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Radio 2 Confirms Elvis Concert

July 27, 2010 | Other

BBC Radio 2 has confirmed it is to host a concert in Hyde Park paying tribute to Elvis Presley.

As revealed exclusively by The Stage in May, Elvis Forever will take place this September and is being held to mark his 75th birthday, which would have been this year.

The event will be held on September 12 and is being hosted by Chris Evans.

Radio 2 promised it will “bring together some of the greatest names in pop and rock music to perform his best loved and most popular songs”. The line-up of performers at Elvis Forever will be announced shortly.

Evans said: “As the Radio 2 audience knows, I am a huge Elvis fan and it’s an honour to host such a celebration of the enduring appeal of his music.”

Elvis Forever will be broadcast live on Radio 2, and the station’s website will feature exclusive backstage footage and interviews from the event.

Lewis Carnie, Radio 2 head of programming, said: “Elvis’s music has an enduring appeal to Radio 2 listeners of all ages, so I’m thrilled that our friends at Graceland in Memphis are working with us on this event.”

Radio 2’s Elvis Forever concert follows last year’s event, Thank You for the Music… A Celebration of the Music of Abba, which featured Kylie Minogue, Lulu and Chaka Khan.

Source:The Stage
Brian Quinn wrote on July 27, 2010
I will definately be attending this one.
Judy_Fairytale wrote on July 27, 2010
So will I Brian. Its 10.30pm now but I'll be on the phone to Radio 2 to book my tickets first thing tomorrow morning.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 29, 2010
Please explain to me why anyone - especially those claiming to be 'Elvis Fans' - would want to pay money to see any of today's so-called 'pop stars' murdering Elvis songs? I just don't get it at all.
Brian Quinn wrote on July 29, 2010
In reply to Harvey Alexander. 'Real' Elvis fans show their support for him by attending such tributes. This is a once in a lifetime concert for Elvis put on by the BBC. It is also great publicity for Elvis and keeps his name alive. Personally I am really looking forward to hearing other entertainers pay homage to The King on what would have been his 75th Birthday Anniversary. It is negative to assume that the entertainers appearing are going to 'murder' his songs, especially when you don't even know who will be appearing. In case you haven't heard, there are some really excellent versions of Elvis songs that have been recorded by other singers. Should be a great evening.
Ged wrote on July 29, 2010
The fact that it is keeping Elvis' name out there is great, however I worry that they are just going to sing the the same old songs that Elvis himself got tired off. I would love someone to step outside the box and sing a song that isn't on the Best of Elvis CD's that are thrown out on the market on a regular basis.
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 30, 2010
Mediocre performers singing Elvis songs. If that's your idea of a good night out or a good way of keeping Elvis' memory alive, then dream on. He doesn't need 'tributes' like this to keep his memory alive. And how many times will we hear "Uh-huh-huh" or "Thankyouverymuch", and what's the betting presenter Chris Evans will, at one point, wear a jumpsuit or at the very least a pair of sunglasses. No, Brian, 'Real Elvis Fans' show their respect by staying well away from things like this. Within a few weeks of it taking place, it'll be forgotten about. But Elvis won't.
t.r.o.u.b.l.e wrote on July 31, 2010
It's very rare that I post on here. Usually I have a quick look to keep abreast with happenings in the Elvis world but I'd just like to comment on some of the negativity here: Firstly, Harvey, how can you say that the performers will be mediocre when the line-up hasn't even been announced? That's such a ridiculous 'glass half empty comment'. Elvis was a great performer. He's my favourite artist of all time but I do recognise that there are other great artists and when I'm at Hyde Park in September (tickets already booked!), I'll be open-minded about the renditions of each of Elvis's songs. There are other excellent artists - and some of them are still alive! It'll be great to hear and see Elvis's legacy kept alive by this event! Secondly, Harvey (actually examining the posts, the negativity has all come from Harvey!), again: 'Please explain to me why anyone - especially those claiming to be 'Elvis Fans' - would want to pay money to see any of today's so-called 'pop stars' murdering Elvis songs? I just don't get it at all.' Who decides whether I'm an Elvis fan or not? So I'm only a so called / claiming to be an Elvis fan by attending the event? Is there a little club and check boxes that I must complete (the check boxes are then presumably scrutanised by Harvey)? No? Perhaps, actually, a fan is somebody who is supportive of a person or group and has admiration of their talents? There'll be 40,000+ people at Hyde Park who will fit into the category! I for one will look forward to the concert. Yes, there'll be people in jumpsuits and a few 'uh-huh-huhs' (probably plenty of people in sunglasses but we'll let them off with that as it is the tail end of summer and I hope the weather will be nice :-) ) but it's all meant in good spirit and events like this and forward thinking strategies such as the new album will actually keep Elvis in people's minds and introduce him to whole new generations. Surely thats no bad thing?
italianfan wrote on July 31, 2010
I think this is a great idea. Not just the concert but also the fact that part will be played throughout the week on Radio 2. As for mediocre performers, Radio 2 are a very classy station in my opinion and im sure they have a level of sandards they want to keep. However I do hope that there arent any comedy jumpsuits/sunglasses involved. I might just email Chris Evans and beg him not to.
Brian Quinn wrote on September 01, 2010
Re: BBC Elvis Concert In Hyde Park. The line-up of stars performing as of 1st September includes: Scouting For Girls Imelda May, Fyfe Dangerfield, Jon Allen, KT Tunstall, Michael Ball, Mica Paris, Tony Christie, The Magnets, Fran Healy(from Travis), Craig David, Tony Hadley, Marti Pellow, Nell Bryden, Suzi Quatro, TCB Band - Glen Hardin (piano) James Burton (Gtr) Jerry Scheff (Bass gtr) Ronnie Tutt (dms), BBC Concert Orchestra (60 piece) Conductor Mike Dixon Capital Voices, Firework finale