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New FTD Book: King Creole

July 04, 2010 | Book

The next release from FTD will be a King Creole Book with CD, with Pictures from Pål Granlund's collection. The focus of this book and CD set is on the recording sessions with all the details and photo’s made during the recording sessions.


Original album

01 King Creole – take 13
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded January 23, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

02 As Long As I Have You – take 10
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

03 Hard Headed Woman – take 10
Claude DeMetrius
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

04 Trouble – take 5
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

05 Dixieland Rock – take 14
Claude DeMetrius/Fred Wise
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

06 Don’t Ask Me Why – take 12
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

07 Lover Doll - take 7
Sid Wayne/Abner Silver
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

08 Crawfish – take 7
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

09 Young Dreams – take 8
Martin Kalmanoff/Aaron Schroeder
Recorded January 23, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

10 Steadfast, Loyal And True
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded February 11, 1958 at Paramount Studio Recording Stage

11 New Orleans – take 5
Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

Bonus Material

12 Danny – take 10
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded February 11, 1958 at Paramount Studio Recording Stage

13 As Long As I Have You – (movie version) – take 4
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

14 Lover Doll (undubbed EP master) – take 7
Sid Wayne/Abner Silver
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

15 King Creole (1. version) - take 3
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

16 Steadfast, Loyal And True (1. version) – take 6
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

17 As Long As I Have You (unused movie version) – take 8
Fred Wise/Ben Weisman
Recorded January 16, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

18 King Creole (1. version) – take 18
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded January 15, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood

19 Steadfast, Loyal And True (undubbed version)
Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller
Recorded February 11, 1958 at Paramount Studio Recording Stage

January 15, 16 & 23, 1958 at Radio Recorders, Hollywood
Guitar: Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley; Bass: Bill Black; Bass & Guitar: Neal Matthews; Bass & Tuba: Ray Siegel; Drums: D.J. Fontana, Bernie Mattinson; Piano: Dudley Brooks; Bongos: Gordon Stoker; Cymbals: Hoyt Hawkins; Clarinet: Mahlon Clark; Trumpet: John Ed Buckner; Sax: Justin Gordon; Trombone: Elmer Schneider, Warren D. Smith; Vocals: The Jordanaires, Kitty White (track 08)

February 11, 1958 at Paramount Studio Recording Stage
Guitar: Scotty Moore, Tiny Timbrell; Bass: Bill Black, Ray Siegel;
Drums: D.J. Fontana, Bernie Mattinson; Piano: Dudley Brooks; Vocals: The Jordanaires.

