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Viva The Charts

November 19, 2010 | Music

USA, Top LP's
48 (ny) Viva Elvis
92 (re-entry) Elvis Christmas .

USA, Top Internet
17 (ny) Viva Elvis

USA, Pop Catalog
12 (re-entry) Elvis Christmas
37 (re-entry) It's Christmas Time

USA, Country Catalog
3 (15) Elvis Christmas
20 (14) 30 #1Hits

USA, Top Holiday Albums
15 (18) Elvis Christmas 
28 (re-entry) It's Christmas Time 

USA, Seasonal Digital Holiday Songs
17 (23) Blue Christmas 

Norge, Top 40
21 (ny) Viva Elvis

10 (ny) Viva Elvis

19 (ny) Viva Elvis

13 (ny) Viva Elvis

15 (ny) Viva Elvis

29 (ny) Viva Elvis

Source:Flaming Star (Norway)
LarsG wrote on November 19, 2010
Viva Elvis entered the Swedish charts this week at no. 13
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 19, 2010
It charted decently. But, with stronger promotion, the "Viva Elvis CD" could have, charted much higher. Lets hope that word of mouth, will get others, interested, in buying the "Viva CD" and it will stay on the charts, for awhile and become a Gold and Platinum awarded (album) CD.
Emiel Maier wrote on November 19, 2010
Some more stats... 39 (last week 13) in Holland (Netherlands) 21 Flemish Belgium and at no.38 in Wallonian Belgium (new) 45 Australia (new) 21 New Zealand (new) 13 Sweden (new) 26 Switzerland (new)
wolf wrote on November 21, 2010
In USA: it's christmas time is N°183 TOP200/LP (re-rentry). In French: Viva Elvis is N°8 TOP/COMPILATION.(New). In Italy: Viva Elvis is N°16 TOP100/LP.(New). In Scottish: Viva Elvis is N°12 TOP40/LP.(New). In Danmark: Viva Elvis is N°2 TOP/Bit Track.(New).
wolf wrote on November 21, 2010
Australia: N°24 2CD The KIng N°19 Pop Catalog/50. N°43 CD 30N°1 N°43 Pop Catalog/50. N°24 DVD 68 Comeback Special DVD/TOP50. CD Viva Elvis no placing this week-end in TOP50/LP. (Last week N°45).
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 22, 2010
So is the lack of success of 'Viva Elvis' going to be put down by some 'fans' due to its lack of promotion? How about it's lack of artistic credibility? It's poop. Plain poop, I tell ya!
Brian Quinn wrote on November 22, 2010
Actually 'Viva Elvis' is pure genius and I have said before it could very well be in line for a Grammy next year for recording technique. I cannot think of any other album which is so revolutionary, fusing today's sound with comments from movies and TV shows etc. The trouble with a lot of people is they do not like change and will never accept anything other than the original Elvis tracks. Fine, that's their choice, but bear in mind if we go along this route, there is only one other option available to Sony - greatest hits compilations - and I for one am extremely fed up with them along with multiple takes of the same track on the FTD albums. Whatever they release they will still need to spend a lot of money on marketing as it is becoming increasingly difficult for Elvis to sell records in today's highly competitive market, especially with a diminishing/ageing fan base.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 23, 2010
What a good treat from Sony. The album is not coming to Istanbul TR. But MJ's album is already advetised in turkish language around the nation and also on official website of SONY BMG. Thank you Sony. Really thank you.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 24, 2010
Brian Blah-Blah, when are you going to stop making ridiculous fantasy posts? You're the man who said the Viva version of 'Suspicious Minds' was better than Elvis' original (which is the biggest insult to Elvis I can imagine). You also said it was going to be a massive hit. Truth is, radio stations refused to play it because it's so rubbish and amateurish. Now you're calling 'Viva Elvis' "pure genius". Dearie, dearie me. I think you'll find that Elvis' original music is pure genius, not this load of pretend, computerised junk. (And it doesn't sound like "today's sound", more like the dreary 1980s). Do you seriously think they'll give a Grammy award to an album that spent one week at No.19 in the UK charts? You also say you're fed up with the alternate takes etc. being issued by FTD - that's the REAL Elvis. And you're fed up with it? Words fail me.
Steve V wrote on November 24, 2010
In contrast to this, The Beatles have sold 450,000 copies of their albums on Itunes since they became available last week. Sad to say it, but the Beatles have outlasted Elvis in popularity. The Elvis fan base is not what it used to be.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 24, 2010
Dear Harvey... Regarding your post, I must say that you are one of the ones who ignoe what ALLC achieved which WAS COMPUTERIZED and a huge success with over 20 countries around the world. Brian is optimistic and futuristic in addition to that. Today name my any person at the age of 18 collecting FTDs with passion. No... But I can name you kids buying Viva Elvis. Brian says that Elvis music must update itself without ruining his original voice and style. Look at the reviews of the musical. People didn't like the show but LOVED the music. Elvis is always left apart by Sony u know what? Advertisements are more important than music nowadays. You think that Susan Boyle has more talent than Barbra? NOOO She has the advertisement that's all.You must understand that MUSIC is developing itself with computer. I think YOU are the one to have a fantasy of living in the past still. Sorry .I don't mean to be rude but Brian is the one here to help people undertsand that elvis is still with us, even in 2011,still trying to hit the charts.
