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Burton On Jerry Lee Album

September 01, 2010 | People

Jerry Lee Lewis' newest album 'Mean Old Man' will be released on September 7. Jerry Lee asked James Burton to play with him on this album. Further on, a lot of musical legends are playing on this album like Solomon Burke, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, John Fogerty, Merle Haggard, Mick Jagger, Kid Rock, Kris Kristofferson, Nils Lofgren, Shelby Lynne, Tim McGraw, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, Slash, Mavis Staples, Ringo Starr and Ronnie Wood.

Steve V wrote on September 01, 2010
At least he is still out there producing new music. Give him a break. And he can still play the piano! To put him down (and Tom Jones for that matter) is to be jealous because they are still alive and producing while Elvis is not due to his own short comings.
benny scott wrote on September 01, 2010
Agree with Steve ! Should he stop performing because he is in his seventies ? Hell NO . Then require the samefrom the members of the TCB-band, B.B.King, Toots Tielemans and some others. As for James Burton : what about his foundation supplying free guitars to the less-fortunate kids ??? Hats off to Mr.Burton, IMHO a great, kind and gentle human being! Always El.
theoldscudder wrote on September 01, 2010
I will probably not buy this but I give him credit for still making music.
samcra wrote on September 01, 2010
I completely agree with Steve and Benny. Rock-on Jerry Lee............
Steve V wrote on September 01, 2010
He is also appearing on Broadway next week with the cast of Million Dollar Quartet. You gonna slam that too Randy Cute?
djm wrote on September 01, 2010
keep on rockin jerry lee....respect....long live rock n roll
Tony C wrote on September 01, 2010
The last all-star CD that Jerry Lee Lewis released was great, I look forward to this one. As for the comments about how Jerry should be recording with Jimmy Swaggart rather than the cream of the music business on this CD, I think not. Jimmy Swaggart is purely remembered for being a con man, a man that stole money in the name of God.
Mystery Rider wrote on September 01, 2010
if anyone said he would be the Last one Standing in 1958 I NEVER would have taken the bet... Jerry Lee is truly amazing....only other BIG performing from before Jerry Lee that I know of that are still performing is The Bronze Liberace Little Richard. and Chuck Berry. Jerry Lee will be at BB Kings this month on West 42nd street in NYC all ready Got my table ....
Bill Rauhuff wrote on September 01, 2010
I just never cared for Jerry Lee or his music much. Although I am surprised he is the last man standing. They say God works in mysterious ways. Jerry Lee did more drugs and raised more hell than Elvis ever dreamed of and many other rock and rollers than are now gone.
OtisBlue22 wrote on September 01, 2010
I'm not sure I like the idea of an all-star album, particularly when it includes Ringo Starr. Do these big names really complement the music? It's kind of like an all-star football team: it's not the number of star players on your side that counts, it's whether the players complement each other. Why can't we just have Jerry Lee. He doesn't need help!
oldie56~2 wrote on September 02, 2010
I've read many of our opinions and mostly agree with what's been said. Being 66 years old and having lived the music since 1955, I have read what there has been written about Jerry. I do believe he is one of the most morally evil men who has ever been in the rock and roll scene. With that being said, as bad a person as he has managed to be in his life, that is how ';Outrageous' his talent is. No one could entertain with a piano and make the rhythm he can whip up! You felt it in your blood! It's been rumored that Robert Jlohnson made a pact with the devil at the four corners, "Well maybe there is another 'corner' in the world where Jerry and Satan met because Jerry certainly is the recipient of the talent of the Gods." He's weaker now in his forte with his age; but, somehow, has posponed his day with destiny with judgment day. In the mean time, whenever he releases his unique style, especially, when supported with other iconic musicians it's a "magic moment". I don't think we'll pay any price for listening to his music so let's enjoy.
ricky wrote on September 02, 2010
i think he is a mean bastard! but i really like his music and style i saw him playing few years ago and it was truely a 1 man show, i liked his performance. he is doing now what nobody can do he is the last man standing and i real legend of his time. jerry lee lewis keep those records coming!
Pachakuti! wrote on September 02, 2010
Jerry Lee Lewis is a real performer unlike many of today's plastic people. Whatever he did - it'so long ago, it still makes you readers blue I suppose. Remember time heals a broken heart but perhaps not Jerry's - he deserves respect as well. Time has stood still since Jerry started out in the business and he is still as worthwhile.
Lefty wrote on September 03, 2010
What's all this stuff about Jerry Lee Lewis making a pact with the devil and being evil? Is that because he married his cousin, or it is because he went to Graceland brandishing a gun? Seriously, you guys are creeping me out. I'm sure Jerry Lee Lewis is a jerk, but to say that he's evil seems like a stretch to me. Wouldn't it be nice if we could forget about what artist's do in their personal lives and just enjoy their art? I bet that if we really knew the artists that we claim to love, we wouldn't even like half of them. One of my favorite artists is an arrogant little jerk, but I don't care. I love his music. I vote for live and let live. Jerry Lee Lewis has never pretended to be anyone other than he is, and I'm sure that he doesn't give a damn if people like him or not. He's still making music. That in itself is a great achievement, and I wish him all the best.
Natha wrote on September 03, 2010
Lefty, you are so right! Many people have a view on The King, his personal life, his health etc etc. It should be all about the artist and his music indeed. The same holds for JLL. I like his music and he is a great talent on the piano, he's the Killer. But with so many people around him I am afraid that this fabulous play will not be so outstanding as I would like it to be. Anyway, let's hear what comes of it all.