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Update On Lamar Fike's Death

January 23, 2011 | People

Marty Lacker says about Lamar: "I have the unfortunate task of officially sadly announcing the passing of Lamar Fike as authorized by his cousin Tommy McDonald who was very close to Lamar and was with him daily in his hospital room in Arlington,Texas. Lamar passed away very peacefully, Friday, January 21.

Lamar had been hospitalized since last October 14th and then transferred to the physical therapy wing of the hospital. Unfortunately he did not improve and was sent back to the hospital about a month ago. Outside of Red West, Lamar was with Elvis the longest and he remained close to him until Elvis' passing. Lamar was also very close to Elvis' mother.

Lamar's wishes to be cremated will be carried out and the Brown, Owen, Brumley Funeral Home, Ft. Worth are handling his funeral. A memorial service will be held in Mart, Texas, one of Lamar's boyhood homes at a date to be announced. He was born in Cleveland,Mississippi on November 11,1935. Those of us in the Memphis Mafia who remained his friend are greatly saddened by the loss of yet another member of our close group. May God Bless his Soul and may he Rest In Peace. Marty" 

GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 23, 2011
Its so sad.. That in the last few months we have lost Myrna Smith, Sean (Shaun) Neilsen, and now Lamar Fike. Like Elvis, they will live on in our hearts, by memory, video, and audio, forever.
benny scott wrote on January 23, 2011
GEORGE (GK) : amen to that . Always El.
andrew1 wrote on January 23, 2011
I'm thankful that we have so much video of Lamar thanks to the Memphis Mafia videos from 1997. His humor and bluntness always made for interesting story telling. Gonna miss him...
Nilson Rego wrote on January 23, 2011
Sincere condolences to family and friends. Thanks, Lamar. For the Heart!
Steve V wrote on January 24, 2011
Great story teller, probably the best of the bunch. RIP and thanks for the memories.
ElvisCriticsSuck wrote on January 24, 2011
I for one do not forget the crap that Lamar stated about his "Friend", being an employee of Elvis Presley made them famous, not the other way around!
Fortis wrote on January 25, 2011
Man, I am getting scared: it seems that Elvis wants them all up there, ASAP.....!?!?
Fortis wrote on January 25, 2011
In 1957 already, Lamar jumped the Graceland walls to stay with Elvis....all of his life !! Will Prizscilla or LisaMarie or EPE Inc. pick up the funeral bills this time ??? I feel EPE should send a belated check of 50-thousand dollars to the other who have vanished last year....that's "loyalty" and appreciation in my book.
Tony C wrote on January 29, 2011
Why on earth should EPE be obliged to pay for Lamar Fike's funeral? These occasions are private matters for family members to make their own arrangements.
Steve V wrote on January 30, 2011
Fortis - Get a grip. What on earth does EPE have to do with Elvis' friends and why should they even care? It's a business, enterprise for goodness sakes. Man, the posts I read here are sometimes out of left field.