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January 06, 2011 | Video

You thought the rubber ducks were tasteless? As of January 8th Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody will be available in the US of A.

Jerome wrote on January 06, 2011
waited for this release a long time. Hope it has a lot of outtakes as well!!..
Loesje wrote on January 06, 2011
Martin DJ wrote on January 06, 2011
Taking Care of Business, so to speak.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 06, 2011
I think EPE will have a 'hard' job getting this stopped...............
EJF wrote on January 06, 2011
Wouldn't be surprised if it was actually endorsed by EPE. After all they have been raping Elvis' legacy for years!
Sirbalkan wrote on January 06, 2011
Soory for my english but is this a cheap comedy movie or a real porn thing?
japio wrote on January 06, 2011
is this only dvd or will it have a soundtrack?. With the mixes of spanc..k. And parody? i touht it is an impersonator But what will do EPE now. are they coming now with their message to remove from this great news site??. This one is really CRAP.
Viva wrote on January 06, 2011
No, the ducks were worse. At least Elvis liked a bit of grot every now and then.
Steve V wrote on January 06, 2011
If anyone gets the official Graceland catalog, it is loaded with rubbish & embarrassing stuff. This is bad, but I agree the ducks are worse.
benny scott wrote on January 06, 2011
If the ducks are worse will depend on the content of the DVD. If a porn-actor should play a role as "Elvis" in porn- scenes, this could lead to a trial relating to backbiting and slander. Always El.
NONE000000 wrote on January 06, 2011
Loosen up everybody; there is a porn version of just about anything that you can think of. No matter how bad or good this is, the general public will never see it. Still, for Elvis' sake I hope they cast someone of impressive, uh, size. (I'll never see this either unless it pops up online and I can download it. Even then, I don't really care enough. I'd have to see who gets cast in the female parts....)
Lefty wrote on January 07, 2011
Finally....a valid gig for the impersonators!
Santa Claus wrote on January 07, 2011
I've heard this was remastered in HD and it is limited to 999 copies and the first 100 orders will get a free rubber-doll. No seriously. While "Viva Elvis" failed .. this film will bring Elvis back to a mainstream audience. lol
Santa Claus wrote on January 07, 2011
By the way: Hardly anybody on the net realized that there are two never before released tracks on the new FTD "Viva Las Vegas" vinyl edition. But this topic here has 14 responses shortly after it was posted. Makes me think about todays Elvis-collectors.
Sirbalkan wrote on January 07, 2011
They have the teaser for this one on youtube. HORRIBLE...
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on January 07, 2011
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 07, 2011
In a way this is not that bad at all. I means that 34 years after his dead Elvis Still remains a cultural icon, and was not over passed by the dead of others rock star as M.J.. That, in fact is good news. About the movie itself, probably is Elvis best related picture since "Lilo and Stich". And I’m with Jerome in this one... will it have outtakes?
circleG wrote on January 07, 2011
i think its funny - beter than the elvis wigs that were being sold at the gig in hyde park last year!
Santa Claus wrote on January 07, 2011
Uh, there is a "Elvis is a registered trademark" credit at the end of the trailer. So, EPE gave permission to that? Is this the EPE that holds back the CBS Special because it's too disturbing? Crazy world....
Natha wrote on January 07, 2011
And is this the EPE that opposes the name of GRACELAND by others?
Chop983 wrote on January 07, 2011
Is that Kurt Russel?
Ruthie wrote on January 08, 2011
No, "Elvis is a registered trademark" is not an endorsement or approval by EPE or anyone. It's a trademark law that any company, organization, etc. is supposed to use (or to be legal should use) when manufacturing an Elvis product, in particular, or a product associated with Elvis. It is also used to let people think it's something official when it isn't. You will see that statement on many products or products associated with major entertainers, sports figures, etc. A trademark is a licensed or patented product & has nothing to do with endorsements.
Emiel Maier wrote on January 09, 2011
Okay guys and girls: please summit your songs for the movie. Let me start with: "It ain't no big thing, but it is growing...". Next!
tesla wrote on January 09, 2011
Emiel at your risk....LOL. Puppet on a STRING !
Viva wrote on January 21, 2011
How about "Come on everybody"? Not sure if I can get away with that. Moderators: Over to you.