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Tom Jones To Headline Elvis Tribute Concert

September 06, 2010 | People

Welsh crooner Sir Tom Jones is to headline a star-studded concert paying tribute to his pal Elvis to mark what would have been The King's 75th year.

The veteran singer, who struck up a close friendship with Presley in the 1970s, will be joined by acts including KT Tunstall, Mica Paris, Tony Hadley and Travis' Fran Healy for Radio 2's Elvis Forever show in London's Hyde Park on Sunday (12Sep10).

Presley's ex-wife Priscilla will be co-hosting the event and the TCB Band, who played with the Heartbreak Hotel hitmaker until his death in 1977, will provide backing music.

A fireworks display will mark the end of the concert, which will be held to pay tribute to Presley's back catalogue.

Radio 2 and 6 Music head of programmes, Lewis Carnie, says, "I am delighted that Sir Tom can join us to celebrate the music of Elvis Presley, for a night that promises to be very special."

Brian Quinn wrote on September 06, 2010
Excellent news. The line-up of stars performing as of 6th September includes: Tom Jones Scouting For Girls Imelda May Fyfe Dangerfield Jon Allen KT Tunstall Michael Ball Mica Paris Tony Christie The Magnets Fran Healy (from Travis) Craig David Tony Hadley Marti Pellow Nell Bryden Suzi Quatro Elio Pace and his band TCB Band - Glen Hardin (piano) James Burton (Gtr) Jerry Scheff (Bass gtr) Ronnie Tutt (dms) BBC Concert Orchestra (60 piece) Conductor Mike Dixon Capital Voices Firework finale.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 06, 2010
From Tom's point of view it is a shrewd move. His latest album is a gospel one and he is just about to release a single from it - 'Run On' - the Elvis track. His audience, being mainy an Elvis one, will favour gospel and it could do him a lot of good chartwise. Of course he was a friend of Elvis' and knew Priscilla well so I suspect he will look forward to appearing. The TCB Band were at the BBC this week-end going through the final details. Could be interesting if they back Jones. He is also appearing at 'The Concert For Heroes' at Twickenham on the same day. Perhaps he will bring Robbie Williams with him. The TCB Band is backing most, if not all, of the entertainers on the bill and that must be a plus for all concerned. I am sure that when Elvis appears on the big screen with the TCB Band backing him on hopefully two or three numbers, it will be a sight to see. Elvis could gain many new fans on the 12th. I only hope that the weather is favourable for all those attending.
Michael.W. wrote on September 06, 2010
Fantastic,Imelda May,she is absolutly faboulos!!!
John4126 wrote on September 07, 2010
I thought it a little over ambitious radio 2 announcing this concert 'bringing together some of the biggest names in music'. Clearly they haven't. Whereas i appreciate the effort and commitment into putting this show together and yes for a guy that's not been around for some time it is commendable but i'm a little disappointed at the thought of so many who could have appeared and are not. Yes, it's great to have the named artists paying tribute to Elvis, but it's not really my thing. To be honest i'd rather hear Tony Hadley singing 'Gold' than anything by our man. To those who do go along, enjoy and i hope the weather is decent for you.
t.r.o.u.b.l.e wrote on September 07, 2010
I'm glad to see they've salvaged a shoddy lineup with Tom Jones. To be honest, I had wondered how they could even contemplate holding this gig without inviting Tom (baring in mind that it's so close to his country of birth), a friend of Elvis, and a real connection to the man himself. Tom Jones isn't a favourite of mine by any means but I think he'll salvage things. The clues had been there over recent months, I think, with him recounting stories of him and Elvis in many of the interviews that he did - for example how he was asked to point a gun (loaded I think) at Elvis so that he could be shown how to disarm an armed attacker (Steve Wright, Radio 2). Now, just as importantly, baring in mind that the weather is likely to be awful, am I likely to need my wellies on Sunday!?
Brian Quinn wrote on September 08, 2010
Of course the person who should have topped the bill at the 'Forever Elvis' Concert should have been Sir Cliff Richard. He is one of the original UK rock 'n' roll stars and a massive fan of Elvis. He is the first to admit that without Elvis there would have been no Cliff Richard, Beatles etc. He now lives in Portugal for most of the time but I am still a little surprised that he is not on this show, especially as he is not on tour at present.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 08, 2010
