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EPE Buys 3716 Elvis Presley Blvd.

September 28, 2010 | Other

The plans for the rebuilding around the grounds of Graceland are still in the works. The Daily News announced that EPE bought the lot on 3716 Elvis Presley Blvd. This is the building that sits between the EPE offices and the souvenir shop, right across from Elvis' planes. EPE payd $1.1 million for the building and grounds.

Petunia wrote on October 01, 2010
Super. Anything that gives fans even more exposure to EP (quality)memorabilia (like shops and movies) at the Graceland Grounds is fine.
wheatie wrote on October 03, 2010
I don't know about anybody else's opinion on the purchase,but to me the whole thing sucks! Don't care how much they think that what they are doing, is to "improve" Elvis' image and popularity, you just don't mess up a good thing by messing things up! If they keep on,they will put a blankity blank circus across the street.He lived like he lived and it should stay that way.Don't really know what the purpose of the purchase is,guess I should read more to know more,but it just ticks me off.So what if Memphis has to keep improving the city,that's fine but he is not the city,he is(was) himself and the way he lived should be left alone.I know,the purchase probably has nothing to do with his image,which is what it is. He was a good guy with an amazing talent and we need to remember that noone is perfect,we have our faults,he had his,but please leave the memories we all have of him,his home and surroundings as they were,you just don't jack with persons memories. Some things just are better left as they were. I am probably way off the mark here but this is just my opinion,take it for what is worth,good,dumb,way off the mark or whatever you like,I just don't get the reasoning behind all the changes,it doesn't change the man,then or now.
Femke(YrLoverD) wrote on October 04, 2010
Yes, great idea re. Presley's Place BUT don't call it "In the ghetto" please Lisa Marie. Widen the concept and go inter- national; why not ! There's still too many "ghettos" in this world. Bring in the King and his fab image. Team up with Bill Gates' or Tony Blair's or Murdoch's Foundation and do something for those who also liked Elvis.
gellers wrote on October 06, 2010
EPE Company should invite Cadillac to come up with an Elvis Caddy !! Elvis bought over 250 Cadillacs and gave 200+ away as gifts to the poor and needy. Now, better-to-do Elvis fans that want to spend some money on a good car could buy such a car. That would get General Motors probably out of their financial problems as they would be required to pay many millions of royalties to EPE Graceland, right ?!! Opel in Germany & Belgium shouldn't have to lay off more workers that way...hint hint.