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Welcome To The Jungle - Way Down

January 05, 2011 | Music

Soon available from Venus Productions a new installment in the Welcome to The Jungle series titled Way Down. Welcome To The Jungle - Way Down offers you again some spectacular recordings from these sessions, including some never heard before out-takes. This volume is again sensational and presented in the best sound quality including a standard jewel case with a beautiful 16 page booklet.

Hear for the first time the very short intro of America which was subsequently erased and recorded over with Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. This is all what remains on the tape besides an ending. The out-takes of Way Down are definitely a highlight of this CD.


01- America ( beginning ) / Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Take 1 1:23 ; 02- Blue Crying In The Rain Take 2 4:03 ; 03- Blue Crying In The Rain Master 2 3:44 ; 04- America ( Ending only ) take 2 0:20 ; 05- It's Easy For You Take 1 3:47 ; 06- It's Easy For You Take 1- different mix 3:42 ; 07- It's Easy For You Master 3:30 ; 08- Way Down Take 1 2:05 ; 09- Way Down Take 2A 3:34 ; 10- Way Down Take 2B 3:13 ; 11- Way Down undubbed master 2:38 ; 12- Way Down Master ( unedited rough mix ) 2:43 ; 13- Way Down Master ( different mix ) 2:39 ; 14- Way Down Master 2:39 ; 15- Pledging My Love Take 2 0:36 ; 16- Pledging My Love Take 3 5:18 ; 17- Pledging My Love Unedited undubbed Master 5:28 ; 18- Pledging My Love Master 2:49 ; 19- He'll Have To Go Rough Mix Master 4:34 20- He'll Have To Go Master 4:35 ; 21- Little Sister April 24, 1977 2:16 ; 22- Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel April 24, 1977 2:10 ; 23- Help Me April 24, 1977 2:55 ; 24- Let Me Be There March 16, 1974 AS 3:46 

