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New Vinyl (More)

July 07, 2010 | Music

These following Elvis LPs will be released by the dutch Label "Music On Vinyl" on 23.07.2010. All remastered by Vic Anesini and pressed on 180g Virgin Vinyl:

1. GI Blues
2. Girl Happy
3. Girls, Girls, Girls
4. Viva Las Vegas
5. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can`t Be Wrong

Looks very promising for Vinyl collectors, but don`t expect audiophile quality, since these LPs are made from digital remasters.

According to Elvis Australia, these albums will be on vinyl too:

6. Fun In Acapulco
7. Clambake
8. Frankie & Johnny
9. Roustabout

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Tony C wrote on July 07, 2010
It's great that the Elvis vinyl collectors have not been deserted in this CD world. I personally stopped buying new vinyl releases quite a while ago, unless they are very special. As funds are always limited, I now target my vinyl purchases to interesting items released during Elvis' lifetime. There are a never ending supply of unusual picture sleeve single and EP releases from around the world, some with very strange song combinations.
Marten wrote on July 08, 2010
Is this the first time there is a Viva Las Vegas album? Or has it been made before somewhere?
Tony C wrote on July 08, 2010
I think you probably are right, Marten, about this being a vinyl LP debut for "Viva Las Vegas". Other than the old bootleg LP grouping all of the songs together, I cannot think of an earlier release. Here in the UK, we did have a picture disc LP in 1983 containing the "Viva Las Vegas" songs on one side and the "Jailhouse Rock" soundtrack on the other, but I would not count this one.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 09, 2010
It's not for everyone but a lot of us have enjoyed the FTD line of Elvis titles, as well as other labels, including Sony's 2005 reissue of his first album "Elvis Presley." I'm rather enjoying going back to the original format, especially for titles like "The Jungle Room Sessions," "Standing Room Only," etc. I assume Marten is using the term "album" for strictly vinyl, as many people refer to CDs as well as being "albums." I say this because Sony did debut a single-disc (budget) version of some ten tracks on a nice CD soundtrack for "Viva Las Vegas," following up on the longer FTD of 2004. I might pick up the LP version for kicks. I'd have to wait and see on the others as I have most of them already in that form. Nice to have this option...
Marten wrote on July 09, 2010
Yes, I did mean vinyl, sorry folks. I actually bought the CD version from 2009 (2010 in Europe) and I thought it was great (and real cheap too). Buying this vinyl version is a little tempting too ... I think the vinyl releases from FTD are a bit strange, I'd rather have them releasing the "vinyl albums that never was" as one-record albums. Sort of like this one!