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Chicago Stadium

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, December 19, 2010 | Music

This is a “reaction release” by FTD, since it was announced after bootleggers showed the intention to re-release the shows. Both shows from October 1976 were released before as Chicago Beat (14th) and Bringin’ The House Down (15th).


Regarding the material they had to work with (in other words the shape Elvis was in) they did a pretty good job on the artwork. At least it is way better than Chicago Beat was.


The Chicago Beat show is a 13 in a dozen show. It’s not bad at all, certainly not for a 1976 show, but also not one to remember. The fact that I was able to “sit it out” can be seen as a positive comment on the show.

I can say about the same about the second disc, a bearable show and with a little good intention one can even say Steamroller Blues is worth to mention. Still it is not something to turn me on, I switched back to Jailhouse Rock, Volume 2 as soon as it was finished.

Anyway, my love for 1976 shows will be known by now. All I can add is that both shows are in pretty good sound quality, but I heard no significant difference with the before mentioned bootlegs or it must be that the second disc has more (sometimes too much) high tones than the original. O yeah, and of course the mistake in the track numbers… as if any track is worth to skip to :-).


If you want to have the collection complete, or missed the original bootlegs and really love 1976 shows this might be for you… otherwise use your money for something else!

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Ciscoking wrote on December 19, 2010
These two shows belong to the better ones from 1976 and were the first for months now that were o.k. They marked the beginning of a new live experience in 1976 that would have its peak at the end of December..we are not talking of outstanding shows..but they are decent ..considering the circumstances of this more or less dreadful year..
GeertFromNl wrote on December 19, 2010
Boring shows. And the cover looks ridiculous. For a change,they chose a nice photo,but those oversized concert tickets are laughable. Amateur work. Well-known shows and well-known errors. Nothing new...
Lefty wrote on December 20, 2010
If the tickets were in perspective with the photo of Elvis, they'd be too small to read. Is it that the tickets are too big, Elvis is too small, or that the artwork is just fine?
Jerome wrote on December 20, 2010
well if you don't like 76 shows, if you don't intend to actually review the show, then don't!..
GeertFromNl wrote on December 20, 2010
"If the tickets were in perspective with the photo of Elvis, they'd be too small to read." --- It's true,but it doesn't change the fact that the oversized tickets look laughable. Finally they managed to choose a very nice 1976 shot of Elvis (and that rarely happens!). Still they felt the urge to destroy it with those oversized tickets. I wonder why. Oh,the answer is simple. They are not fans and not interested in the final result. Bad cover, track-listing errors, sound errors, typos, who cares?:) They get their profit,anyway. No matter how many mistakes they make.
Lefty wrote on December 21, 2010
GeertFromNl--You're right about the quality of FTD's products. It's sad to me that bootleggers like "Madison" can churn out the most incredible CD's while FTD does everything on the cheap. The biggest disappointment for me was Standing Room Only. FTD managed to destroy the sound of already perfect studio recordings. What a shame! Hopefully, they'll improve in the future.
claunath82 wrote on December 22, 2010
i just listen to the new chicago ftd, i don't have the bootlegs, so i don't know theses concerts and i'm very happy to hear it , the sound is very good, probably the best 76 concerts, the packaging is not bad at all, the tickets on the cover is a good idea , some of the pictures inside and in the booklet are good and others not so but it is a fact that 76 is not the best looking Elvis, the tracks number error is too bad, but the music is a real pleasure. 3.5/5
LarsG wrote on December 30, 2010
Even if I´m not a fan of soundboards, I think it´s a bit overdone and usually they find a place on the shelf where they stay. I must say I really like this release. Elvis in a good mood and in great voice! And the sound is great. Together with the Boston Garden release we´ve had two great soundboards in a row. Way to go Ernst!
Swen wrote on December 31, 2010
If these are two of the best ones from 1976, I would surely hate to hear the bad ones. The man even says it himself after having tried to sing "Hurt" properly: "Mediocre". How right you were, Elvis. And couldn´t you stop criticising Ernst all the time?He probably did more for Elvis Presley and his music than any other person alive. You get TONS and TONS of material from an artist who died so many years ago, and still you keep complaining. We Elvis are so spoilt really, and ought to be thankful. And Ernst IS an ELVIS FAN if there ever was one. From the age og 12, and now he has passed 60!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on January 02, 2011
Swen & LarsG i so do agree with you both,Happy Newyear!!
Master Fatman wrote on January 09, 2011
Well, I think it´s nice album for my collection. Yes, Elvis not at his peek of his carrer. He is on the road, another job another gik. But I have no problem with this. And it's a dob.album another +. Two average shows, where we can here Elvis on the road, another job... but worth to buy, but most for Elvis FANS. :-) By the way, Happy birthday Elvis !
Orion wrote on January 10, 2011
I think this is a very nice production from FTD. The pictures used throughout as well as the graphics (and I think the actual ticket scans are nice) make for a nice product. I also find the shows not to mention the sound very pleasing. They are not spectacular, but over all I think this is a solid release that shows that Elvis could still captivate a crowd as late as October of '76. To me, the release is worth the money. Thanks FTD.
tesla wrote on January 13, 2011
A very nice package, with a nice booklet & good pics. How he looked?? just as Elvis in 1976!! That's it Folks. I've enjoyed it, thank you very much FTD !!