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German Elvis The Movie

November 22, 2010 | Video

With a delay of no less than four weeks the dvd "Elvis - The Movie" has finally been released in Germany a few days ago. The German version is entitled "Elvis The King - Sein Leben". Two different issues are available: A vanilla edition (one disc containing the German version of the movie) and a deluxe edition (two discs containing the German version as well as the original English version).

Buyers of the items have already complained about a bad quality of the dvd and that the announced 'Making Of' entitled "Bringing A Legend To Life" is missing on both issues. Also remarkable is the fact that Kurt Russell's name is misspelled on the front cover ('Russel' instead of 'Russell')!

The original "Elvis - The Movie" had been produced and directed by John Carpenter in 1978 with Kurt Russell starring as Elvis Presley. The movie had become a fan's favourite very soon and is regarded as one of the best ever movies about the life and career of Elvis.

Source:The King's World

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Jerome wrote on November 22, 2010
Great! I always wanted to hear Kurt lipsync in German!!..
samcra wrote on November 23, 2010
Although I think Kurt Russel did a good job at the time, it would not appeal to me now.