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December 08, 2010 | Music

Elvis Is Back (Again)

Ernst Jorgensen said that the "Elvis is Back" album will on be Public Domain outside the U.S. and a Legacy edition (paired with "Something For Everybody" and singles) is scheduled for March.

Elvis Presley Golden Boy

Membran Records announced the release of the 10 CD set "Elvis Presley Golden-Boy" with January 28, 2011 as the releas-date.

Christmas Bonus

The Doxy label announced the release of a red vinyl re-issue of Elvis Presley's "Christmas Album" without "It Is No Secret" but with nine additional 50's recordings. 

KurtKK wrote on December 09, 2010
Now we may actually see some better marketing products being released by several other labels. When can we have a new FTD release (EPBlvd? HeTouched Me or Prom Land or maybe more missing movie outtakes...???)? Then we won't have a Blue Christmas...in January or Feb ... Bad FTD planning guys. Sorry.
Tony C wrote on December 09, 2010
It will be nice to see "Elvis Is Back" and "Something For Everybody" back in the record shops, albums like this should never have been deleted. I know we have our deluxe FTD editions, but there is a need for more basic editions for people who just want the original albums.
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 09, 2010
"When can we have a new FTD release"? What about the new 'Jailhouse Rock Volume 2'? In my book it's the release of the year, and far more important than 'Boulevard' or 'Promised Land'. Really looking forward to receiving some REAL Elvis after so many soundboards and rehashed '70s albums. Vince Everett rocks!
Jamie wrote on December 10, 2010
Hello, I agree with Harvey - after c. 1970 Elvis was overwhelmed with personal and professional problems and his albums were dominated by unexceptional country pop tunes like 'Sweet Angeline', 'Mr Songman' and (gulp) 'Love Me, Love the Life I Lead'. I absolutely respect others' tastes but, personally, I'm not remotely interested in the out-takes from 'Promised Land' or 'EP Boulevard'. If they have a breakthrough in audio software I'd sooner buy 'So Glad You're Mine' etc. for the fourth time than get the out-takes from 'Good Times'. The Legacy editions are classy but I am concerned that many Elvis fans have spent out on the pricey FTD releases which are now being repackaged in afforbable double sets. (I understand the 'Elvis in Person' Legacy masters were the FTD ones). And, in this particular instance, as toweringly good as 'Elvis is Back' is, 'Something For Everybody' was packed with inferior 60s pop and was a hugely disappointing affair coming after its legendary predecessor.
Steve V wrote on December 10, 2010
Its good they are going back in the general public. They never should have just only available on inflated overpriced FTD 'classic' album series. The music should be out there, well most of it anyway. Lets keep the Clambake type stuff hidden.