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Sony Starts 'Viva Elvis' Promo Campagne

October 22, 2010 | Music

It looks like the Belgian release of the 'Viva Elvis' cd will be supported by a large promo campain. The biggest National TV and Radiostations will air promos, presentations and contests around this release. It is remarkable that Sony is using two different covers in their communication. On the right, there is the well known cover, on the left a cover that Sony is using since today. We do hope they don't make the mistake by using this cover. With the 'Love Me Tender' title and the small Viva Elvis logo, it looks just another compilation. The release date is still Nov 8. Sony now also printed all samples and sounds that are used in the remixed songs.

1) Opening (Viva Elvis)
+ "...We Want Elvis..."
+ Opening Gershio - Elvis On Tour
+ "...Are You Looking For Trouble" - Trouble
+ Dewey Philips Radio Show - Red, Hot and Blue
+ Elvis - Noises
+ Elvis Laughing
+ That's All Right
+ My Baby Left Me (Snare & Upright Bass)
+ Elvis - "Baby"
+ "...and now for...Elvis Presley"
+ Bass "Ma Baby Left Me"
+ "Elvis Presley"
+ Elvis Sings "...Dee Dee Dee Dee..."
+ Elvis - "...Rock It!..."
+ Countdown

2) Blue Suede Shoes (Viva Elvis)
+ "A Real Big Show" Ed Sullivan Show
+ Guitar From "Plantation Rock"
+ Milton Berle - doing funny sounds
+ Milton Berle - "Someone must have stomp on his head."
+ Tarzan Of Harlem "Are You Hip To The Jive?"

3) That's All Right (Viva Elvis)
+ Guitar Tap - "I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine"
+ Guitar Loop - '68 Comeback Special "Tiger"
+ Man Introducing Elvis For The First Time At "The Louisiana Hayride Show"
+ DJ Fontana Drum Fill from "You're So Square"
+ Elvis Sings "Well" - I Got a Woman
+ Elvis Yells "Hit It!" - Maybellene
+ The Song As Is - "There's No Place Like Home"

4) Heartbreak Hotel (Viva Elvis)
+ "Ooooo Lord" Golden Gates Quartet - Remember Me
+ Elvis Sings "Well" - I Got A Woman
+ Elvis Sings "Hummm" - I Got A Woman
+ Elvis Sings "Well Now" - I Got A Woman
+ Elvis Sings "Well Well" - I Got A Woman
+ Elvis Says "...Down South" - Polk Salad Annie

5) Love Me Tender (Viva Elvis)
+ Strings From "Don't Cry Daddy"
+ Flugel From "In The Ghetto"
+ Voices - Jordonaires "First In Line"
+ Elvis Sings "In My Way"

6) King Creole (Viva Elvis)
+ King Creole Movie Trailer
+ "Dixieland Rock" Intro
+ Elvis Sings "...I Put It Down..." from New Orleans
+ Elvis Sings "Hard Headed Woman"
+ Outtakes

7) Bossa Nova Baby (Viva Elvis)
+ Loop - "The Whip"
+ Scotty Moore Guitar Solo From "Hard Headed Woman"
+ Drum Fill From "Trouble" - '68 Comeback
+ Drum Intro From "A Little Less Conversation"
+ Intro Band "You're So Square"
+ Sax Solo From "If You Think I Don't Need You"

8) Burning Love (Viva Elvis)
+ Pat Hernon Interview
+ Movie Jailhouse Rock "It's Just The Beast In Me"

9) Memories (Viva Elvis)

10) Can't Help Falling In Love (Viva Elvis)
+ "Known Only To Him"
+ Elvis sings "Love Survive" - from Suspicious Minds
+ Elvis sings "Love Me"

11) You'll Never Walk Alone - Piano Interlude (Viva Elvis)

12) Suspicious Minds (Viva Elvis)

13) Love Me Tender (Viva Elvis)
+ Strings From "Don't Cry Daddy"
+ Flugel From "In The Ghetto"
+ Voices - Jordonaires "First In Line"
+ Elvis Sings "In My Way"

NONE000000 wrote on October 23, 2010
I think some of the detail on what each song encompasses is really REALLY encouraging. 13 tracks total is still way too short, but seeing this breakdown (especially some of my fav "obscure" tracks like "In My Way" "Plantation Rock"(!) and "If You Think I Don't Need You" being sampled) gives me more hope than those samples I heard on Amazon. (But why is Love Me Tender listed twice?)
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on October 23, 2010
Tracks 5 and 13 appear to be the same. Why do I think this is going to be the biggest load of nonsense ever released? If this is a double CD release, why would any fan want to pay for the original tracks on a separate bonus CD? It just beggars belief that sony are even contemplating releasing this nonsense. I think am about plateau'd out in my buying of Elvis material, even FTD stuff fails to get me excited anymore.
A C H wrote on October 27, 2010
I listened to the complete cd today! The portuguese cd with the portuguese duet. Our fan club was invited to listen to the cd. Great cd! Perfect to play on the radios, discos, etc. Perfect for the new generation. My favourite songs are the fastest ones. Memories and You'll Never walk Alone are instrumentals. Burning Love is too heavy. My favourite one is King Creole. Can't Help Falling in Love sounds like gospel.