mail On Sunday use any Elvis recordings they wished for this compilation, but they would have had to have paid for their use. They don't give them out for free.
Jerome wrote on January 31, 2011
great cover!!..
Brian Quinn wrote on January 31, 2011
The cover shown was not that issued in the newspaper which had a picture of Elvis from the 50's on the front.