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Lisa Loïs In Viva Duet With Elvis

October 02, 2010 | Music

The Dutch Viva CD will close with a "Love Me Tender" duet by Elvis and Lisa Loïs, winner of the tv show “the X Factor”.  Lisa Lois is probably best known for her cover of Leonard Cohen’s "Halleluja", the biggest number one in the history of talent shows in Holland.

Emiel Maier wrote on October 04, 2010
I have just heard the song on Radio 2 in Holland (...no it is not the equivalent of Radio 2 at the BBC, in case there might be some confusion...). But in one word: Magnificent!! The orchestration and arrangement is just brilliant. Just when you think the song is over, there is a line of "In My Way" woven into the song. Lisa Lois sings beautiful, and what a great job they did on the vocal of Elvis. Pretty amazing.
JK wrote on October 04, 2010
Totally agree. FANTASTIC, great job! Can't wait till the Viva album. Suspicious Minds sounds great to.
Viva wrote on October 04, 2010
Oh dear... Love the new Suspicious Minds, but you can stick your duets where the sun don't shine. X-Factor garbage.
Shakingruud wrote on October 05, 2010
I'm not impressed, even as i had high hopes for this duet. Music and voices don't seem to fit, and i find the song boring to listen to. A missed opportunity, cause i dont think this song will be played much on todays music stations.
Brian Quinn wrote on October 05, 2010
A beautiful arrangement of the classic 'Love Me Tender'. Should be an asset to the Dutch version of 'Viva Elvis'.
Great Dane wrote on October 05, 2010
I heard this one in my car in holland, 538 i thought it was. And altough i usually don't like duets at all, i was impressed about the arangement. Elvis sounded very good and also the orchestra was very good. I don't like Love me Tender that much as a song (except 68 NBC) but this one has hit potential.
Emiel Maier wrote on October 17, 2010
The duet just entered the Dutch TIP-parade at number 28 on October 16th. (Now we just wait and see whether sales can push this song into the HIT-parade.!). This is (as I heard from disk-jockeys) a very good song for the christmas season. Not many special written christmas songs are being released here in The Netherlands. But the Love Me Tender duet has that special christmas feeling. So I bet we are about to hear a lot more of it. Unfortunately I have not seen a video-clip yet. That is the only downer for me. It could be a vehicle to show the younger audience (...kids these days don't know who Elvis Presley is!!...) what Elvis is all about.
Emiel Maier wrote on October 21, 2010
The duet Love Me Tender (2010) climbed in its second week from position 28 to 24. "Slowly but surely..."!
Emiel Maier wrote on October 28, 2010
The duet Love Me Tender (2010) climbed in its third week from position 24 to 22. "Slowly but surely..."! I urge everybody in Holland to send an e-mail to your favourite radio station and request the song... (it is regularly played at the Dutch Radio 2 station).
Emiel Maier wrote on November 04, 2010
Yep, it is getting better every week. The duet climbed in its 4th week to the number 17 spot. Come on Elvisfans out there, support this release and download this beauty and within maybe a week or twee the song will get a chartlisting in the HitParade.