Steve B. wrote on November 24, 2010
Sadly, "Viva Elvis" dropped out of the top 50 on the US charts. That means it sold less the 15,000 units.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 24, 2010
As has been stated (and now proven) many times before, ALLC was a one-off hit - a fluke. It isn't going to happen again. And if so many kids are buying 'Viva Elvis' then why has it dropped out of the charts already. If kids were buying it then it would be up there, but they haven't. The disappointing sales are down to Elvis fans only - well, not me because I didn't buy it. I heard it once and that was enough. For Elvis to have a decent hit again it needs the public to buy into it, like they did with ALLC. And don't say that computers are the future of music. A computer isn't an instrument. And why does Elvis' music need to be updated? He's dead. He ain't coming back. What do you suggest - that his music is updated every few years to meet current trends? You are joking. The original recordings have done me for the last 40+ years, and they still sound more vibrant and alive than any rubbish in the charts today. Elvis doesn't need dragging down to that level. If you want to listen to 'today's' music, then fine - listen to it. Elvis' music transcends the ages, but any remixes either now or in ten years time will always be forgotten about quickly whereas the originals will last forever. And no, I don't think Susan Boyle has more talent than Barbara Streisand (can't stand either of them), but Boyle is a current artist and Streisand's album is a collection of her hits - all of which have been out before. Back catalogue stuff. Sony are obviously going to put more effort into promoting something new rather than back catalogue stuff. Just like they did with Gareth Gates - remember when he knocked ALLC off the top of the charts because Sony wanted to promote him instead of Elvis. And where is he now? Washing cars somewhere. Elvis, on the other hand, is still dead but still held in more esteem than any other recording artist in the world. But things like 'Viva Elvis' will only tarnish that reputation and be seen by right-thinking people for exactly what they are - desperate attempts at trying to make a buck without any thought for credibility or artistic endeavour. But hey, it's bombed - it's gone, it's finished with. Wonder what the next embarrassment will be. I'm sure Brian Blah Bblah will keep us informed, and make more wildly inaccurate predictions. Oh lawdy, lawdy?
dgirl wrote on November 25, 2010
Hey Sinatra is dead too but know what his label /estate did? Released a beautiful 7 DVD box set of his best TV specials and an unreleased concert plus additional 50's footage. Now that is treating an artist and his fans with respect and who cares if it charts! Its a quality product I'm sure all Sinatra fans will enjoy. I may buy it myself, even tho I am a casual fan of his. I'm sure I would enjoy most of it. Surely before Viva Elvis anyway. Some 75th anniversary year isnt it?
jean michel wrote on November 25, 2010
I have to agree with Harvey ; Brian should keep his elated "predictions" for himself instead of spreading them in all the main Elvis sites . This year , it started with "Elvis sings the Great British songbook" which was supposed to remain in the chart till the arrival of the "highly anticipated" VE : nothing happened. Then , the "Suspicious Minds" single , first in a series of 2 or 3 , & bound to be a "hit" : what single ? VE was to be "mark my words" the biggest Elvis Album since E1 blah blah blah.... : it's already dropping of the charts worldwide. VE to win a Grammy next year (that's a good one) : & the Grammy goes to... dead bambi ! A duet album next year...well , if it comes out (which I doubt) I guess we'll have to be happy with a duet with the Chipmunks !
Sirbalkan wrote on November 25, 2010
Dear Harvey you're right. But the truth is VE was the first highly advertised since Number One Hits and that's why people like Brian had been optimistic about it. He, I and others OFCOURSE know that Elvis's original versions are unique but the thing is UNFORTUNATELY, people are more interested in Lady Gaga, Byonce, Justin Bieber (who's a really exaggerated alot I think) than Elvis and MJ's labum is already a hit right now although it wasn't released. Yes it worked for you for the last 40 years but the point we are dealing with is "what will happen to Elvis popularity" here. Brian cares about it more than the music here as a huge fan. I care about Elvis reputation more than his music right now. Why MJ, why Lady Gaga, why still beatles (their LOVE album) but WHY NOT ELVIS? why not right now?He was big in 2000- 2005 but what happened suddenly?
jean michel wrote on November 25, 2010
