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Inverse Label News

November 06, 2010 | Music

The Inverse Label will release 2 new CD(set)s shortly. Elvis Presley as he was meant to be heard - Complete 50's Studio Releases is 4 CD set containing every Elvis Presley studio release from the start of his career in 1954 through to end of 1959, including variant versions released. (Does not include recordings withheld from 50’s release, nor alternate film versions that did not feature on the soundtrack LPs / EPs). All tracks are the original mono recordings, sound processing kept to the minimum necessary. Includes booklet with comprehensive recording details.
 If you already own Elvis Presley As He Was Meant To Be Heard Volumes 1 to 3, there is no need to buy this set to obtain the 50’s tracks omitted from those volumes. The Collector Edition of As He Was Meant To be Heard Volume 4 includes an extra disc containing the missing tracks.

Elvis Presley As He Was Meant To Be Heard, Volume 4

Elvis Presley as he was meant to be heard, volume 4

Singles and optimum LP tracks released during 1960. Minimal sound processing. These are the original stereo mixes with the exception of 3 tracks from the GI Blues Soundtrack which have been re-mixed to reduce echo to the level of the original mono, plus one mono track.


1 Stuck On You
2 Like a Baby
3 Make Me Know It
4 Fever
5 Thrill of Your Love
6 Such a Night
7 Girl of My Best Friend
8 Reconsider Baby
9 I Will Be Home Again
10 It’s Now or Never
11 Mess of Blues
12 I Gotta Know
13 Are You Lonesome Tonight
14 Tonight’s So Right for Love
15 Wooden Heart
16 GI Blues (Remixed)
17 What’s She Really Like (Mono)
18 Frankfurt Special (Remixed)
19 Doing the Best I Can
20 Shopping Around (Remixed)
21 Milky White Way
22 If We Never Meet Again
23 Joshua Fit the Battle
24 In My Father’s House
25 Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs
26 Known Only To Him
27 Swing Down Sweet Chariot
28 Fame and Fortune
29 Dirty Dirty Feeling
30 Girl Next Door Went Walking
31 It Feels So Right
32 Blue Suede Shoes (GI Blues)

The Collector Edition of Volume 4 contains 2 discs, the first with identical tracks to the above, the second containing the 50’s releases omitted from As He Was Meant To Be Heard Volumes 1 to 3.

1 I'll Never Let You Go Little Darlin'
2 I Love You Because
3 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You
4 Tutti Frutti
5 I'm Counting On You
6 Any Place Is Paradise
7 Long Tall Sally
8 First In Line
9 How Do You Think I Feel?
10 Ready Teddy
11 Poor Boy
12 We're Gonna Move
13 Let Me
14 Don't Leave Me Now (Version 1)
15 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
16 Lover Doll (Undubbed Version)
17 Steadfast, Loyal and True
18 I Was the One (Single Variant)

JimmyCool wrote on November 06, 2010
"I Was the One (Single Variant)"? What does that mean?
Steve V wrote on November 07, 2010
It means spend your money & find out.