Source:For CD Collectors Only
blackdiamond wrote on January 05, 2011
Thank you Venus for this great release! I loved the 3 former volumes!
Ronaldv wrote on January 05, 2011
Splendid news Venus ! A winner, no doubt about it. I've pre ordered this beauty already. When you see that great picture it's unbelievable that Elvis hated this jumpsuit and only wore it on a few concerts in 76!
Orion wrote on January 05, 2011
The first three in this series were terrific, so I can only imagine more of the same with this set. Another winner from Venus I'm sure. Will order this one for sure.
Ciscoking wrote on January 06, 2011
I will get it, too...for completeness sake...although next to nothing new on this one..
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 06, 2011
Good news,Good news and another great instalement in this series and there will be more in 2011 from Venus...............out of this world.
John Doe wrote on January 06, 2011
I expect the sound to be superior again and I think it will be more complete. I want to have it all!! I'm looking forward to hear Way Down in "Venus-quality". GREAT SONG!!
TBG wrote on January 06, 2011
I love Elvis' Flame-suit. I think it's one of the nicest jumpsuits he ever wore. Just too bad he didn't look so good at the time he was using it in 1976..
Santa Claus wrote on January 06, 2011
I want it, too. No doubt about it. But to be honest: There's again only 10 - 15 minutes of new material here. Eliminate the masters, the takes released on FTD or elsewhere and the 'different mixes' fillers and see what's left. Only a handful of new takes.
Steve Morse wrote on January 06, 2011
"If I were a rich man".
Rob V wrote on January 06, 2011
Yes, I got the first 3 and plan to get this too. Venus Productions - A big thumbs up!
Erika Freiburger wrote on January 06, 2011
What's new on this release? A few seconds of America, a slightly longer Way Down, a false start (36 seconds) of Pledging My Love and a long false start of Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. Everything else, including the live cuts, are previously released. I liked the first 3 volumes,but this vol. 4. seems disappointing. Maybe it will be better to wait for the FTD.
Jerome wrote on January 06, 2011
I'm not impressed either, but Venus has enough credit on basis of their former releases to give this one a go..
MikeE wrote on January 06, 2011
These releases are essential. Great cover shot, last used by the fan club/monthly on one of their anniversary publications cover about 20 years ago (unless i'm wrong).
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 07, 2011
A nice front cover is not enough to buy a release that contains almost nothing new. For me at least. Of course cover collectors will be happy:)
circleG wrote on January 07, 2011
...and in the FTD office we hear the sound of someone going zzzzzzzzzzzzz ...
circleG wrote on January 07, 2011
just joking Ernst. can't wait for the FTD release of the boulevard/moody sessions
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 07, 2011
I'm not a big fan of FTD (far from it). But in this case my advise is: go for the upcoming FTD's,that will be a better value for money. The producer of Venus is willing to release 5 volumes of this J.R. sessions. Gosh,that's a lots of money! Maybe it will be more clever to buy the 2 double FTD's. That way you will own the almost complete J.R. sessions in even better sound. And for less money. Of course they will omit a few takes and there will be edits,too. But such is life... None of them can get it 100% right.
Orion wrote on January 07, 2011
Fly _ when you state "Gosh,that's a lots of money" for the set of Venus produced JR session material, I agree that a release or two from FTD would be cheaper, but the word money goes hand in hand with being a collector. Whether you collect guns, knives, stamps - hell, even Cliff Richard - whatever you collect you are going to have to spend money on that hobby or realize you need to switch hobbies. As far as better sound, I am sure FTD has the means to give us better sound quality, but the question remains W H E N ... ? For instance, I've been waiting for the classic release of "Promised Land" since the series began, and it has yet to be released. Instead I've gotten "Easy Come, Easy Go", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Tickle Me", etc... So, unless FTD releases the JR sessions before I die, this collector will send his money to Venus and enjoy them. A volume five.. hummm - what's left besides "Hurt" from these sessions ?
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on January 07, 2011
I agree with Erika.
marco31768 wrote on January 07, 2011
Fantastic label !
Paul Sweeney wrote on January 08, 2011
Orion - what's left? I'll Never Fall In Love Again (11 takes inc master) - For The Heart (8 takes inc master) - Hurt (7 takes inc master)
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
Great label, Great releases nothing more nothing less my copy of this release i allready pre-ordered
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 08, 2011
It's a good label,yes,i agree. But this release is not that good,because it contains almost nothing new. Almost everything were stolen from earlier FTD's and bootlegs. How much unreleased material it does contain? A few minutes only,and this will be on various FTD's later. As much as the first 3 volumes were great,vol. 4. offers at least as much disappointment.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
Oh dear god here we go again "' stolen from FTD"" etc etc, it's that same hype again with "' Our Memories Of Elvis - VOL 3" Welcome To The Jungle vol 4 is not stolen from FTD's or other bootlegs because if it were on on Other Bootlegs the sound on there would also be exeptional for this material..it isn't because it isn't here ,you talking like you know all the details,but you don't ..maybe i don't either,but i know what you r stating is simply not true,the label is too good for that they proved that with the other releases they brought out. This is not stolen. or your were there offcourse when they made this cd, how about that other material on this cd which was never released before ,is that also stolen from other cd's? don't think so.Don't start that "Our Memories" nonsens again please.
Rob V wrote on January 08, 2011
I'm not waiting for FTD to release EP Boulevard & Moody Blue, if they ever will. I want this now!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
I'm with you Rob V, good statement
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 08, 2011
What are you talking about,Jesse Garon? I didn't even mention "Our Memories Of Elvis" in this topic. Also i don't understand why do you praise this release. You don't even have it (unless you're the producer). How can you praise something that you don't even have and haven't even heard? Okay,i don't have it either but i saw the track-list and i know that i already have 90% of those takes. 90% of those takes are PREVIOUSLY RELEASED. That's a fact and you can't argue with facts.