"What happened ? (that reminds me of a "book" wrinted some 34 years ago) is that sony is the worst thing that has ever happened to the king unfortunately . They have no clue who Elvis is (same thing goes for EPE) & they have turned their back on HIM a long time ago. Elvis popularity & influence are still there (& it would be too long to list all the examples I have the chance to witness around the world from Yokohama to Buenos Aires) ; the problem is that there is no more effort , from both sony & EPE , to market & promote his music the way He deserves. Can you imagine Elvis catalog & legacy market the same way the Beatles are ? I think it's high time for sony to let Him go to a smaller company. Even the indie "Off Duty" did better than VE in the UK !
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 25, 2010
Jean Michel is right. Sony have released far too many ill-conceived albums that have flooded the market and only confused the general public ("Er...how different is 'All Time Greatest Hits' to 'The Essential Collection' or any of the other greatest hits sets?). They've shown no restraint in their rush to make money. Instead of reissuing the original albums with bonus tracks in deluxe packaging (which has been left to FTD - a mail order outlet that the general public don't know about), they churn out the same old 'greatest hits' every year or so. One look at how EMI handle the catalogue of The Beatles shows where Sony have gone wrong with Elvis. They've put out far too many samey releases, which ends up meaning there's little demand for the stuff. Having said all of that, why do some people think that Elvis should be competing with today's artists, be it Lady Gaga, Susan Boyle or whoever? They are now, Elvis is long dead. I'd be very surprised if Susan Boyle will still be selling records in five years time, but Elvis will. But don't expect him to compete with whatever the flavour of the month is at the moment. That's not how it works.
jean michel wrote on November 25, 2010
Elvis has nothing to prove anymore. He became King INSPITE of RCA , Parker , BMG , EPE & now sony. I think that sony is now using Elvis releases , both global & FTDs , to make enough money to pay for the marketing & promotion for their other artists (dead bambi ahead). Harvey , dont hold it against me but I kinda like VE ; maybe it is because I do not take it as an Elvis Album but rather as a concept album which happens to use Elvis voice. But , again , it is a matter of tastes & it is also true tht I get more kicks listening to the original stuff be it on boots or legit stuff.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 25, 2010
'Viva Elvis' The Album drops to No.133 in it's second week on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with sales of 6,000 - down 58% since last week. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next Sony Meeting discussing the sales of this album.
kriss58 wrote on November 26, 2010
VIVA ELVIS THE ALBUM. Is gold in Sweden.
LonElvis wrote on November 27, 2010
Elvis has two albums in the holiday charts - Elvis Christmas (19) and Christmas Time (21). US Charts. Elvis Christmas is also #85 on the top 200 album chart and #15 on the catalog album charts. Christmas Time is also 93 on the top 200 album charts and 18 on the catalog album charts. Now That's What I Call Music 36 (wth the remixed Suspicious Minds) is #13 on top 200 album chart. Viva Elvis is on the "biggets fall" chart - going from #43 to #133 on the top 200. Elvis has two Christmas CDs at higher rankings than Viva Elvis.
LonElvis wrote on November 27, 2010
Elvis has transcended popularity. He's now truly an icon regardless if he sells 1 CD or 1 million. Elvis will never be forgotten. 100 years from now people will know Elvis. So VE didn't sell like we would have liked...but the truth is Elvis 75 (4CD set) sold well this year, the Franklin Box Set sold well, and the Sony set sold out. Elvis on Tour did well. The FTDs sell very well (given their price and target audience). It's very expensive to be an Elvis fan. Elvis currently has 2 albums on the top 200 charts, catalog charts, and holiday charts. The remixed Suspicious Minds is on an album that's in the top 20. Why aren't we celebrating that? Elvis said himself that the whole thing is about having fun - let's enjoy him and his legacy and stop worrying so much. Elvis has been dead since 1977 -- 33 years, and yet he remains a cultural icon. His legacy is well established.
MEMPHISMUSIC wrote on December 04, 2010
It's a new Elvis release and it's charting - We should all be pleased with that! This is the best collection of "Remixed Elvis" since " A Little less conversation" and agree with the people who think the sound is superb! Tell you What! Heartbreak Hotel must be the best new production of an Elvis track i have ever heard and put the Openening 2001, Blue suede, That's alright, Heartbreak, King creole and Bossa nova together and you have one of the most rockin' modern collections you could ever play. It's fantastic to hear all those snippets of other songs built into the tracks - The end of Heartbreak Hotel is just plain dirty! This track does deserve an award. I would like to here more of this - Gi Blues, Trilogy and Way Down would have just perfected the album and covered of Elvis in an album perfectly.