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New Cirque Elvis Video

December 18, 2010 | Other

Elvis is still in the building—at Aria in Las Vegas. The folks over at Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis show have just released a new video featuring The King and a remixed verison "Burning Love," and here's the exclusive premiere. The Video shows excerpts of the famous Aloha from Hawaii Special (1973), combined with shots from the actual Viva ELVIS Cirque du Soleil show. A mussee!

Lex wrote on December 18, 2010
Strange... he takes of his guitar and suddenly it's back! A total waste of time, both the recording and the video!
Steve V wrote on December 19, 2010
Didnt care for it at all.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on December 19, 2010
Yes we know you don't like Viva Elvis,you never told us before did you, i think it's a great video nothing wrong with it..love to watch it,well done Viva Elvis
samcra wrote on December 19, 2010
I'm with you Jesse Garon. There are those here, who are resistant to anything new or different. If it's about Elvis, and done in style and class, I am all for it. The Video has both.
clinta wrote on December 19, 2010
love it, i think the viva elvis stuff is fabulous
tigerpawl wrote on December 19, 2010
One thing for sure it rocks this is the best remix since Little Less Conversation or Rubberneckin. EPE pushed the Suspicious Minds remix in August but this is better. The only thing I dont like is the original TCB band should had been asked to play in the video. It least James Burton and Ronnie Tutt can still rock.
Judy_Fairytale wrote on December 19, 2010
Great video!! Of COURSE I prefer the original version, but if this helps bring Elvis to the attention of the masses and gains him more fans then how can it be a bad thing?????
zathura wrote on December 20, 2010
Very smart and professionally done video. Always good to see quality items appearing and I find the Viva stuff entertaining
kev11467 wrote on December 20, 2010
Great video and remix. You geezers need to lighten up lol. You sound a lot like the old folks who trashed Elvis back in 56....
baby blue wrote on December 20, 2010
Love it!!!
KurtKK wrote on December 20, 2010
A phenomenal disgrace ! After viewing it for 43 seconds I turned it OFF. A slap in the face of ALL those successful, experienced and superb TCB-band members...it sure is ! Replacing those monkey-instrument players is a disgrace and direct downsizing Elvis' image which is not tolerated by most fans. A slap in our face by dumn circus-clowns and circus-executives who are not fit enough to work in the private (let alone ...won't offend many state officials) business. Cilla should have put her VETO and we blame Jack for not being professidonal enough at EPE. Shame on those hillbilly executives too; you are ruining EP's image and degrading our loyalty to Elvis for so many years (since 57 in my case).
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 20, 2010
Another no-hope waste of time. Removing Burton et al with nobodys who sound like they're knocking a shed up is artistic? I don't think so. Just like the Viva Elvis album itself, this is going nowhere. Another flop, but it won't be the last. Next desperate abomination, please.
John4126 wrote on December 20, 2010
'brings elvis to the attention of the masses'. Err No. Where will this video been screened? MTV, VH1? No. No radio plays and poor sales suggests this release is a flop.
Jerome wrote on December 20, 2010
I rather see EPE stopping sh*t like this instead of import DVD's..
dgirl wrote on December 20, 2010
I have nothing against remixes or updates or whatever you wish to call them. Two things though, They should leave classics like this alone and they should be good! This is horrid and I could not listen to the whole thing. A waste of time & effort.
Erna wrote on December 22, 2010
Personally, I don't like it. Too much high pitched guitar and drums. Lots of younger people will probably love it
samcra wrote on December 22, 2010
Man, am I happy that some of you were not put in charge of Graceland after the death of Elvis. If so, I'm sure your wish for nothing to ever be touched or updated concerning Elvis. I can see Graceland now, in total disrepair, dark looking, and crumbling because of lack of use. Gates locked, no visitors. Just one fat man in a dingy jumpsuit, out side the front locked gate, with a fold-up table, hawking CD's of old movies and a few faded concert issues. I can see it now, " No need for that fancy updated new stuff, keep your old memories...that's all you need. YEP ! step right up folks and relive your old memories. "my collection contains nothing new, just old crap, and definitely none of that silly Viva ELVIS Cirque du Soleil ... step right up folks.........
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 22, 2010
Samcra, you can pretend all you like with the remixed version of this and the remixed version of that, but none of it is going to increase Elvis' popularity anymore than it is already. Look how quickly 'Viva Elvis' has flopped. And this video is pure garbage. The original recordings are his legacy, and tampering with them does nothing to enhance that legacy. It doesn't need to be tampered with. If you want a 'modern' sound then go and listen to modern music. Elvis is dead and he ain't coming back, no matter how many times they remix him. The original recordings say everything there is to say and they'll last forever.
joemin wrote on December 22, 2010
When I hear this first I was not impressed, but the more I listen the better it gets.
Steve V wrote on December 23, 2010
I just finished watching Elvis By The Presleys because I remembered a section about ALLC. In it, Jerry Schilling says he has mixed feeling about it. He knew how much Elvis hated anyone tampering with his approved final mixes, but they always did anyway. In fact, he was outraged when he heard Suspicious Minds on the radio for the first time. He confronted the Colonel who of course denied any involvement. On the other hand, Jerry knew how much Elvis loved having hit records, so its a bit of give and take here. With ALLC, you must remember it was a totally unknown song to most folks, in fact the vocal used was not even the original record, it was a vocal made for the 68 TV show but never used, so I don't see any big deal in doing something like that , especially when it resulted in a worldwide hit. However I feel that was a one time fluke. I haven't seen any effort in finding another unknown song or rough outtake vocal and doing something similar with it. When they mess with the classics and try to update the sound on them, I'm with Harvey all the way.