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Today, Tomorrow And Forever

January 08, 2011 | Music

'ELVIS - Today, Tomorrow And Forever' new Import CD: After the huge success of both 'A Portait In Music' and 'The U.S. Male' the 'Oldies But Goodies' label proudly present the third vinyl classic on CD. For the very first time ever we released this 1969 German album in it's full glory on factory silver pressed CD, including rare and unreleased bonus tracks.


1. Angel 2. C'Mon Everybody 3 Easy Come, Easy Go 4 Flaming Star 5 King Of The Whole Wide World 6 Wild In The Country
7 Viva Las Vegas 8 Today, Tomorrow And Forever 9 You Gotta Stop 10 What A Wonderful Life 11 Tell Me Why
12 Stay Away BONUS TRACKS 13 Love Letters – take 7 14 Riding the Rainbow – take 8 improved sound / UNRELEASED
15 It Hurts Me – spliced take UNRELEASED 16 Mama – alternate edit UNRELEASED 17 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears – take 24 improved sound / UNRELEASED 18 Do the Vega – take 1 19 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You – spliced take UNRELEASED 20. The Lady Loves Me – take 9 21.Today Tomorrow and Forever – spliced take (duet) UNRELEASED

marco31768 wrote on January 09, 2011
Who needs this crap ?
memphis06 wrote on January 09, 2011
I can't think of anyone, seriously.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 09, 2011
This ain't crap,A Portait In Music' and 'The U.S. Male' were sold out in no time due to high demand,so some people really need this "" crap" as you call it.
lacke lee wrote on January 09, 2011
i really do think this label put out some very great cd on some classic records that came out when elvis was alive. i collect on every cd i can get my hands on that was released on lp from 1956 - 1977. i got a portait in music and the us male and im happy with those. i have just bought this cd aswell and i am sure i will love this too. some other cool cd i got both from before and after the king was gone are i got lucky , this is elvis , the ep collection , the sun sessions , OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS, VOL 1 & 2 , ELVIS - A LEGENDARY PERFORMER, VOLUME 1 & 2 , and so on i got many more and i am glad they are doing these on cd. if you're only gonna complain well then just don't buy it
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 10, 2011
I 100% agree with you lacke lee i also have OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS, VOL 1 & 2 , ELVIS - A LEGENDARY PERFORMER, VOLUME 1 & 2..love them too also got a Portait In Music and the Us Male those are great releases and Today, Tomorrow And Forever' will be too,i reserved my copy allready.
Erna wrote on January 10, 2011
Some people might consider this crap, however it was the first ever Elvis lp I listened to. I have been an Elvis 'nut' ever since. Will probably buy this for this reason alone, that it was the first LP I bought after hearing it at my cousins place.
benny scott wrote on January 10, 2011
Erna,snowplow,jesse,lacke lee : I'm joining all of you. I still have the original vinyl release in very very good condition, always liked this compilation. Ordered the CD-copy too and I'm glad with this release. Really don't see any reason to call this "crap" ! Pls anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know this LP wasn't released in the USA at the time, (but it sure was here in Europe) at least I think so, because there is no trace of it on the list of released vinyls in the book "Sessions III " by Joe Tunzi, but I could be wrong of course. Anyway : I ordered it ! Always El.
dgirl wrote on January 11, 2011
Benny correct - it was not released in the USA. It was available as an import in many record shops.
benny scott wrote on January 11, 2011
Hi dgirl, thanks for confirming ! Always El.
Tony C wrote on January 11, 2011
A release like this means different things to different groups of fans. To German Elvis fans who were around in the sixties this is probably a very welcome release and will bring back a lot of memories. To people in other European countries who bought this LP as an import, it will probably mean a little less. To people who never bought the original LP, even less. To those that were born after Elvis' death, this will probably mean nothing at all and appear to be a waste of money. Each to their own, some fans assume that because something does not interest them it is trash and a rip-off. The recent release of the first few Camden budget albums on CD by Sony divided fans in a similar way, fans of my age lapped up the nostalgia trip they were taken on whereas younger fans could not believe that such haphazard compilations ever existed.
benny scott wrote on January 11, 2011
Tony C , you hit the nail on the head ! Well said ! Always El.
marco31768 wrote on January 12, 2011
For "Jesse Garon"... This is a crap 'cause there is not unreleased tracks... Only some SPLICED takes (so they are fakes...).