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New FTD Releases

January 09, 2011 | Music

On February 15, 2 new titles will be released;

White Knight In Vegas

White Night In Vegas (5" Digipack)

White Night In Vegas (title and artwork TBC) features a great complete concert from Elvis’ opening Vegas season in 1969. Elvis received critical acclaim for these shows and now this official release of the August 26, Dinner Show makes it available for fans around the world. Ann Moses was a correspondent for the famous NME and Tiger Beat publications during this magic time and she had the good fortune to meet Elvis and report on the shows. Her unique photos from this season are featured in the package, some published for the first time. The booklet also includes a unique essay written by Ann. White Night In Vegas will be issued as a 5” digipack featuring a 12- page booklet and is mastered by VIC ANESINI from the original multi track tapes.

Vinyl How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art (Vinyl)

Following on from the great success of FTD’s previous vinyl editions, we are pleased to announce the release of How Great Thou Art as a limited edition 180 gram 2-LP set. The vinyl edition features all the original masters plus many outtakes. Also included is Beyond the Reef that was recorded informally at these sessions. This is the overdubbed version.  


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EJF wrote on January 09, 2011
Finally a 5" Digipak well worth dishing out the (high) asking price. I haven't bought any of the last audience/soundboard releases but the season, multi-track, Ann Moses, 12-page booklet and Vic Anesini make this a must for me. Agreed, the shows, some of which already released, are samey but I never tire of hearing Elvis full of energy and so enthusiastic returning to live appearances. As for HGTA on vinyl, I stopped buying vinyl ages ago so it's a no-no for me though a must for vinyl enthusiats. But frankly I was hoping for a new 7" Classic Album, like "G.I. Blues" or "Promised Land."
EJF wrote on January 09, 2011
BTW, I also like the cover. Well done FTD.
Ton Bruins wrote on January 09, 2011
Another 1969 show (nothing wrong with that in quality) but with versions of songs we al ready have and the same tracklist as all 1969 show...I prefer a show that is completely unreleased.
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2011
I love the 1969 shows, but really cannot tell one from the other and if I hear that monologue again, I will go crazy. It was fun to hear once, not multiple times. It looks like a nice package though and I bet the sound is better than previous 69 shows, so I am on the fence about buying it. Maybe I will sell some of the other ones and just buy this one.
Santa Claus wrote on January 09, 2011
Steve and Ton. Let me tell you a secret: If you wait for a concert-tracklist that is so new that it will make you and the Elvis-World shake .. you can stop collecting right now.
Pietro S wrote on January 09, 2011
1969 show - sounds interesting. Have you noticed the title on the cover? "White KNIGHT..." (not "night").
emjel wrote on January 09, 2011
Back in '69 and listening to some of these shows within a month of Elvis doing them had a complete WOW factor - BIG BIG time. Forty years on, and unfortunatley, I cannot say the same. As has been said, once you've heard a couple of these shows, you've basically heard the lot. If you're into having to have every single show he put down, then obviously a must, but I think a minority audience here. Us fans ain't getting any younger, and I would have preferred another classic album - perhaps G I Blues or the FTD version of BMGs Tomorrow Is A Long Time to cover 66-68 non film studio period.
lacke lee wrote on January 09, 2011
finally something new from ftd. cain't wait too get my hands on this............i am wating for the final curtain to arrive and i hope it will be soon i have plaesed an preorder on that trasure it will be christmas all over again when it arrive
Lefty wrote on January 10, 2011
I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the 69 shows, but when FTD puts out a new multi-track recording mastered by Vic Anesini, along with a 12 page booklet, unpublished photos, and liner notes, then hell yes I'm going to buy it! For me, this is where complaints about FTD stop and praise for FTD kicks in!
GeertFromNl wrote on January 10, 2011
The 1969 shows are great,but slightly boring.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 10, 2011
The 1969 shows boring? come on,what on earth is your problem.
Martin DJ wrote on January 10, 2011
Definitely not boring, but in 1969 the setlists were basically the same, night after night - unlike those of the shows recorded during the filming of That's the Way it is a year later.