June 19, 1958 RCA Studios, Nasvhville
Vocal overdub on track 7 & 10

Source:Elvis Australia
burninglove92 wrote on July 04, 2010
very exciting news! king creole is a huge fav of mine and to see this with outtakes and pictures will be fantastic. i look forward to it
Steve V wrote on July 04, 2010
All I can say is YES! Now, FTD, this is where you shine.
JerryNodak wrote on July 04, 2010
I haven't bought any of the other book CD combos released by FTD and I'm not buying this one either.
EJF wrote on July 04, 2010
OMG! There goes my bank account again! Can Ernst let us know if a release of this soundtrack in the Classic Album series is in the pipeline soon, with all the above takes included? Guess not. Maybe he'll let us know only after we have spent our hard-earned cash on this first. Oh yes, I forgot. There's a book included this time so I suppose it is a must buy after all.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 04, 2010
If you have the 18-track CD King Creole issued back in 1997 there is absolutely no reason to buy this offering, unless you like paying through the nose for a book. The only book I ever purchased through FTD was Flashback back in it's day as I wanted the unreleased 1950 songs on CD which came with the book. If memory serves me correct it was close to $80.00 for this purchase. I am still waiting with baited breath for volume 2 of Jailhouse Rock and instead FTD issues another rip off for the uneducated to squander their money away on; give me a break. This is getting ridiculous fans. King Creole, although a decent soundtrack and much different from anything Elvis ever did is not worth this con.
whetherman wrote on July 04, 2010
So what's the excitement? Nothing here we haven't already got. I shan't bother, too high a price for nothing new!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 04, 2010
I thought FTD was set up to give us material that they hold to combat the import side of things,to some degree they have achieved this with a lot of releases and the 'CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES' has gone a long way to giving us albums/outtakes etc so am a little confused with this next release 'KING CREOLE'??......surely this should be released in the 'Classic album' series with outtakes......if they have any? So now i have to weight up if the cost of this project is really worth it?...after all what am i really getting that i don't have here already,the album i already have so that leaves me with a book of photo's from the sessions....yes may be interesting but i would of preferred a 2 cd set of material and not the package we have here. I think this is a poor release of one of the best soundtracks and sadly a missed opportunity by FTD to fulfil commitments to the fans!.....of course in less Ernst expects us again to buy another later on.
dunking wrote on July 04, 2010
nice one ! if it's anywhere as good as FLASHBACK we're in for a treat !
Tony C wrote on July 04, 2010
The main stumbling block to releasing a deluxe 2-CD FTD set of "King Creole" is the fact that Sony do not have the missing out-takes. It's the same reason we have not had "Kissin' Cousins", "Roustabout", etc, the session tapes were never handed over to RCA. All that was given were the composite master reels, with odd little things added like alternate masters. I notice that people are already calling this a con and a rip-off, before having seen the contents of the book or the price tag!
bajo wrote on July 04, 2010
If you want a book about the King Creole sessions, you may like to buy this book? If you buy it you may have the bonus of the revamped soundtrack album as of 1997. Hopefully with newly remastered sound. It's your own choice while you await a hopefully classic album release from FTD sometime in the future. I can't see any problem with this. Maybe I'll buy the book since it fits so nicely in with the other FTD books we've had so far!
GeertFromNl wrote on July 04, 2010
Expensive C-R-A-P! Nothing new. Money-making foolish project. Junk,junk,junk. A piece of crap. Shoddy material.
NONE000000 wrote on July 04, 2010
This is one I HAVE to get! My user name is KingKreole, my real name is Danny and I live in New Orleans--how could I resist this package?!
Dixieland Rock wrote on July 04, 2010
I am looking forward to this, especially the book. My favorite E.P. film. Always loved the song "Dixieland Rock". It would have been amazing to sit in on the King Creole recording sessions. For those that did, it must have been a treat.
Chop983 wrote on July 04, 2010
I'm keeping my finger's crossed for a tickle me book.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on July 04, 2010
GeertFromNl and you wondering why no one ( except for me) is not reacting towards your reaction this is not a junk release and certainly no junk material
Dan wrote on July 05, 2010
how long is it gonna take for FTD to release a complete "Elvis In Concert '77" CD with both shows. Surley the estate is OK with that, god forbid any CBS footage, God forbid!!!!
Lefty wrote on July 05, 2010
I've read every post thus far, and I'm a bit surprised by all the negative comments. Not that I'm a fan of this particular project, but at least it isn't another Vegas soundboard. I thought the fans would appreciate something 'different' from FTD. And hey, if you don't like this one, the How Great Thou Art sessions may be more your liking, or the December '76 double pack CD. But wait, On Tour on DVD is out next month! (I've already bought my movie ticket for the night it will be shown in theaters here in the U.S.) I think there's at least one Elvis product to be happy about. How about we let the people that are thrilled with the King Creole project enjoy it, and the rest of us can keep our gobs shut! And while I'm stepping on some toes, please get with the program when it comes to commenting on "nothing new here." The man has been dead for nearly 33 years. What could you possibly expect to be new at this point? Even the unreleased stuff is basically more of the same.
