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Elvis's Mercedes Up For auction

September 04, 2010 | Other

This Mercedes-Benz was once owned by Elvis Presley and is expected to make £200,000 at auction (300,000.00 $US). The 1969 car is being sold by Bonhams in Surrey in December.

al shookup wrote on September 05, 2010
thanks for the 3 months notice..I'll start saving up now!
vinny wrote on September 05, 2010
Now i know what the wife can buy me for Christmas.......... Can anyone out there lend my Wife £200.000 i'm sure she will pay you back one day. There must be lights burning brighter somewhere
wheatie wrote on September 06, 2010
Sorry Vinnie, but I think my son said that he was going to get that for me for Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentine's day, Birthday, Elvis'birthday, any "day" that comes up!! I wonder why they are selling so darn much of his things, it really bugs me bad!! I don't get where they are coming from, it's almost like they want to eliminate anything Elvis! Sorry fellas, but that is not going to make us forget him or make his memory disappear just by selling his things, by the way who is behind all this?? have often wondered and really tickes me off! Heaven knows, none of them need the money for "necessity"s like so many people have to do,maybe LM has to buy more land, homes,or whatever "over there" Yea, right. Is what they are selling things that have been on display or things that have been stored all these long years. Good question I think. Guess they will try selling his soul next. Sorry, folks, but that's the way it seems to me, I just don't get it. Anybody else feel this way or am I the only one?