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Our Memories Of Elvis, Volume 3

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, September 17, 2010 | Music

Victrola recently released Volume 3 of the Our Memories-series. At first I was afraid I thought, oh no, not another series like the Tiger Man Anthology or A Legendary Performer, but I was glad to find out it was a planned volume originally.


The fold out case has a very tasteful design. The liner notes are explaining the project by Joan Deary. They are supported with a legend from 1979 and a sheet of a 24-track tape. Furthermore the finished artwork for the original Volume 3 is included, as is a nice live shot and the great Bonja picture of Elvis in the plane (1970).


Some tracks have a different mix, some are just undubbed or less dubbed. I am one who likes the undubbed versions, since Elvis sounds often much fresher with just the band. Although there are some weak songs included I found the listening of the CD a great pleasure. It even kept out Tom Jones’ latest out of my player for a week now (which is, by the way, one of the best albums ever imho)! Shake A Hand, Moody Blue, the beautiful For Ol’ Time Sake, If You Talk In Your Sleep, It’s Midnight and Thinking About You are among my favourite 70’s tracks anyway and they make up a big part of this silver disc.

In general the sound is very good, but some of the “bonus” tracks are not perfect.


Finally a bootleg again that will find its way to my player more often. The (easy) listening pleasure of it makes it possible to play in company of non fans too.


01 Hurt (undubbed) 02:13
02 Shake A Hand (undubbed) 03:56
03 Promised Land (undubbed) 02:29
04 Heart Of Rome (undubbed) 03:00
05 If You Don't Come Back (undubbed) 02:52
06 Woman Without Love (undubbed) 03:38
07 Moody Blue (undubbed) 03:46
08 For Ol' Time Sake (undubbed) 03:42
09 It's A Matter Of Time (undubbed) 03:06
10 Sweet Angeline (undubbed) 03:05
11 Mr Songman (undubbed) 02:12
12 When I'm Over You (undubbed) 03:33
13 Love Coming Down (undubbed) 03:11
14 Early Morning Rain (vibes overdub) 02:59
15 Blue Eyes Cyring In The Rain (remix) 03:45
16 Love Song Of the Year (undubbed master) 03:16
17 Moody Blue (unedited undubbed master) 03:58
18 Promised Land (undubbed master) 02:35
19 Sweet Angeline (vocal overdub by Elvis) 03:12
20 Mr. Songman (undubbed master) 02:19
21 If You Talk In Your Sleep (undubbed master) 02:23
22 Help Me (vocal harmony overdub) 02:33
23 It's Midnight (vocal harmony overdub) 03:26