circleG wrote on July 05, 2010
i don't think people are criticizing the project but more the way its been handled, there was a time when king kreole was regarded as the period that ALL fans thought was cool. Personally, if the price tag is reasonable considering VAT is going up next year in the Uk i'll buy this
joemin wrote on July 05, 2010
I will certainly buy this.
Theo wrote on July 05, 2010
Seems there's no new music in this release, unfortunately. Are there unreleased pictures in the book? I already have Rijffs Inside King Creole book. Well, I'll wait till this is actually released and I can browse through it. Would have been nice if FTD would add actual movie versions of the songs or some of the instrumentals recorded for the movie. And where is the long version of Crawfish with Kitty White's vocals?
Rusty wrote on July 05, 2010
I'm not really interested in books but I hope an FTD release without the book is imminent, I really hope so as more fans will buy the separate CD of this great soundtrack.
Steve V wrote on July 05, 2010
OK I was confused by this release. After my positive post, I see all the negative ones. I thought this release had alternate takes of Trouble - take 5, Dixieland Rock -take 14, etc. Are we saying these are the masters? If so, then forget it and I join in on the boos. Who would pay just for a book and no alternate takes of these classic songs?
Tony C wrote on July 05, 2010
I buy lots of books that do not contain any music at all. That's what books are for, reading. The CD is a bonus, it's the same one we already have but possibly in better quality. Again, regarding the missing out-takes, missing is what they still are.
lray wrote on July 05, 2010
Sorry Steve V but the alternates got tossed in the trash back in 1959 (or taped over, whatever). It was a decision that was made by some RCA boss that they did not need to keep all the extra tape around of the various RCA artists at the time. Some extra material did survive, like the Jailhouse Rock sessions, but as for King Creole we have known for some time now that what you see listed above is what they have. It has been out before. Very sad but true and not the fault of anyone that is around now.
SnOwMan wrote on July 05, 2010
It's not Ernst's fault that the outtakes were destroyed,but it's his fault that he will release this book together with a useless,shoddy CD. The material is great,but we have already bought it at least 5 times. On vinyl,on the first CD release,on the 50' Masters box-set,on the 1997 special edition CD + all tracks from the movie on various complilations. For God's sake,how many times they want to sell the same material over and over again? And finally a private info for you: a friend of mine (who's working for FTD) told me that in the book there will be less than 20 unreleased photos only. The remaining 190+ pictures are all available already in various books (Inside King Creole by Ger Rijff etc.) and even on websites. The price will be around $100 and for this money you'll get almost nothing new. This is only a money-raising project for FTD.
emjel wrote on July 05, 2010
Not releasing this in the Clssic album series will leave a gap in the collection. Okay so we've got the songs elsewhere, but I would have preferred a 7" release with a slightly bigger, say 24 page booklet inside, to compensate for no new tracks.
Herman wrote on July 05, 2010
I totally agree emjel ! C'mon no missing albums in the 7" Classic serie. There are also some takes on essential Elvis 3.
Tony C wrote on July 05, 2010
Quite true, there were "King Creole" out-takes on "Essential Elvis 3", but with the exception of the extended version of "Crawfish" with Kitty White's vocal, all are on the CD that will come with this book. Someone has informed us that this release is to make money for FTD/Sony, what a revelation!
SuzyB wrote on July 05, 2010
Given the posts to this and many other topics on this site, I really despair at the intellectual capacity and education levels of the readership of the site. CircleG, you comment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever - what has this book got to do with VAT, when there is no VAT on books! Only the CD element of the price attracts VAT and that will be virtually nothing.
Pietro S wrote on July 06, 2010
I think that's nice idea. And that's all of my comment on this item. I'd like to ask SnOwMan - perhaps your friend could tell us what is going to be further FTD releases this year? I'm sure this information would be much appreciated.
Jerome-the-third wrote on July 06, 2010
Ah c'mon! Give me a book eh I mean break!..
Zoltan84 wrote on July 06, 2010
This is a useless release. There's absolutely nothing new. The previous books were weak,too,but at least all of them contained unreleased audio material. But this one is crap.
schemies wrote on July 06, 2010
I am a little surprised about all the criticism for this release. Somebody might not need the book, fine. Somebody might not need the music, fine. But some others want both, because they do not have one of the old books or the special edition from 1997. Remember, SONY did re-master all studio masters in 2007 (ten years later !), thus those could have a better sound than before. But of course I think it is absolutely NECESSARY to include the long version of Crawfish (take F-7) with Kitty White, and, just to make it complete, the (on Essential Elvis vol.3 already released) instrumental version of the title track (take R-8). So I think the release is nod bad, but again not as perfect as it could be. Ernst, just correct it before releasing it !
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 06, 2010
Incomplete and previously released junk.
Zoltan84 wrote on July 06, 2010