Martin DJ wrote on January 10, 2011
According to Elvis Australia it will be a 7'' digipack.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 10, 2011
If you heard one, you've heard them all. No more live FTD releases for me; I'm done. How about all the binuaral/stereo outtakes from 1957 aka the Loving You era that have never been released on FTD (and could have been included on the FTD release, Loving You)? How about the 2nd album Elvis from 1956 and yes, there are outtakes of Rip It Up and Old Shep that could be added much as the Girls! Girls! Girls! FTD soundtrack that I purchased. I think FTD is at the end. Seriously....
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 10, 2011
Cruiser621 be rest assured FTD is not at the end,not by a long shot, seriously, yes 50's FTD's with outtakes are most welcome.I will get this one for sure
Herman wrote on January 10, 2011
Cruiser621, all the original albums will come. I am waiting for the Elvis in Concert 2cd set. Also the gospel and christmas albums. But Elvis in 1969 is always welcom. I really love the '69 shows
theoldscudder wrote on January 10, 2011
Probably a good show but I will not buy because all you really need is one show from 1969 as they are basically the same & listening to more than one show is just an exercise in repetition. It's a shame really that from all he had to pick from he did the same songs over & over. Although at the time he really had no way of knowing that so many of the shows would be recorded so he gets a pass.
Orion wrote on January 10, 2011
Herman - I agree with you that "all the original albums will come", but the question is will us older fans (who buy all or nearly all the FTD releases) live long enough to see them released. I enjoy the '69 shows very much, and play them often while working out or whatever, but the problem I have is that this is the 3rd release of a 1969 show on FTD since 2002. That's one nearly every two years whereas there has only been one full release of the jungle room material in 10 years and it still remains one of (if not the biggest) biggest sellers in FTD's history. Also, if you count the releases on RCA ( Las Vegas Box set & Viva Las Vegas - not the movie soundtrack), that five 1969 shows. I guess that I could count the "Return of the Prodigy" release as well to show that 1969 has been well-documented. It's safe to say that most fans can say 'no, thanks, Ernst" on this one. Bring on "Promised Land" or the '68 sessions prior to the comeback special. I know there's enough gas in the tank to make 2011 a good and successful year for FTD, but I think this is a bad start. "He Touched Me" in the classic series for Easter could turn things around, though.
benny scott wrote on January 10, 2011
Hi theoldscudder, absolutely agreed ,except for the "it's a shame", but I know you don't mean to attack the man himself, rather your way of expressing your 'disappointment" for not singing more different songs. You're right though, there was plenty of choise, but the fact that the Vegas-shows had every night a different audience may have been one of the reasons the setlist was (almost) always the same.Of course the songlist was changed for every other season, but then again night after night (most of)the same songs were performed during that particular season. And indeed, last but not least, you correctly stated he probably did not know so many concerts were recorded, and, most of all, who would have thought these recordings would ever see the light of day, more than 30 years after he passed away! Always El.
dgirl wrote on January 10, 2011
I think Elvis stayed with the same song lineup in 69 because he basically nailed that show and he was in the midst of a comeback so why tamper with something that worked. Unfort for us it is now a repetative show to hear so many years later. I dont think there is a need to release more 69 shows . Yes they are good, but we have had plenty over the years. I would hate to believe that ELvis didnt know he was being recorded though. That says a lot for not being in control of the situation to me. I think he knew because they prob told him they would release a live album from a bunch of the different recordings they were doing and that is just what they did in Nov. 1969 on the double LP Vegas/Memphis. I dont think that anyone had an inkling so many years later that many of these shows would be released at as whole concerts.
Lou A wrote on January 11, 2011
Like Elvis's voice and the energy of the 69 Vegas shows. So, count me in with those who are happy that another show from the season is being released.
