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An Alternate Anthology: Tiger Man - Volume 11

October 26, 2010 | Music

The Shake record import label announced the release of volume 11 in their "An Alternate Anthology: Tiger Man" series.


Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (Take 6) - Kismet (Take 4) - You Don´t Know Me (Movie Version - Take 18) - You´ll Never Walk Alone (Complete Take 1) - Stay Away (Take 6) - Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (With The Blossoms) - Have A Happy (Acetate Recording) - What´d I Say (Live Version - Improved Sound) - Viva Las Vegas / Froggy Went A Curtin (Rehearsal) - Heartbreak Hotel (Live Recording) - I Got A Woman (Live Recording) - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live Recording) - Merry Christmas Baby (Version Form "This Is Elvis") - Burning Love (Rehearsal) - For The Good Times (Rehearsal) - Always On My Mind (Take 1 + Rehearsal) - Love Me (Live Recording) - Love Me Tender ("Elvis On Tour"-Movie Version) - Take Good Care Of Her (Undubbed Master) - Young At Heart / Let Me Be The One (Homerecording) - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Live Recording) - Let Me Be There (Live Recorded In Memphis) - Help Me (Live Recording) - In The Ghetto (Duet With Lisa Marie) - Don´t Cry Daddy (Duet With Lisa Marie) - On A Snowy Christmas Night (Duet With Renée Martel) - A Little Less Conversation (TV Commercial)

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Lex wrote on October 26, 2010
With this series I always have to think of Abba.... Money, money, money!
Ciscoking wrote on October 26, 2010
Tony C wrote on October 26, 2010
I don't have a problem with this series, I bought the first three and thought that they were quite enjoyable compilations. Sometimes it is nice to hear recordings from many different eras on the one disc. I know people say that they can make up their own compilations on their PC, which is true, but I consider it like eating. I always have the choice of cooking my own dinner or going to a restaurant and letting somebody else do all of the work.
Steve V wrote on October 26, 2010
Oh my, no!
HangLoose wrote on October 27, 2010
C-R-A-P,just like the FTD's!
jean michel wrote on October 27, 2010
Not everybody had the chance to get the original boots + some people dont really care to have all of the takes of one same song + other can not afford to buy every imports . Here is the reason for those compilations:a bit of everything in just 1 cd. If you dont need them ; dont buy them but dont call c...p Elvis music.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 27, 2010
i couldn't agree with you more jean michel on this well said buddy
marty wrote on October 27, 2010
jean michel I agree with you 100%. Of interest to me is On A Snowy Christmas Night duet. I always wanted to have all the Christmas 'duets' but I wouldn't buy the CD more than once just for one more song. Strange that Sony hasn't 'updated' the Christmas duets CD to include (as a bonus) all the duets. Instead we get more compilations of the same old songs. On the other hand I have a rule not to buy 'imports'. Haven't decided yet... Does anyone know where else I could find the 'alternative' duets from the Christmas CD? Thanks!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 27, 2010
jean michel, i honestly don't think the 'CRAP' mention in these comments refer to Elvis's music but the way this and previous cd's in this series has been put together?.......all the takes on this cd has been available on various albums and all this label has done is produced a mish-mash cd???......hence the term 'CRAP'.....however take your point and of course if people want this then that's there business. Marty, have'nt decided to buy 'imports' yet!!....again appreciate your feedback but have to say there are some real awesome imports out there that will only compliment your collection and of course you don't have to buy them all....i have been collecting for 30+ yrs and i am still amazed at the stuff that still comes out.Do some homework and go on treat yourself to some of the best stuff out there 'import' wise.
marty wrote on October 27, 2010
drjohncarpenter0117, I agree that the are really good products coming from the 'import' labels. And some of them are worth every penny. But there so much one can afford or is willing to spend. I have been collecting for 33years now (vinyl, cd's, books etc), since I was kid. You have to be rich to buy all the products out there. So I have decided, no imports (I have some though), unless it is very special. That way I do not get tempted with every new release...
Ciscoking wrote on October 27, 2010
When I said....C-R-A-P..I mant the release..quick buck..and NOT the music..of course..
jean michel wrote on October 27, 2010
I know Ciskoking. I also know people who are very happy to grab those CDs for the reasons I mentioned earlier. I think c--p is more relevant a term for , let's say ,80 percent of the products put out by epe ; yet , they sell them . I have the "chance" to own most of the original boots from the "old" audifon vinyls to the recent gv cds . I f I want to listen to a whole session, & have time to do it , I know which vinyl/cd to pick from my collection; now , if I just want to hear a bit of everything while relaxing at home or in my car, well : I put of of those cds. Maybe I could do my own compilations but , first , I don't have the time to do them & , 2nd, I like the way those are made. There are things much more deceiving in the Elvis world going on like the UK "suspicious minds" single farce for instance...
Ciscoking wrote on October 27, 2010
I know what you mean..let`s put it this way..five dollars. for it...and all is fine..agreed..? ;-)
wooden heart wrote on October 28, 2010
Tony C, many of us like compilations of different eras; for me f.e. "legendary performer 5 to 8" is perfect. But this one, to use your words: if i go to a restaurant, i expect the things, you pay for, are prepared in a professional way. This one is like taking the whole library of the king´s recordings and press the random button, until the disk is completed....
dgirl wrote on October 28, 2010
How can even the most zealos fan endorse this cd? Even if you dont have some of these tracks, this compliation is so random, it makes zero sense. Can anyone honestly sit down and listen to this from begininnig to end and enjoy it? Strictly put out to make a fast buck off of the most die hard fans.
Johnny2523 wrote on November 28, 2010
I don't see why people complaining so boohoo maybe not new stuff or in the right order but people seem to forget its elvis, and plus i got all 10 volumes except this one so far and i love all of them, i dont know why people make such a big deal of it for the makers of the tiger man series: Keep doing them, because heres atleast 1 fan of your series.