Very weak photoshopped photo on the cover! King Creole is his best movie,he was 23 and looked like a Greek God. And an idiot (Ernst or Roger or whoever else i have to upset around here to keep my brain complete) chose a substandard photo which should have been O.K. on page 139 in the left-down corner,but not on the front cover!!!!!!!! Shame on the person who did this!
benny scott wrote on July 07, 2010
The CD has to be considered as a bonus. All material released before ! On the 1997 re-release + bonus songs and on Essential Elvis Vol.3 ( except "undubbed " Steadfast Loyal And True", but that's les important.) As for the book : wait and see about the pictures. But in any case : the price announced by a Dutch Fanclub Shop is very (and way too) high. Even if one can or could afford it, it's a matter of principles, there are limits, . Always El.
whetherman wrote on July 07, 2010
Just 3 points. 1) FLY-TROUBLE! This material may already be released but junk it most certainly ain't! 2) The "undubbed" Steadfast, Loyal And True is available on Today, Tomorrow & Forever set. 3) How do we know that the Crawfish on here is NOT the full length version with Kitty White? But that's available too, so I shall not buy this because I collect Elvis music and not books, its that simple.
KTemple wrote on July 07, 2010
This is a let down from FTD. A lot of you say the cd is a bonus, well then this should be reflected in the price.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on July 07, 2010
It's misleading to call the CD bonus. A real bonus CD is for free. But this time you have to pay for the CD,too,so it's no bonus at all! It's someting that you buy for your money,even if you don't want it. $120 (incl. postage) for a book with mainly previously released pictures and a CD with nothing new? Some people at FTD think that we are fools. And unfortunately some of us are indeed fools,because they will buy this shoddy release. These kind of fans are the real enemies of the FTD label. Ernst knows very well that there are at least 5000 fans who will buy any kind of CRAP. So he doesn't have to release new material,because some crazy fans will re-buy the same material over and over again.
Tony C wrote on July 07, 2010
The last two postings from the same person contain disgraceful comments.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 07, 2010
FLY-TROUBLE, again,again and again i find myself really frustrated at your comments about all things Elvis and the people responsible for EPE,SONY and FTD,and your last comments should get you thrown off this forum.For God's sake grow up and try and put all your efforts in something more constructive??.......i know you like to wind people up but really what is your point??
Steve V wrote on July 07, 2010
What I don't understand about this release is why did they put the Take numbers next to the song title (i.e Young Dreams take 8). It leads one to believe these are different takes than the master take. That is misleading and false advertising on Ftd's part and that makes me more upset than anything else. We are not all walking Elvis almanacs that know every take number by heart. I was all excited when I saw this release and now I am more mad than disappointed about it.
Jamie wrote on July 07, 2010
Hello, this release confirms what was widely suspected anyway, ie, that few KC out-takes survived and those that did have been released already. Only the die-hards-dying-the-hardest will buy this extravagant effort because the equivalent BMG release is a real gem and costs a fraction of this FTD version. I'm surprised the opening title "Turtles, Berries and Gumbo" (not Elvis) and the instrumental on Essential Elvis 3 haven't been included just to add something (anything!) new and I do feel that FTD have left themselves vulnerable to the allegations of cynicism and exploitation levelled at them by other contributors to this thread. (Can the minority who make personal comments about Ernst Jorgensen desist? He's put out some terrific packages and is probably compromised by his employer the way we all are - there is no personal aspect to releasing Elvis Presley CD's and it shouldn't be personalised)
Tony C wrote on July 07, 2010
I am constantly surprised at the comments posted there, the one below by Zoltan84 sinks to a brand new level of distaste. It is disgusting.
dgirl wrote on July 07, 2010
If the price quoted is accurate then indeed FTD has sunk to a new level. With vinyl LPs being re-issued for big money and now this, I have probably bought my last FTD.
hounddogman wrote on July 08, 2010
Some of the books produced by FTD have been great and since the photo supplier is Pål Granlund who has an amazing picture collection and is behind the best looking fan magazine on the market, “Flaming Star”, we could be in for a real treat. I’ll admit that the expected price tag could keep some, including myself, from ordering, so for once I’m actually glad to see that there’s nothing new on the CD. If I decide I can’t afford the book, I can skip the project without thinking about the music. Had they included two or three outtakes and “forced” us to buy the book to get these, then I could see a reason for all the complaints here. “King Creole” is very high on my list of wanted albums in FTD’s classic album series, and on Ernst Jørgensen’s too I’m pretty sure, but it’s rather difficult to release something that’s not there, so until those tapes hopefully appear, well… On another note, the bad behaviour of certain “fans” have reached a new level in this thread: GeertFromNl: “Expensive C-R-A-P! Nothing new. Money-making foolish project. Junk,junk,junk. A piece of crap. Shoddy material.” If you’re referring to the book, how do you know that yet from looking at a stamp-sized cover? If you’re referring to the music, I can’t help but wonder what you’re doing here anyway… SnOwMan: There’s nothing “shoddy” about the “King Creole” soundtrack. If you have it and don’t want to buy it again, then don’t – especially if your “friend” at FTD gives the book thumbs down… Zoltan84: “But this one is crap.” Unless you’re psychic, you don’t know that yet… What do you mean with “Very weak photoshopped photo on the cover!”