Rejane wrote on January 11, 2011
I am a completist and have all 95 FTD releases as of now but I am very tired of the concert releases, they rarely offer anything new or exciting. I ususlly get them, play them once and put them on the shelf where they stay. Elvis as recorded at Boston Garden 71 was a rare exception, I've played it three times already, Elvis was in a fantastic mood and joked throughout the show, a line from one song declared he loved some girl cause she took the pill! Too funny! Lots of references to streaking (I think) or maybe that's the one I'm listening to now?! I think of the last cd's I bought to catch up on my FTS collection, 4 were live concerts. I did a rough count of concert FTD releases and came up with 32 making them definetly 1/3 of the FTD catalog released thus far, there is no excuse for this when there have to be at least 15 to 20 albums released during Elvis' life time that have not had an FTD release. I counted 72 original albums released during his life time. One of the last FTD concert albums is Elvis Showtime, 2 discs, 2 shows ONE day apart, first nine songs are identical, why FTD thought this was a good marketing ploy is very confusing to me. Although I love Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel, I really don't need to hear it all 1,000 times a recorded by Elvis between 1969 and 1977, can you hear me EPE?
lray wrote on January 11, 2011
Oh my gosh. Elvis knew he was being recorded and that they were going to use the recordings to make an album. That is why he was inserting songs like, Inherit The Wind, Rubberneckin' etc. so that they would have lots of material to pick from for the LP. He did the same in thing in Feb. 70. He added some songs like See See Rider, Release Me, The Wonder Of You so that they would have new material for an LP. Hard to believe that anyone would think that Elvis was clueless about his own live recording sessions. Glad that they decided to record live shows in 69. What if none of the shows had been recorded? Better to have too many, if that is possible, than none at all.
Lefty wrote on January 11, 2011
Many of the shows from 69 do sound the same. Doing the show as it was rehearsed was probably very important to Elvis at that early stage in the game. Of course, he mixed it up in the later years, calling out for songs to be performed that hadn't been rehearsed. I don't think he was comfortable risking that in the beginning. Repetitive as they might sound, at least the 69 shows were consistent, and Elvis was "on" every time he took the stage.
marty wrote on January 11, 2011
We have to remember that when these shows were recorded there was never the intention to release them all but only a few songs! Also remember that there are not many (if any) artists that significantly change the song list from show to show! The '69 shows are great, Elvis is full of energy and excitement and the band is great as well. Everybody was having a great time and that is transferred on tape. I'd rather have another '69 show with great sound quality than another soundboard that doesn't offer much new either and the sound quality is poor, Elvis is bored of performing the same old songs again and again etc... My dream is to have a box set with all the recorded shows and big photo book to go with it (at a reasonable price as most of the recordings have already been released). I want the same for That's The Way It Is & Elvis On Tour! Is it too much to ask?
Ton Bruins wrote on January 11, 2011
Let's be honest; when your are not a completist, we can easily do without another 69 show. I have enough 69 shows by now. I don't say that those 69 shows are not great, because they are ! But indeed, when you heard one of those shows, you heard them all. I don't blame FTD for that of course for it's a great label. It was Elvis' choice to sing the same tracklist night after night. When other fans buy it to have all the 69 shows in their collection I have no problem with that what so ever. Please enjoy !
circleG wrote on January 11, 2011
Have to agree with the voices that are surprised FTD went for another '69 show when there are so many albums to given the treatment BUT i'm willing to buy it and add it to my collection. I love to listen to the season in date order. Its really interesting to hear Elvis confidence grow with each show. The audiences can't get enough of him! If FTD are going to release concerts then why not one of the remaining Aug '70 shows? And whats with the 5" digi-pack when the other shows were in the smaller regular size? I can't store this with the other shows and since its not an original album why is it in a 5´ size? hmmmm...
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 11, 2011
circleG, agree with your comments and and of course each fan wants different things from this label,Studio outtakes,movie material and of course some of the better live performances we know FTD has at it's disposal,but if we look at what has been released from FTD from day 1 it does add up to a of of material.This release will of course for me fill another hole in my collection in my quest to buy as much as i can of Elvis material that i have not got.Also welcome the vinyl release of HGTA..........FTD should of started Vinyl releases from the beginning as it now seems there is a market for this 'Limited' vinyl release as they now seem to bring out one now every time a new cd release is mention.Some fans will say FTD are trying to milk what they can from the fans but again for me they have produced top quality items.....vinyl wise.
