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The Very Best Gospel Of Elvis Presley

September 01, 2010 | Music

The cover art for the new Gospel compilation "Playlist: The Very Best Gospel of Elvis Presley " was released. This budget compilation from Sony Legacy has October 12th as the release date.

theoldscudder wrote on September 01, 2010
Exciting news. Just what I need another Gospel album to go along with my 17 other gospel albums. Keep milking it boys.
Tony C wrote on September 01, 2010
There is nothing wrong (in my humble opinion) with another Gospel compilation. Obviously we Elvis fans have this material on countless other releases, but there are people in this world other than us. These budget CDs act as good samplers for casual buyers. I would take issue with the cover design, it's a case of take a great photo and see how one can ruin it!
marco31768 wrote on September 01, 2010
From "Sony Legacy" ? Budget release ? Is it the same kind of release like "On stage.Legacy edition" ?"
Mystery Rider wrote on September 01, 2010
there are still some people who will buy this stuff because its Elvis...do better you Put one old SUN 78 INTO YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION then spend money on these re-peat items
Steve V wrote on September 02, 2010
Mystery Rider - couldn't agree more. If fans stopped buying every meaningless release that comes out, they can save up and add some real beauties to their collection. In fact , if anyone on this site buys this release, I must really question their motive for doing so.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on September 02, 2010
Agree with the last 2 comments regarding these budget re-re-releases and will only get lost in people's collection,now having a nice set of Sun records or early HMV release's then you have something to be proud of.......save your money and invest in some real collectables.
theoldscudder wrote on September 02, 2010
Mystery Rider. I agree with you . The Suns are a piece of history. They were made when Elvis was the trendsetter the 50's. I always thought of Elvis career along the lines of going to a resturant. The first course (the 50's) being surpurb. The next course (the 60's) fair. The last course (the 70's) mediorce at best. It's a shame Elvis regressed as an artist as the years went by. Unlike a Tom Jones whose best work may be his new Lp. So I would rather have one Sun than the entire collection Live boots (I can't tell one show from the other as the song selection & renditions of the songs are so very similar) & soundtracks & redundant reissues that are out there.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 02, 2010
Elvis' gospel tracks are outstanding but personally, as of late, I think there have been too many releases already in this genre. However, perhaps a budget release may bring new followers to the fold.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 03, 2010
Tracklisting: Peace In the Valley; His Hand In Mine; Swing Down Sweet Chariot; Milky White Way; Joshua Fit the Battle; Crying In the Chapel; How Great Thou Art; So High; Without Him; Bosom of Abraham; He Touched Me; Help Me; Why Me Lord; How Great Thou Art
Steve V wrote on September 06, 2010
I dont think this will bring any new followers at all. The idea has been milked to death going back to the Camden LPs. How many comps (budget or otherwise) does the world need? Enough already. This wont even sell 1000 copies.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on September 12, 2010
Not sure, another a Gospel CD, is needed. However this a "budget priced" CD, aimed at the curious or casual music buyer. And, since, it's a lower priced CD, it may, sell, well, with the curious /casual buyer. I don't care for the CD album, cover photo. This was, the same photo, used on the "How Great Thou art" album cover. Not one of the better photos of Elvis, in my opinion. This photo is From a early 60s photo shoot. Probably the same photo shoot, that, produced photos, for the "Girls, Girls, Girls," & "Elvis for everyone", album covers.