? You can tell from a stamp-sized cover shot? I think it’s a great picture – and since it’s around in real colour I see no other reason for the use of PhotoShop than the removal of Paul Stewart, who’s originally standing next to Elvis. “Elvis looks like a gay pedophile.” What??? About keeping your “brain complete”…well… FLY-TROUBLE!: “The real enemy of the FTD label is Ernst Jorgensen himself. We have to eliminate him…”. What??? We should consider ourselves lucky to have the FTD in the first place and even more lucky to have someone who cares about Elvis and his legacy behind the wheel. Don’t you remember the days before FTD? Your personal attack on Ernst is way out of line. I agree with drjohn – such remarks should indeed get you banned from here… If a book with a CD can cause such hateful outbursts I can’t help wondering what it’s like to be you out there in the real world with real worries…
oldrooty wrote on July 08, 2010
Sound comments hounddogman. If not on this release, can anyone tell me where the Crawfish film version with Kitty White is available? Thank you very much.
SnOwMan wrote on July 08, 2010
The people behind this release are not human. What they are? I don't want to be rude so i rather won't say anything.
hounddogman wrote on July 08, 2010
Thanks oldrooty. The version with Kitty White was released on "Hits Like Never Before - Essential Elvis, Vol. 3" and on the old bootleg "From the Beach to the Bayou".
DekeR wrote on July 10, 2010
I personally have been waiting for this for a long time. I love King Creole. I do think that the prices on FTD's should come down. Many of us have to watch our money. I respect the opinion of folks on here, but FTD has been good over the years. I love the concerts and classic alblum series.
Gary O. wrote on July 12, 2010
Looking forward to this FTD release of "KING CREOLE'; 200 page hardcover book should include quite a few never before seen photos of Elvis during his recording sessions at Radio Recorders! So sorry Ernst Jorgenson was unable to discover anymore unreleased material from this session. I would have loved to heard all the tracks of "HARD HEADED WOMAN" as it developed toward the Master Take #10! I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ernst Jorgenson for the outstanding job he has done ifor so many years in discovering so many lost gems from Elvis!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 13, 2010
No Interest in an overpriced book,steve Ftd is known for being unclear on many things,many will buy this book anyways. I just have no interest in a pic book,others do so have a ball with it.
Troubleman wrote on July 19, 2010
I am also disapointed with this release, since I would have preffered a 'Classic album' release instead. Since I already have the 1997 CD, and the Essential vol. 3, I probably won't buy this book. When I see negative comments about FTD wanting to make money, please remember what will happen if they don't. Any business that doesn't make money will shut down! The best way to show FTD that we are not happy with this release is not to buy it, simple as that. Then we indicate, in forums like this, what we as fans would want, and are happy with. For me, I hope they release all of Elvis's album in the 'Classic series' form. For the comments regarding vinyl, I will not buy all of them, but I did purchase the first 2: Blue Hawaii and STO. For the young fan who cherish CD's, please remember that one day, when you become old like us, CD's will probably be regarded by some young dudes as ancient history. A silver disc you put in a machine to hear music, get real! CD's (just like LPs) will be collectors items in the not-too distant future, so enjoy them while you can, just like we enjoyed vinyl when we were young! I also believe that there are way too many negative attacks regarding Ernest, and FTD. Not all of their release will be gems, but imagine if the label had not existed. Not everyone can buy 'bootlegs' releases. And don't call fans 'idiots' for buying things that some of you wouldn't. It's called 'free enterprise' and it's there to buy if you want to. And the well is running dry folks, since there's probably not much rareties, or 'unreleased' outtakes left. So again, be thankful for new releases, any for that matter, from an artist who passed away 33 years ago! As for Elvis on tour, yes I want an official FTD release just like everyone else, but remember that since it was a movie first, there are probably legal rights that have to be settled before FTD can release concerts that appeared in the movie. Bootleggers don't have to worry about that, but FTD has to. So everyone, you have a right to your opinions, but let's keep it civilized. TCB!
HowGreatEP wrote on July 21, 2010
Why do they expect us to spend US$100 for a book + CD we already have (on several CDs)? A special deal perhaps with Tunzi JAT Publications ? Do they expect us to pay also that kind of money for the forthcoming, missing in our collection, classic albums (like EPBlvd, PromLand, Fool, HTouchedMe, MoodyBlue) ? That would be unfair and abusing loyal EPfans and would finally destroy the (so far) good reputation of the EPE Corp. in my opinion. Do other fans feel the same as I do ?
lacke lee wrote on July 23, 2010
i got all 92 ftd cd (books) and i have allready ordered the next one (king creole) and as many other i whould love to see more of the classic albums but i happy with the most they do on ftd but my guess is that you just can't make everyone happy and i guess that there are fans out there that got like everything with the king so i guess it's hard too please them