Priscilla Presley is scheduled to appear on 'The One Show' on BBC1 TV between 7 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. on Friday, 10th September. No doubt she will be talking about the Hyde Park Concert.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 09, 2010
The TCB Band will back Tom Jones.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 09, 2010
Apparently Tom Jones will be on the Paul O' Grady Show (ITV 9 p.m. Friday 10th). I suspect he will be mentioning Elvis as well.
circleG wrote on September 10, 2010
have to agree with john about the hyping of 'big names' but i'm going anyway and taking my 13 year old nephew, really looking forward to it actually.
John4126 wrote on September 11, 2010
It's not just cliff Richard but the likes of McCartney, Robert palmer, jagger, Elton john, Clapton, robbie Williams, Liam gallagher. I often read/hear they are elvis fans or have been influenced by him but they don't get involved with events like this. Could imagine the interest generated with this kind of line up?!
John4126 wrote on September 11, 2010
Apologies I meant Robert plant not palmer in my previous post
Brian Quinn wrote on September 11, 2010
Just finished watching Tom Jones on the Paul O'Grady Show and yet again he had to ridicule Elvis. He told the 'shower' story and then related how Elvis went into the toilet immediately afterwards and had to call Red West to come and help him pull up his leather trousers. To add insult to injury Paul O'Grady 'suggested' that if Jones had kept some of Elvis' excrement it would now be worth a lot of money. Jones merely laughed. This gave a very poor impression of Elvis. Tom Jones should be ashamed of himself for treating his former 'pal' in such a manner and on national television at that. He will not be getting any applause from me on Sunday. And yes, surprise, surprise, he will be singing the Elvis track 'Run On' (Jones latest single) at the Concert. You can now view the interview on TouTube.
johnnygb wrote on September 13, 2010
Went to the show last night and I have to say that despite serious misgivings about the lineup, for the most part the show was 'absolutely fantastic'. There was so much positivity and some brilliant performances. Sir Tom Jones just blew me away with Run On, Trying To Get To You and One Night. Imelda May, K.T Tunstall and Suzi Quatro really rocked. The Magnets and Elio Pace were great fun. Even Scouting For Girls had the place jumping with Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog. Mica Paris could have learned the words to I've Lost You and Craig David should have been better advised about his sunglasses (looks real daft after dark!!!!!!!). The best acts though were the guys who tackled Elvis big ballads. Marti Pellow, Fyfe Dangerfield, Michael Ball were all fantastic, but the best performer all night was Tony Hadley who's version of Bridge Over Troubled Water had shivers running down my spine. Then to cap it all Elvis himself (Via big screen) with The Wonder Of You and a really cool new version of Suspicious Minds from the Cirque De Soliel Viva Elvis show. I for one am really glad that some of the bigger names were not there. There did not seem to be an ego in sight, just a great bunch of talented people who cared about making it the best show possible. To see Priscilla was a treat but I agree that Sir Cliff Richard should have been there in some capacity. Still a great night from my point of view. TCB always
Ian R Bird wrote on September 14, 2010
Was there really only one person in the audience? Can we please have more thoughts on the concert for those who could not attend. Thanks.
circleG wrote on September 15, 2010
sorry guys i was a bit busy for the last few days but johnnygb you summed it up perfectly!!! It was a great evening. I loved the fact that it was like a family day out, the idea of a picnic and then the concert - fantastic. The crowd really enjoyed themselves and the few imitators that were there were quite amusing. Again just to repeat what johnnygb said that all those big names that didn't turn up just weren't needed, the performers that were there were superb (please rehearse next time miss paris x!). My faves were Tonys Hadley and christie, Mr tom jones was excellent especially when host chris evans made him do an extra unrehearsed song and little suzi quatro really rocked the house too! I'm now a fife dangerfield fan too. I took a nephew of mine who is only 13 and not only has he a new respect for Elvis but walked away a priscilla fan (!!) he was that moved by her speech - I think we all were. Good for her that she turned up. Really was a special evening.