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Ed Bonja In Hospital

January 18, 2011 | People

Ed was taken to the hospital in Germany for a thorough check-up on his longs and doctors decided that it would be best if Ed stays a few days longer. Ed regretfully has to cancel his trip to Norway today, we wish him a quick recovery too!

Fortis wrote on January 18, 2011
All the best to you ED __A WONDERFUL MAN and good photographer of Elvis ! Have a soon recovery Buddy ! We met in Vegas -- Hope to see you again real soon, in full swing, here in NL, BE or FR or CH. Keep rockin' Buddy...don't let the germans do a number on you Buddy (haha)
Lovely Linda wrote on January 18, 2011
So sorry to hear this!!!! Get well Ed! Keep the faith...email me what's up..love you,Linda
Tony C wrote on January 19, 2011
Get well soon, Ed.