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Elvis A Portrait In Music

July 09, 2010 | Music

The original 1968 German vinyl budget compilation Elvis A Portrait In Music was released as an import CD. RCA/ BMG/ Sony never released this album on CD; now it is available with additional bonus tracks and various b-sides from the hit singles (European / US releases), including hard to find outtakes and 2 unreleased takes, unavailable elsewhere (according to the press-release).

Also included is a 4 page full color booklet, including the same center spread that was inclosed in the original LP inner sleeve.

Lex wrote on July 09, 2010
Oh, I'm so glad I can finally add this jewel to my CD-collection. NOT.
Tony C wrote on July 09, 2010
Seeing this cover again brings back a few memories, I bought an imported copy in the early seventies. That is a great photo on the cover. I wonder what the "hard to find" out-takes are, I didn't think that any Elvis recordings were hard to find these days.
marco31768 wrote on July 09, 2010
Unreleased takes ? No... They are SPLICED takes...
japio wrote on July 09, 2010
oh no. Why do buy elvis fans buy this kind of s..t. I don't say the original album is bad and the songs are great ( except the spliced rip-off takes) If they don't stop,i will help to stop them. How? i don't tell ,but it's time
commoneverybody wrote on July 10, 2010
If they don't stop,i will help to stop them. How? i don't tell ,but it's time. well..well...who are you to decide if somethings ok or not?? I still believe that many fans have warm feelings for this release, it was my first album way back in 1977 as a 5 year old kid. I Loved it!!! Great to have it on CD. Very sad that some people think they are our beloved Father, and then try to stop people behind this release. Why care?? Let it go !! Get a life!! Enjoy our hero!!
Harvey Alexander wrote on July 12, 2010
It won't be long before FTD are releasing these kind of albums. If they know people are willing to buy them (even though all the songs are on millions of other compilations) they'll put them out and laugh all the way to the bank. So keep telling us how you'll rush out and buy them and hopefully we'll get official reissues of 'Having Fun On Stage' and 'Sings For Children And Grown-Ups'. You'd like that, wouldn't you... Keep taking the tablets.
Steve V wrote on July 12, 2010
There was a time when an Elvis record collection and even CD collection meant something special. Now with so many releases (you turn your head you might miss one!), I'm afraid its just a cash cow meant to milk fans of every last dollar they have. There is no need for most releases these days. You have this nice release on vinyl? Fine, its a nice piece. Why would you want to cheapen the original by buying this? Surely, you don't need the songs.
japio wrote on July 17, 2010
common It's not a bad lp. Most of the fans knows it or have this in his / her collection. But it's time to let them stop with this kind releases. Last year i released a cd. And somebody tells Ernst this is a bootleg. While this was not the case.I had problems. And do i tell you more why some labels are gone???.Jealousy. But it's time to let them stop making a quick buick. And try to stop good labels. But why do you defence these releases?? It's not the songs,not the cover ( the lp cover was nice with the poster) But it's now a useless release