Loesje wrote on September 17, 2010
Couldn't agree more ;-)
Ciscoking wrote on September 17, 2010
I listened to the CD a few days ago and I got to say....the review nails it perfect.
Steve V wrote on September 17, 2010
I will look out for this one. Thanks
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on September 17, 2010
Is there anything new on this CD or is it just a cut-and-paste job of well-known material?
aberia wrote on September 17, 2010
I bought this last week and it is just brilliant. i can't stop playing it. The mix of songs is great, the sound is outstanding and it is worth every penny. I bought the original Our Memories LP's and the RCA CD in the 80's and Elvis' voice is pure gold. If you love 70's Elvis buy it.
ttwiise wrote on September 18, 2010
to be honest, although the sound is good, there really isn't anything new here and I really don't believe it was an original Joan Deary project, you just have to look at the cover RCA were going to use as it is shown in the digipak, NO WAY the cover is just too good RCA would never have come up with that in a million years!!!!
lacke lee wrote on September 18, 2010
i got this cd and i got volume 1 and 2 aswell and they are great albums and a must have in your collection
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 18, 2010
you r so very wrong ttwiise please don't start that fake discussion again like with volume 1 & 2 because this is not fake all information provided from Victrola is the truth also what the original cover-art is concerning you don't make that up and i for one am proud to own this cd and ttwiise i suggest you read and listen better and read this ( information from victrola)you really don't make this up : Exceptional is only one word to describe this new release of Victrola. The fortune to find documents, acetates and previously released recordings made it possible to realize this album in a very good quality. We received help from the Gravelroad team. Again thank you Without you guys it wouldn’t be the same.. Some tracks weren’t impressive but still a rare find.Great sample is the stereo version of Moody Blue from Joan Deary. The only versions released are sounding mono and what a thrill the is the last minute of the song…Did had that feeling too when you heard it, that the song shouldn’t end.. Other tracks are for sure just as exciting. When you listen to the concept of the album Our Memories Volume 3. You’ll notice that all tracks have carefully been chosen by Deary. By lyrics and sound , when a guitar is carrying the song the next track is still there but a little different. All vocals are equal in sound. Just listen to a normal release of 1970 and play something from the studio recording in 1976….. a different sound of the voice. Clearly they were busy mixing the tracks together to create an album. Because of the pureness of the recordings and some lacking of overdubbs it worked very well. The extra tracks are there to complete the loose ends. It gives a very nice inside view on the production process. We are aware that some tracks might be out before but still in this way it is an experience just because it's a real album production and not a compilation of songs. The Our Memories of Elvis series and Guitar man in 1981 by Felton Jarvis are in many ways the last real albums produced by the original engineers. Yes they are reworked songs but it was a serious attempt to create an Album in the same way as if Elvis would be personally involved ! That’s the major difference compared to the regular new releases. We are fortunate to have some documentation and acetates available. We have 80% of the facts and when putting it together the pieces fitted precisely . Also the track listing was a big surprise, al tracks fall in prefect order as was show on the mock up of Our memories of Elvis volume 3. Enjoy Our memories of Elvis Volume 3, “Unfinished Business”. It’s the last real studio album ever made but never finished.
Elvis_The_King wrote on September 18, 2010
A poor release....didnt find anything here that isnt released on other cds. Some of the tracks sounds weird and fake. Volume2 had at least good sound,this has not. Most fans that have been collecting for a while will find this pointless
ttwiise wrote on September 18, 2010
Jesse you need a job in PR for victrola. It is not a bad album, good sound, artwork and tracklisting. I just don't believe there was ever to be a volume 3. Volume 2 didn't sell. And I refer to the artwork, RCA have never made a cover as good as the one we are told was to be used. Just my opinion.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 18, 2010
Elvis_The_King a poor reaction from you is what first comes to mind, the sound is perfect and certainly no fake can be detected on this release read former reactions please are they wrong? the cd is in my player for days now ain't that funny? come on you r starting this fake discussion again it's getting annoying,nothing fake about this release my friend. but i guess it's just your opinion but not a correct one i might add,ttwiise yeah maybe i would do welll in a pr-job as the artwork is concerned for example there was a far better cover in mind for GOOD TIMES but never used,same story with Our Memories vol 3 but the whole project never happened btw the cover art for vol 1 and 2 were outstanding too from RCA on volume three they would have used new pictures, as can be seen on this release,but ok its your opinion
Elvis_The_King wrote on September 18, 2010
Jesse Garon Presley...if you like this album...good for you, personally I will never play it again. (lended it) Victrola releases is nothing special......unlike Venus label who actually has something new to offer. Some of the tracks on this release sounds like homemade versions....there are so much audio software available that anyone can make their own "unreleased versions" The original cover art that was never used by RCA at the time can be seen in the Tunzi Session book.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 18, 2010
well your opinion does not change my opinion about this release Elvis_The_King and you say ''sound like" homemade recordings that is complete nonsense, to me personally ( and more fans) this cd sounds awesome nothing homemade like,i know how that sounds and this cd sounds nothing like that, may i remind you that there are acetate recordings as well on this cd, the sound on this cd is crystal clear and has not been tampered with in any way and you cannot proof that this cd is fake..you can't.. simply cause it is not fake also read the review of Lex he knows what he is talking about, and what the cover-art is concerning i don't know which cover art your reffering too but if it's the Our Memories you mean they could have several ideas for the cover and this was just one of them,there's so much you and me and other fans don't know about yet,surprises are far from over.I have all the releases from Venus btw.
Ton Bruins wrote on September 18, 2010
Always loved Our Memories Of Elvis, because it's more pure Elvis..undubbed..You mean the CD "Praise & Blame", Lex ?
Tony C wrote on September 18, 2010