Rob V wrote on January 11, 2011
At least it ain't a 1976 soundboard.
VivaLasDavies wrote on January 11, 2011
5" IS the regular size. Classic albums are 7"
tornado wrote on January 12, 2011
I'm grateful for this release. At least it's been professionally recorded and Elvis was in good spirit during the 69-'70's portion of the Vegas years. After, it became more or less a routine and even Elvis, I think became fed up.
Martin DJ wrote on January 12, 2011
Odd that people who post comments don't bother reading comments posted previously. Well, once again: according to Elvis Australia it will be a 7'' digipack: "FTD will present this release in the classic album 7" size format as a one off special release, so it will be very nice!"
Herman wrote on January 12, 2011
The '69 shows are great. FTD will maybe release dvd's in the future. So bring out an audio 5.1 dvd with all the '69 shows on it !
VivaLasDavies wrote on January 12, 2011
I do read the other posts, he said "what's with the 5" digi pack when the other shows were in SMALLER size"
Martin DJ wrote on January 12, 2011
Right, sorry.
sfhusidfuhfhuai wrote on January 12, 2011
Elvis died 34 years ago this coming August. Follow That Dream is a collector’s label that caters for fans who wish to own alternate studio and live performances by Elvis that's isn't available mainstream. 'White Night In Vegas' and the vinyl release of 'How Great Thou Art' are just two more example of great releases by FTD. If you don’t want unreleased Elvis then don’t buy.
Jamie wrote on January 12, 2011
Hello, Elvis was very excited about returning to live performance in 1969 and his fervour and voice were good throughout the Las Vegas engagement that year. But the showroom setting did impact on the music. The best of it - the bluesy rock'n'roll material that only he would have had the nerve to bring to Vegas - was electrifying. 'My Babe', 'Mystery Train', 'Johnny B. Goode' and 'What'd I Say' are examples of these. The rest of it wasn't so good. Elvis was maturing and included ballads like 'Words', 'Memories' and 'This is the Story' - decent songs but a guaranteed cheese-fest in a cabaret arena. Moreover, having engaged a sizeable orchestra Elvis seems to have thought it was necessary to have them contribute to every song. How much better would 'Johnny B. Goode' have been without the female choir hollering away? Moreover, I think many Elvis fans have become desensitised to the incongruous or trite horn arrangements on some of his live material. These 1969 shows are all very good but they are samey and when I hear the best parts of them I yearn to hear a good quality recording of that same guy when he was in his early 20s and tearing up concert venues in the Southern states. Oh, and of course FTD should release this - it's pretty good stuff and what else is there?
Steve V wrote on January 12, 2011
Jamie - you are correct. The corny horn endings on many of the classic rockers gave that chessey Vegas feel to it. I couldn't stand it then or now although the shows were great. Oh if he only used just a rhythm section instead! Too bad as 1969 was the best engagement for the true rockers. The show got more 'Vegasy' with each engagement.
ttwiise wrote on January 12, 2011
A great release, sure the traclist is familiar but thge 69 shows are full of energy and I will take one of these in superb sound to a soundboard anyday. We will now have 5 shows of the 6 recorded, how about an ftd box set with all 6 and a deluxe book!. The guys been gone 33 years and we are lucky that sony continue to give us anything at all so don't knock it..
