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Elvis In The Cathedral

January 18, 2011 | Other

The UK's Elvis Travel Service has arranged two Charity Concerts in the UK in March featuring Elvis gospels and ballads. Performing in both concerts will be Elvis' Imperials, one of the USA's leading Gospel Quartets who backed Elvis on-stage in Las Vegas, the 70-strong members of the Morriston Orpheus Choir of South Wales - one of the UK's most popular male voice choirs, and Jenson Bloomer, whose excellent interpretation of Elvis' music has made him the ideal soloist for these concerts. The first takes place in Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff on Friday 18th March and the second in Coventry Cathedral on Saturday 19th March. Both concerts commence at 7:30pm and tickets are priced at £29, £24 and £19.... .available from the Elvis Travel Service on (UK) 01473 660800.

Fortis wrote on January 18, 2011
Fantastic !!!! It's something I've been waiting for for years , really. Let them sing as many hymns & gosp)els as they possibly can and bring in also Kathy W & Donnie Sumner and the Jordanaires !!!!!! Only thing is the tickets arte too high priced in my opinion....but otherwise.... And put this show on the road throughout ALL of Europe, please !! As most churches (whatever denomination, it doesn't matter really does it) are getting empty -- such events may turn it around somewhat, also for non-Elvis fans.... a new avenue (very positive) for a lot of people who still think that Elvis sang onoly R','R.....Good intentions ! Wishing them lots of success !!!! And away we go, baby !
Sirbalkan wrote on January 18, 2011
It's obvious that one day a big portion of music lovers call him as a saint. :) Name me another person in music industry who's celebrated at churched and cathedrals a lot. The previous church event was at Truro Cathedral with a good impersonator and it was rocking too. :)
SuziB wrote on January 18, 2011
Differeent venue, different song list...but still an impersonator. Elvis' bandmates, backing singers etc should be ashamed they have anything to do with these people. Pass the sick bag...
Loesje wrote on January 18, 2011
Definition of an impersonator: someone who thinks he can sing and someone who is wearing jumpsuits, sunglasses and a wig. Neither of the above points to Jenson Bloomer!
Brian Quinn wrote on January 18, 2011
Excellent idea and I hope it catches on throughout the UK. This can only get Elvis positive publicity.
Natha wrote on January 18, 2011
I heard Bloomer once. He at no time tried to sort of pretend to be Elvis or impersonate him (Loesje: you gave a marvellous definition of an impersonator!). I think voice wise he fits in this idea as the ballad part was the part that impressed me.
benny scott wrote on January 18, 2011
I wonder if Sirbalkan really meant "impersonator" the way most people ( me too) see it . ( See good description by Loesje indeed ! ) . Maybe he meant " a good singer singing Elvis-songs, not imitating our man). Have to agree with Natha : Jenson Bloomer (and also Terry Mike Jeffrey and Bouke, to name a couple of other great singers) should in NO WAY be considered as "Impersonator(s) . Agree with Brian too : good positive publicity if well organized . Always El.
Helbrown wrote on January 18, 2011
This is going to be an excellent, tasteful event. Jenson is not an Elvis impersonator at all. He has worked with most of Elvis's band and singers before, and if he was a typical ETA he would not be used by the Travel Service. If it WAS an impersonator, I wouldn't be going anywhere near as I have zero tolerance of them - I have booked for both shows, and can't wait. The events are reasonably priced bearing in mind the costs of bringing guests over and staging the events. It's less than an equivalent event in Memphis would be (and EPE wouldn't have to pay for transatlantic flights). I think it is excellent value for a unique and tasteful tribute to Elvis. There are a range of prices too, depending on your budget. Whether it is repeated will depend on how much support it gets, so it's up to the fans to show that they want this sort of entertainment.
Sirbalkan wrote on January 19, 2011
Dear Benny... I had watched a show from youtube "elvis gospel truro cathedral" there you see an elvis impersonator;exactly the one singing an elvis song. well to be honest he is not bad, not aggraveting his moves so it's a good thing I think. Watch and decide. :) Always El... ;)
benny scott wrote on January 19, 2011
Hi buddy Sirbalkan, I watched the Youtube you mentioned. This is indeed NO impersonator ! You are right : the guy has a good voice, wearing NO jumpsuit, sunglasses, wig, etc... . No Elvis"moves" indeed . So OK with me . I know and I am convinced you did not mean by "impersonator " someone fitting the description of what most of us dislike . Just a matter of choosing the right "description". Wishing you all the best ! Always El.