The fact that "Our Memories of Elvis Volume Two" was not as big a seller as volume one does not mean that a volume three was never planned, it just made certain that it was never released. Some people decry things as being fake without the evidence to back up their claims.
Elvis_The_King wrote on September 18, 2010
Yawn...say whatever you want but I didnt like this one at all....get over it. The way you defending this crap....makes me wonder if you work for this label,as mentioned by other person here.
Ton Bruins wrote on September 18, 2010
By the way Lex, don't forget to listen to "Run On" (God's Gonna Cut You Down) and "Ain't No Grave" from Johnny Cash..It's beautiful...
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 18, 2010
Thank you Tony C for backing me up on this you say it just like it is...bravo, looks like someone is a real stand-alone here for being negative about this cd and has no prove or facts to back up this theory,he needs to get over it this release is one of my favorites for sure i really love Moody Blue on the last part of this cd heard it once from a Bilko release coming from an acetate the source on this Victrola cd is cleary not from an acetate sounds amazing,thank you Victrola..grab a copy if you can
Tony C wrote on September 18, 2010
No, I don't work for this label or have anything to do with CD releases legal or otherwise. Another assumption! I didn't say anybody was wrong for disliking this release, but in the same way that people are entitled to dislike it, other are allowed to like it. It's that little old thing called an opinion.
Steve V wrote on September 19, 2010
Its funny. Do you realize we are debating about the same songs for the last 30 - 40 years now? These songs are old, dated , and have been heard a million times in a million different ways. Does anyone on this site listen to any music recorded after August 16th 1977? Get the new Tom Jones CD and do yourself a favor. At first , I thought about tracking this down, but how many times will I even listen to it? I'll always love Elvis and want to listen to him (not everyday & not most 70's songs) but I want new music now. The new Tom Jones CD is the best thing I've heard in years and beats any Elvis album, since Elvis Country. Too bad Elvis never got to do an album like it.
SnOwMan wrote on September 19, 2010
This is a rip-off release,everyting was taken from other CD's (bootlegs and official releases). The only reason why Lex wrote a positive review is because he received a free "review-copy" from the botlegger. If he likes the undubbed masters,that's totally O.K.,but he forgot to mention in his so called review that this CD doesn't contain anything new. His review is misleading and doesn't contain any useful information.
benny scott wrote on September 19, 2010
I have it and I like it ! Nothing wrong with that (I hope) ? Couldn't agree more with Tony C about "opinion". Those who don't like such releases : OK, they have the right . Those who like them : OK too ! But pls don't bash 'em. Always El.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on September 19, 2010
SnOwMan because you think this is ripp-off and i say THINK then it's in your eyes the truth,well your wrong like Tony C said you have no evidence to back this up these songs are not taken from other bootlegs and official releases NO WAY i heard this cd with my headphones yesterday,i heard things ,details i never heard before so no way these songs come from other compilations or official releases whatsoever if it was i would have heard it, and i'm with you Benny Scott like you say : pls don't bash 'em and SnOwMan you have also proof that lex got a free copy and that it's therefore he gave a wonderful review of this cd? no you don't , so now for the fans who don't like the cd's and think it's fake or any nonsense like that,you can talk now until doomsday.... i simply don't believe your made up theory's
Lex wrote on September 19, 2010
Yes, Ton, as far as I know Praise & Blame is TJ's latest album ;-). I loved it from the first spin, but it gets even better with every additional spin. The two you mentioned are among my favs, but also love Burning Hell (and the other tracks). Snowman, I can't find anything misleading in this review, didn't say anything about new tracks. I actually liked it, sorry, I know it doesn't happen often nowadays I really like a 'new' Elvis CD.
GeertFromNl wrote on September 23, 2010
All these undubbed versions are available on previous official and boot releases. So what's the point to re-release them? Other than milking the fans again...
Tony C wrote on September 23, 2010
The assumption in the last posting is that every fan has every official release and every bootleg. There are probably quite a few people out there who does not have this material and those that do and feel they are being milked simply have to not buy it.
benny scott wrote on September 24, 2010
Right you are Tony ! It's as simple as that ! Always El
gellers wrote on October 06, 2010
Victrola Holland should perhaps release a double CD of these Memories albums PLUS the outtakes they have of other studio sessions of EP in the late 70s. Also? Isn't it time for BMG to re-release for the big public worldwide the great FOOL album+bonus hits of that time (72/73) together with the Bosten Garden Concert. A double CD that would sell very well, worldwide indeed. I will not buy these as I don't want to spend so much money for inferior EP product (that I already have on boots anyway...) But keep the others coming FTD: Promised L, EP Blvd, He touched me, MBlue--if possible all with bonus songs/hits of that era as many comments state (very creative ideas that Semon/Jorgensen duo should listen to).
Tony C wrote on October 08, 2010
Regarding the request to re-release "the great" Fool album to the general public what more could the general public want??!! It would probably rank as one of the (if not the) weakest non-soundtrack studio album. It died a death in 1973 and was not kept on catalogue. Why the general public would be interested is beyond me. They could, of course, change all of the tracks to better selections, but then it would not be the same album. If Roger and Ernst are not listening to such suggestions, I can see why.
Steve V wrote on October 08, 2010
The great Fool album selling well worldwide huh? You do realize this album was a thrown together project to get a product out there because Elvis by this time, hated to be in a recording studio? Coming on the heels of the Aloha special, this was a disaster and rightfully so. It was a terrible album, when taken as a collective work. But I guess it would sell well now, 37 years later with some outtakes and a live show. Yeah makes sense, especially since CDs are dead.
GeertFromNl wrote on October 17, 2010
Our Profits On Elvis vol.3.:) I feel sorry for those stu...,i mean naive fans who pay top dollar to re-buy the same material they already have on various BMG, FTD and bootleg releases. But hey,it's their money after all! If you want to throw your money out the window,then you have the right to do it.
Tony C wrote on October 27, 2010
Maybe some of these naive fans mentioned in the last posting do not have all of the previously released bootlegs containing this material. Not everybody has everything.