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Good To Be Back Press Release

December 21, 2010 | Music

Gravel Road is back again, and delivers a fantastic release that is every bit as good as our highly acclaimed ‘Return of the Prodigy’. The December 13th, 1975 is widely accepted as one of the finest later-period Presley shows available on soundboard. Yes, the punk lounge rock feel of the ’69 shows was now gone, but in its place were a warmth and an intimacy that were just as captivating in their own way.

Our man was in top form vocally in late ’75 (just listen to his sensational vocals on ‘How Great Thou Art’), and the December 13th, ’75 Midnight Show stands out as one of the finest from this engagement. This show was the first soundboard to be released on bootleg back in ’91, causing quite a sensation at the time. The technology used for working on vintage recordings have improved greatly in the years since then, and Gravel Road has used the latest version of the renowned Oxford / ProTools technology to work on this show.

The results are it’s an obvious sound upgrade that makes this remarkable show shine that much more -- Just like you’ve come to expect from us with ‘Prodigy’. It’s also interesting to point out that this release is more complete than the aforementioned ’91 release (which had several edits).

‘Good To Be Back’ is a title that really captures the sentiment of the show, since Elvis clearly enjoyed being back on stage again following his August ’75 hospital stay and subsequent three months of rest. He’s relaxed and in a great mood, and he delivers several fantastic performances, with one of the highlights being a beautifully sung ‘Just Pretend’.

This new Gravel Road release is a true keeper. Presented in a stunning digi-pack with numerous photos from the actual show, memorabilia related to this engagement, intelligently written liner-notes packed in a 28 pages booklet. As an extra, a special limited “Concert Tour ’75 Photo Folio” as it was available during the tours and Vegas shows in the 70's with some totally new color photos in high quality from the '75 Tours. This album is one of those rare releases that you just got to have.

It’s made with great professionalism and love for Elvis, and this shines through in every single detail of this release. ‘Prodigy’ was sold out within weeks of its release. Order ‘Good To Be Back’ now to avoid disappointment.


01. C C Rider 02. I Got A Woman - Amen 03. Love Me 04. Tryin To Get To You 05. And I Love You So 06. All Shook Up 07. (let me BeYour)Teddy Bear - Dont Be Cruel 08. You Gave Me A Mountain (with false start) 09. Help Me Make It Through The Night 10. Polk Salad Annie 11. Band Introductions 12. Johnny B. Goode (by James Burton) 13. Drum Solo (by Ronnie Tutt) 14. Bass Solo (by Jerry Scheff) 15. Piano Solo (by Glen D. Hardin) 16. School Day 17. School Day Reprise 18. Just Pretend 19. How Great Thou Art (with reprise) 20. Burning Love - Hound Dog 21. Welcome To My World (partly) 22. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherril Nielsen) 23. America,The Beautiful 24. Its Now Or Never 25. ‘O Sole Mio (sung in Italian by Elvis) 26. Little Darlin' 27. Little Sister 28. Cant Help Falling In Love 29. Closing Vamp.

Approximate running time: 76:08

Ronaldv wrote on December 21, 2010
Congratulations! Absolutely wonderful, this is an anniversary, this is the limited edition of a RE-RE-release of an Elvis Presley show! This happened only 499 times before. Looking forward to this. Oh my gosh, this was already released by baxter in splendid audio quality back in 1991 (!) great show, but do we need this? You can buy this in a second hand store in maybe a couple of weeks for only 6,99 euro.
jean michel wrote on December 21, 2010
Ronaldv ; first , BMG/sony have been doing the same for the las 33 years . 2nd , not everybody has the chance to own the original (some fans were not even born back then !). I have the original but welcome this new Gravel Road release. + Could you give us the address of your second hand record store ; thank you !
Ciscoking wrote on December 21, 2010
Well put..and it`s not a release made for a quick buck...you can see the efforts made. For those who don`t own the originals or those who want a modern upgrade of their old one a welcome addition.
benny scott wrote on December 21, 2010
Well put indeed jean michel! Hi Ronald V , I'm one of those who couldn't lay my hands on the original, hope you can understand for me it's a welcome release ? Merry X-Mas (seriously !) Always El.
marco31768 wrote on December 21, 2010
Ronaldv... Skip it... It's easy !!!
Ronaldv wrote on December 21, 2010
Sorry guys, but I'm critical, I can't help it, this my opinion. This king of the re-releases label is not my favourite... I only have one cd: You Know, It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country, Vol. 1 and that's it. But missed the original? One of the first and finest bootlegs ever in amazing sound? It's nowadays quite easy to track down a copy. I thought ebay exists since 1995.. pfff.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on December 22, 2010
You are critisizing the wrong label Ronaldv, Gravelroad is responsible for many great releases and this release will fit in there just perfect .This label has proven many a times that they live up to our expectations.Looking forward to this release
Lefty wrote on December 22, 2010
For the fans that couldn't get the Fort Baxter or Yellow Dog release of this show, you are in for a treat! Being in the USA, I can sympathize with the difficulty in finding imports. It seems like for our friends in Europe, getting an Elvis import CD is as easy as buying a carton of milk. Not so for the Yankees! I wish all my fellow Americans good luck in finding this one. Gratefully, I have access to this market, and I'll be buying this one for sure. The show is not your typical '75 concert. Elvis pours himself into the performance, and he really shines. America The Beautiful and How Great Thou Art will blow your mind! And the package that Gravelroad is putting together...outstanding! I happen to like the pictures, liner notes, reviews and all the other goodies. Lets face it, that's what set Madison and Triangle above and beyond the rest. Fort Baxter and DAE follow with high quality sound. If Gravelroad wants to shine like the greats, I'm all for it. The worst thing they could do is model themselves after FTD.
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on December 22, 2010
"every bit as good as our highly acclaimed ‘Return of the Prodigy’" : Return of the Prodigy was taken from the CD Opening Night, no tapes were used; so "every bit as good" means...
Natha wrote on December 22, 2010
One of my friends in Canada recently wrote to me the same as Lefty did. Also let's not forget that the imports are all limited edition. Like Benny Scott I also don't have all these 'oldies'. And on Ebay these are not always available or just as copies. I skip the re (re-re-re) releases (or whatever) without complaining and in a happy mood that others who did not have the opportunity before will have that now. There is enough negativity here.
benny scott wrote on December 22, 2010
Natha, you're right ! Not all imports can be found on Ebay, and in a lot of cases we're talkig about copies, and copies are not my cup of tea .So I'm really be glad having the opportunity to purchase this one too ! Always El.
Santa Claus wrote on December 22, 2010
Whow, Oxford / ProTools. This is fantastic. It's a plug-in for a PC audio-editor. Get it from a warez-site for free, push a few buttons and you will also have a Oxford / ProTools re-edit from any CD you want. They fool the fans with these "nobody knows what it is anýhow" phrases. By mentioning this Oxford / ProTool they confess that this is not made in a studio by experts (like DAE etc.) but a homemade PC product.
Monster wrote on December 22, 2010
Any release of this fine show is welcome, especially if the sounds is improved, even if that means just tweaked with audio software by (hopefully) professional ears. Gravel Road is a good label and although I have the original I'm very curious to see if the sound is better cos if it is then I'll certainly be getting this one. Superb versions of HGTA, JP and ATB. Outstanding even.
blackdiamond wrote on December 23, 2010
This is GOOD news. I have Fort Baxter as an original but the CD is now a CD-r because of the fact the original cd was filled with "cd rot" and wasn't playable anymore. Now I'll get the chance to have a "new" original release with, in my opinion, a much better cd artwork with booklet. Nice!