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Strictly Come Dancing

November 21, 2010 | Other

Tonight, Sunday 21st on the very high rating 'Strictly Come Dancing' 7.30 p.m. direct from Las Vegas to Blackpool, the cast of Cirque du Soleil's 'Viva ELVIS' will be performing the amazing new version of 'Blue Suede Shoes' from the 'Viva ELVIS' album on Strictly Come Dancing.

18 of the Cirque's legendary acrobats and dancers are flying in to give BBC 1 viewers an exclusive taste of the show - the first time they have performed it outside the USA. Just seen a posting on the 'Strictly' Website and one member of staff states that they have just seen the rehearsal of 'Blue Suede Shoes" and can't begin to describe just how great it is. Sounds promising indeed and hopefully will give a boost to the Album.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Steve Morse wrote on November 21, 2010
Just watched it (2 minutes ago). The sound was awful and the'dancing' completely non-relevant to Elvis. This little bit of exposure will do nothing for Elvis or for the album* in the UK (*which I love). Probably the whole show, in Vegas, would be something else again.
Emiel Maier wrote on November 21, 2010
I saw it too, and loved it! (So did the crowd, the contestants and the judge!!). I do hope it will give the album a boost as I saw it disappear from this week's chart ! :-(. So number 19 was the highest position for Viva Elvis I suppose.
Tony C wrote on November 21, 2010
I thought it was great, a nice bit of prime time TV coverage. The commercial is still being shown so the project is being promoted, at least in the UK. I thought the dancing was very spectacular.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 21, 2010
Excellent publicity for the show and album. Should have been two weeks ago. 'Viva Elvis' The Album has dropped from 19 to 52 on this week's UK Album Charts. Any publicity is to be welcomed. Very disappointing.
marty wrote on November 22, 2010
I saw it as well. It went well with the audience but I do not know if it will boost sales of the CD. How many people will know that there is a new CD out? If they showed an ad as well before or after, that would help. On the other hand I am not too bothered with the success of the CD. I do not like it at all. The remixes might work well for the dancing routines but make little sense on their own, similar issue to some of his soundtrack recordings! I'll buy it because the collector 'bug' has hit me but it's best this CD is soon forgotten...
Andy_2 wrote on November 22, 2010
Agree with Steve, watched it and was very dissapointed. The dancing didn't blow me away and there was no mention of an album so no exposure at all. Only thing that got exposure was the fact that they were from a show in Vegas. Probably totally different for the people there but didn't do anything for me.
Lex wrote on November 22, 2010
Looks like all the people that said this album is a winner... well, were not completely right :-)
Tony C wrote on November 22, 2010
We have to remember that this programme was on the BBC, where no direct advertising is allowed. The act has to sell itself, unlike ITV where a commercial can be slotted in before, during or after the broadcast.
Andy_2 wrote on November 22, 2010
True Tony but Duffy was introduced as singing her new single so they could have mentioned the new album.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 22, 2010
Sales of the album in the UK first week were around 7500 and for the second week around 6000. It will be interesting to see if 'Strictly Come Dancing' has any effect on this coming week's sales.
SuziB wrote on November 22, 2010
Claudia DID mention the album, anyone who says otherwise clearly didnt see the show. I hate the album, and was really expecting to hate the performance but I thought it was great - even the music made more sense in context of the show. I liked it so much I've just booked a trip to las Vegas to see it!
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 22, 2010
So the album came in at No.19 and then dropped straight down to No.52. Why weren't all the kids buying it like they're supposed to? I guess they didn't like it. Not to worry, there's always the duets album to look forward to. I hear that this will feature top names like Peter Andre, A Flock Of Seagulls, The Dave Clark Five, Celine Dion, Val Doonican and The Chuckle Brothers. So that won't be embarrassing either, will it...
Emiel Maier wrote on November 22, 2010
Viva Elvis is definately a winner in Holland peaking at no.13 last week. In Holland it is the best selling Elvis non-Greatest Hits album in the past 16 years! The Essential Collection, His Greatest Hits, Artist of the Century, Elv1s and The Dutch Collection all did better. But they all are compilation albums with the regular stuff. "Viva Elvis" did it better in the charts as it left behind albums like '2nd to none', Elvis75, Platinum, Elvis by the Presleys and An Afternoon at the Garden, to name just a few. So reaching a top 15 placing in the first week was not bad at all!
Judy_Fairytale wrote on November 23, 2010
I loved the performance, but am wondering why I seem to get these news update emails 2 days after everyone else!! I only just got this today at 10pm (Tues 23rd) and the Strictly show was on Sunday!
al shookup wrote on November 24, 2010
It beats me how anyone who is a true Elvis fan can 'LOVE' the performance. The dancing was almost irrelevant to the kings style, Elvis only featured in the distant background in clips and the whole thing smacked of cheap exploitation.
Emiel Maier wrote on November 24, 2010
I rather enjoy watching these 18 good looking young men and women from Las Vegas in their gear, than 18 hip swiveling lunatics with jumpsuits, wigs, sideburns and shades. Because nowadays the media want to believe the public that Elvisfans are campy, and are not to be taken seriously. So I welcomed this performance wholeheartedly as it put Elvis back onto the pedestal where he belongs. As Elvis is timeless. (Would he have lived today he would never have worn a jumpsuit. Elvis had style and dressed and danced the popular styles of his era). I (..yes, I am a true fan...) loved the performance!
John4126 wrote on November 24, 2010
I tuned in on Sunday and have to agree with an earlier posting that the sound was pretty lousy. The dancing was great of course, but as for promoting the cd? I doubt it will make much difference. Still, it was great to see Elvis in the background on a screen.