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Elvis Meets Nixon

October 20, 2010 | Book

A book with the title Elvis Meets Nixon: A Brief Look At The Oddly True Account Of Elvis Presley´s Visit To The While House was released on October 10, 2010 (isbn 1610422171). The book is written Dylan Stance. This is what the publisher writes about it:

"In 1970, Elvis Presley went to the White House on a whim to request a meeting with the President; his intention: to become an honorary Federal Agent. This is a brief history of what took place.

It still is bitterly ironic and will remain as a historical fact that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, prescribed on more than 14 drugs at the time of his death, was suggested by Nixon to use an anti-drug theme in his songs. The whole of the Nixon presidency can be wrapped up into three words ‘war on drugs.’ Elvis, dulled down by the military, and Nixon charged with energy by the Presidential campaign, were desperate to win over America."

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
Monster wrote on October 21, 2010
Dulled down by the military??? Hope this book isn't written from the perspective that the only real Elvis was the pre army Elvis. That would be a tedious read.
Tony C wrote on October 21, 2010
Yes, that is a strange comment to make with regard to this meeting considering that Elvis had been out of the Army over ten years by then. I am never convinced by the theory that it was the Army the broke Elvis' rebellious spirit. The music of 1960 was very different to that of 1958 and I think Elvis just moved with the times. The Beatles and Cliff Richard have both said at times that it was sad that Elvis changed from his fifties self, but both of those artists embraced change in their own careers. It was those changes that kept the Beatles at the top of their game for nearly ten years and in Cliff's case, over fifty years.
SatninTCB wrote on October 22, 2010
I loved the movie version of "Elvis Meets Nixon". If this book is anything like the film it will be hilarious and a great account of what the real Elvis was like in private. I might rad this but also recommend that fans rent the movie(if you can find it)!