HangLoose wrote on January 08, 2011
I have to agree with fly-trouble. Re-issuing well-known takes is ok from a noname label (who cares after all?),but from Venus i expected more.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
I don't care what you say FLY-TROUBLE! , what i meant with " Our Memories" is that this is a similar discussion , you always throw that "' producer" bull at someone if he he or she doesn't agree with you,i have to dissapoint you there i'm no producer of any bootleg..are you? so no fact again. And let's say that some of this material is released here and there on whatever bootleg, i don't care ..then certainly not in this quality,all their " Welcome To The Jungle"" releases or other releases were never stolen or bad,they have never dissapointed me so far with any of their releases and with this release neither and don't forget not everyone has this material and in this quality, your statement or opinion doesn't change my mind about this release or me purchasing this cd in any way, i'm going to get it. So yes i keep praising this release.
Steve V wrote on January 08, 2011
Is Colonel Parker behind this label? Keep em coming folks, the folks will keep lining up. After collecting Elvis for over 50 years the one thing I've learned is , it all eventually comes out sooner or later on a 'legally' produced product. Of course those that buy this will buy also the FTD version when it comes out. So 10 to 15 mins of new stuff for a big price tag? It is amazing how many times Elvis fans buy the same thing over & over. As someone said, don't like it don't buy it. Seems to be my rule now for over 90% of the stuff being released.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 08, 2011
"And let's say that some of this material is released here and there on whatever bootleg" --- Not only some of this,but about 90% of this. That's a fact.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
Maybe so but probabaly not in the quality Venus is going to release it( looking back at former releases),this release fit's in perfectly next to the other three.One time there was high praise for this label, and suddenly when a next release of this label is presented with some released material ( probably from a different source)that praise is gone,not from my side, also a fact.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 08, 2011
Good for you steve, indeed don't like it don't buy.
Orion wrote on January 09, 2011
Fly when you posted that "Not only some of this,but about 90% of this. That's a fact.," that is a fact that I agree with that - when it comes to this release. However, by the time FTD gets around to releasing this material 98 % will have already been releasd as well - by Venus ! Paul - I glad you reminded me what was left for a vol 5 of this series (I'll Never Fall In Love Again (11 takes inc master) - For The Heart (8 takes inc master) - Hurt (7 takes inc master), and let's not forget the master of "There's A Fire Down Below." If indeed this volume is released, this may be end up being my favorite multi volume series since the first four volumes of the Memphis '69 material on the Southern Comfort label. Those are amazing and perhaps that's why FTD hasn't even poped the lid on these sessions as a classic album release - although it would've made sense when the Legacy version came out on RCA to have available a FTD release for us fanatics. I've got this one on order and am sure I'll enjoy it as I have the first three. Bring on number five while I wait to see what FTD starts the new year off with.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 09, 2011
Amen tot that Orion, good statement, got my copy reserved as well..and yes bring on vol.5 : )
GeertFromNl wrote on January 09, 2011
Let's hope vol. 5. will be better,because vol. 4. is a rip-off. Next please.
Master Fatman wrote on January 09, 2011
Perhaps FTD is to slow..Insted of the Fool album, they could have realeased some of the Jungel stuff. Like Jailhouse Rock, as vol. 1 and 2. The Jungel Room rec. are quite facination. And I concedere them as a kind of late comback from Elvis, esspecily the song on Moody blue. If Elvis have lived 2 or 3 yeares longer and he rec. more of this country kind of music. He could have got nice charts at the Country charts. A kind of country comback.. Well that is my thereory.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 09, 2011
This release ain't a rip-off,it aint even released yet, how in heavens name can you call this a rip-off?,don't judge a book by it's cover.I'm with Master Fatman
GeertFromNl wrote on January 10, 2011
It wasn't released yet but the track-list reveals that it's a rip-off. When a so called new release contains 95% released material then it can be only a rip-off. Even the nice cover and fine booklet can't change this. I judge by the content and not by the cover. It's the content that really counts and sadly the content is too well-known... as it has already been released on many bootlegs and even on FTD's. Disappointing to say the least. Venus is not a professional label. I own their books (Black Angels In Vegas & Bringing It All Back Home) and there are a lot of errors and typos in them. They didn't even bother to hire a writer or proof reader whose first language is english. And the Memphis 1975 show on BIABH sounded much inferior compared to the DAE release. If they can't improve something,no problem but at least don't make it worse! Amateurs.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 10, 2011
Your statement doesn't make a whole lot of sense,do you ever see anything in a positive way? you r so wrong about this.This ia not a rip-off, and don't ever think your statement does fans who buy this release making your opinion change their mind for buying this release, stop wasting your time,it's not working on me anyway.This is a good label, a label who doesn't rip-off fans.
Orion wrote on January 10, 2011
Just a final thought for those of you that feel that there isn't much new on this volume, while that's true, the real reason is that of the songs on this volume the majority of them were completed in just a few takes. Both "Way Down" and "It's Easy For You" were recorded in two-three takes. That doesn't leave much room for outtakes. As far as "He'll Have To Go," Elvis added his vocal to a backing track that was cut on a day he stayed in his bedroom. I don't believe this took that many takes either. So, there's not a lot unreleased material with these songs, but I still think it'll be a nice piece of the puzzle concerning the Jungle Room sessions. Will let you know when mine crosses the pond to the US.
Tony C wrote on January 11, 2011
This theme of this series of CDs is to document the 1976 Graceland sessions in the most complete way possible. Over the past few years, quite a large amount of this material has already been released and these recordings are obviously included for completeness. To call them a rip-off because of this is beyond belief, but then certain people consider everything to be a rip-off.