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Memphis Beat Renewed

September 03, 2010 | Other

TNT is renewing Memphis Beat for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show, starring Jason Lee as a Tennessee detective, has been averaging a solid 4.5 million viewers through its first ten episodes.

samcra wrote on September 03, 2010
Seen most of the shows "Memphis Beat" . They are pretty good I would give it a B-. What saves the shows for me, is at the end of each segment, the main character ( the detective) sings an Elvis song. btw, most episodes are titled with Elvis songs, Don't be Cruel, Burnin' Love, etc. etc.
Snooky wrote on September 03, 2010
Yipppeeeee! I love that Jerry Schilling was in the season finale. They need to have Red West, and GK on the show also. I agree with GK when he said it would be great to have more episodes written around Memphis music history like the first one.
tcb_1835m wrote on September 05, 2010
I'm So Very Happy to Hear this, I Hope this Great Show and with Great Elvis Songs of Course is On For Years.
wheatie wrote on September 06, 2010
I am sooo glad that it is going to be back on,my problem is I keep forgetting about it and I don't know why since i record it. I also like the fact that each show has a song title as the title of each episode. I find myself thinking, I know where that or I was there etc. It seems so cool to know where they are refering to.I really like the song,though short some of them are,a really good way to end the episode.I missed the last few so I hope they rerun. I think they finally got it right by having a show like this,it is just to cool. For those who don't watch,they are missing a lot of history and not just of Elvis but of entainers of that era,they would be pleasantly surprised as well as learning about the city of Memphis,TN. I too hope it goes on for a long time,they have so much to draw from for the showes.