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Free X-mas CD

November 25, 2010 | Music

It pays to be a member of ElvisMatters. Every year our members worldwide get a free and exclusive Christmas Card Deluxe CD with an Elvis track. This time, you get TWO tracks: the Elvis classic X-mas rock 'n' roller "Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me" and a free extra, the freshly recorded "If Every Day Was Just Like Christmas", by Bouke. Two Tracks, One CD, No Charge! Join ElvisMatters now, you won't be disappointed!

Herman wrote on November 25, 2010
I always like the free Elvis cd that ElvisMatters gives. But why, why is there another singer on the same cd ? It's ok for me if people like this singer, nothing wrong about that but this cd does not fit in an Elvis collection because this is not an Elvis cd, this is an Various Christmas cd-single. If I get this free cd-singel I will sell it right away. What a very big mistake ElvisMatters ! Maybe you should change the name in Bouke Matters. Here above they talked about a cd, well it's a cd-singel and we won't be disappointed, well I am very sorry but I am and I know that a lot of other Elvis fans are too. It's an Elvis fanclub so please only Elvis on the cd-singel. What a terrible release, people around me allready start laughing: so, no more Elvis music available ? Elvis Matters is starting to be a poor fanclub. But I also has to say that it is a free gift so I can give it to a child who likes Christmas music, true Elvis fans don't keep this crap. My compliment for the other dutch Elvis fanclubs !
garnet wrote on November 26, 2010
How do you get this free cd?
Jerome wrote on November 26, 2010
Problem is that Bouke is being forced upon the members of ElvisMatters. They keep on promoting him in either way they can and I feel all from commercial point of view..
s53morris wrote on November 27, 2010
How do we get this CD, there is not a link to enter our information shown on this page
Natha wrote on November 29, 2010
I agree fully with you Herman. This is something I am NOT waiting for. The only thing I collect is Elvis and RnR. Definitely not a copy cat like this Bouke.