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Sacred Elvis - The Gospel Anthology

December 26, 2010 | Music

The Wonderland import label announced the release of the 9 CD + 1 DVD box "Sacred Elvis - The Gospel Anthology" containing studio, private and live recordings from 1957 until 1976 and the DVD "Elvis His Heart Was Gospel". 

Ciscoking wrote on December 26, 2010
C-R-A-P... From anywhere they could get hold of takes..Sony..FTD...everywhere ....
Mike Landsdown wrote on December 26, 2010
9 CDs - that's a lot of material, considering the RCA anthology 'Peace In The Valley' set is only 3 CDs and the FTD sets are a maximum of 2 discs each. Has anyone seen a tracklist for this set, as it looks VERY interesting......
Steve V wrote on December 26, 2010
Well 9 cds is certainly a lot but what can it possibly be? 10 tracks per? From the looks of the cover, I would venture to say not a quality product. A lot of thought must have gone into using the Spinout LP cover photo for a sacred collection. Goodness, I'd rather see a picture of a church.
marco31768 wrote on December 26, 2010
"Wonderland Records"=copy and past the other jobs !
Rob V wrote on December 27, 2010
"Wonder" when this good for nothing label will stop releasing this king of rubbish, and with their nonsense limited edition thing? Along with SR Records & MxF....... not worth a pinch of poop!
Ciscoking wrote on December 27, 2010
Well said,..Rob V..my thoughts...excerpt form the back cover..contents of CD 9: "Hour Of Pour On Stage".... This says it all.. sloppily produced..
Shakingruud wrote on December 27, 2010
Not an intersting product to put it mildly, but i cannot understand the negative comment about the cover. Its a great picture of our man, and it has in some ways a 'sacred' feeling. Nothing wrong with that. So...strange reaction to prefer a picture of a church above a good looking picture of our man.
Steve V wrote on December 27, 2010
Sorry there Shaingruud. I dont agree. Elvis did not look good in the Spinout period to me. He was pudgy and as one review of the movie said, you could bounce rocks off his triple blue black dyed head. He was at his plastic Hollywood image peak and the soul & guts of the Elvis I knew at that point were gone. Of all the movie periods, why anything from 1965-1967 was used is beyond me when there are other great photos available. Besides, this is the cover for an LP that has already been used!
elvis9865 wrote on December 28, 2010
Steve.....no offense, but I am tired of everyone always criticizing Elvis' weight and looks. In the 60's, his weight went up and down.....who cares? so did everyone else in the worlds. He was only human. 5 lbs overweight? you can barely notice it. He wasn't pudgy at all...he had weight fluctuations like everyone else in the world had then and now. I'm not trying to be rude, but i'm just sick and tired of everyone fixating on his weight...it was because of Hal Wallis and the colonel that Elvis went more into diet pills and amphetamines because they made constant remarks about his weight, when he looked perfectly fine. And his hair was always the most popular, many people always tried to make their hair like he has in this picture on the cover. I'm just sick and tired of peole always making comments about his weight....he was still one good looking guy.....what did everyone want from him. The man was human. Now, as for the actual cd and dvd, We already have this officially released in pristine quality, so i wouldn't particularly recommend this, but for the hardcore fan, they might like it for the collection.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on December 28, 2010
For a change WRL have at least put a picture that resembles the contents of the box,it's the usual 'limited to 500' scenario from these guys and to be honest they have produced some good boxes for fans who don't have the original boots.........so again the fans may buy it for there collection,hardcore fans will leave well alone. elvis9865 well said my friend, but as you know it does surprise me how fans are usually the first to knock Elvis!!.. enough said.