Herman wrote on January 12, 2011
6 Recorded shows ttwiise ? I thought that RCA recorded 9 or 10 complete shows ?
Lefty wrote on January 13, 2011
The closest Elvis ever got to doing an "unplugged" performance was when he did the jam sessions for the 68 special. That aside, the rest of the 68 special was orchestrated to the max, just like the Vegas shows. And as far as Elvis rockin' out in the 50's goes, don't forget that he was backed up by The Jordinaires...good in their own right, but hardly rock 'n roll material. Elvis also recorded a pant load of ballads in the 50's, again, hardly rock 'n roll material! So why do we think that Elvis was a rocker before Vegas, and a cheesy lounge lizard thereafter? I think Elvis could rock as well as handle the ballads with the heavy orchestration, from day one, all the way to the end.
benny scott wrote on January 13, 2011
Lefty : aboslutely agreed ! Always El.
sfhusidfuhfhuai wrote on January 13, 2011
To my knowledge RCA taped 11 concerts from the 21st August midnight show to the midnight show on August 26th . A further six shows were recorded the following August for the That’s The Way It Is documentary. So far five complete show will have been released by Sony/FTD with the released of White Knight In Vegas and four of the August 1970 shows.
Tony C wrote on January 13, 2011
Keith Flynn's excellent site lists eleven 1969 shows as being recorded, in addition to which, a few snippets of songs were recorded to test the equipment at one other show. Recordings from all but one show have been released over the years, the exception being the August 23rd dinner show. This could mean one of three things, the show was not actually recorded, the tapes are missing or there is a technical problem with the sound. A fourth option would be that the performances were below par, but I think this can be discounted. When you consider that during the twenty years after the release of the original "Elvis In Person" album we were only treated to a handful of alternative live performances, the last twenty since the release of "Collectors Gold" have been very fruitful. I think this outpouring of material has made some of us think "Oh no, not more '69 live tracks". Myself, I welcome them all.
Jamie wrote on January 14, 2011
Hello everyone and particularly Steve V and Lefty - thanks for your comments. Elvis certainly did plenty of ballads in the 1950s. However, I think he sang his gentler material then (eg, 'I Was The One', 'Love Me Tender', 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin') with a yearning vulnerability that was absent later in his career. In 1970, for instance, he sang inherently sensitive material like 'I Really Don't Want to Know' and 'Funny How Time Slips Away' very ably, but without any trace of emotional fragility whatsoever. The raw power of his voice is staggering on those recordings but those songs were not best served by a bombastic, tour de force vocal. Compare them with Elvis’s delivery on take 10 of the slow ‘farm’ version of ‘Loving You’ on ‘Essential Elvis’. Elvis in the 1950s was a bona fide cutting edge artist. ‘Make the World Go Away’, ‘Separate Ways’, ‘It’s Impossible’ etc show that by the 1970s he had become a superior country pop entertainer. The decision to return to live performance in Las Vegas made it inevitable that Elvis’s material would soften, and you can hear the root of many of the problems to come in these 1969 live recordings.
Lefty wrote on January 14, 2011
Hello Jamie! Your assessment is right on the mark, and I totally agree with you. I wish Elvis would've left the juggernaut of Vegas engagements right after the Aloha special, opting instead for a world tour or a serious movie role. That may have spared him from the boredom and problems that beset him in the later years.
Jamie wrote on January 15, 2011
Hi Lefty, yes I'm with you on that totally, my friend.
Martin DJ wrote on January 16, 2011
Back to 5'', according to Elvis Australia: "Unfortunately we have to report that the forthcoming FTD release Elvis : White Knight In Vegas will now be a 5" digi-pack with 12 page colour booklet. From Roger Semon at FTD : We had intended to make this a special 7" but due to technical reasons, it won't be possible. Sorry for the confusion. Still this is Elvis at his best, and in glorious stereo, recorded professionally by RCA at the Dinner show on August 26, 1969.The 12- page booklet includes a unique essay and photos by Ann Moses. The CD is mastered by Vic Anesini from the original multi track tapes and is set for release on February 15. The midnight show from the same day (Night!) has already been released by FTD as All Shook Up and finds Elvis in great form, and it's a rather special concert as it is the show where the laughing version of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' was recorded."
Fortis wrote on January 17, 2011
Great--will rush out to buy White Nights 69 fast, real fast. Can you send us tracklist now ?? Meanwhile has Vic Anesini finished the quality work he did on the newly upcoming Promised Land FTD digi ?? When will that one be released ?? And W h e n HeTouched Me, EP Blvd ??? Hope soon, very soon (as the economic situation is getting better and there's more maony again for people to spend...)