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November 12, 2010 | Music

Rockwell Records announced a new vinyl release; "Rockers", boosting some of Elvis’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll recordings from the 50's. It will be available as a picture disc - limited to 1000 copies - and a strictly limited numbered edition in Gold vinyl edition of just 150 copies worldwide.

Jerome-the-third wrote on November 12, 2010
looks interesting.. get it while you can!!!..
Tony C wrote on November 12, 2010
Once upon a time something like this would have been an interesting collectors item, but I think these have been devalued by the glut of releases containg the same out of copyright recordings. I would imagine many collectors who made sure to buy each and every release to maintain a complete collection from their own country has had to draw the line with such compilations. How could anybody now attempt to assemble a UK discography with so many releases from these obscure labels? I think it would be virtually impossible. I was once one of those people who bought every variation possible through the eighties and nineties, but now I concentrate on what I consider to be real Elvis collectibles, items released during his lifetime with just a few exceptions. It is a case of quality over quantity.