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Welcome To The Jungle

June 30, 2010 | Book

Venus Productions will soon release a new CD, carrying you back in time, right into Elvis' den, known to everyone as the Jungle Room. Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire is a compilation of released and unreleased tracks recorded in February 1976. '' There was a man, a lonely man....'' is certainly a line the rock singer had on his mind during those early February winter nights behind Graceland's walls, and he felt Neil Sedaka's song could work very well for him. On this CD you can hear the progress from the very first take through the master take.

The following night Elvis seemed to enjoy himself while recording what would become the title of his very last album. The song Moody Blue had a very modern sound for early 1976, very disco-like and it had a fair amount of air play all over the USA in late 1976 and early 1977. Elvis is clearly having fun recording this number, yet he ignored to include it into his live appearances, excepted for a brief attempt on February 20, 1977 and finally had a go at it the next night for his first and only performance .

The excellent sound quality will bring you right into the action that happened in the jungle room when those songs were being recorded. The CD will be presented to you in a standard jewel case, completed with a beautiful 16 page booklet.

This is the follow-up to Christmas Today

Track list

1- Solitaire (Take 1) 2:28 ; 2- Solitaire (Take 2) 2:06 ; 3- Solitaire (Take 3) 4:47 ; 4- Solitaire (Takes 6-7) 5:21 ; 5- Solitaire (Take 8) 4:39 ; 6- Solitaire (Takes 9-10) 0:58 ; 7- Solitaire (Undubbed master) 4:37 ; 8- Solitaire (Different mix) 4:43 ; 9- Solitaire (Master) 4:43 ; 10- Moody Blue (Take 3) 3:46 ; 11- Moody Blue (Take 4) 3:30 ; 12- Moody Blue (Take 5) 4:01 ; 13- Moody Blue (Take 6) 4:12 ; 14- Moody Blue (Take 7) 1:33 ; 15- Moody Blue (Takes 8-9) 0:58 ; 16- Moody Blue (Undubbed master) 3:57 ; 17- Moody Blue (Master) 2:54

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memphis06 wrote on June 30, 2010
Wow I want to have this. This is the stuff we want :-)
Ton Bruins wrote on June 30, 2010
a lot of "Solitaire" isn't it..lol..
Lex wrote on June 30, 2010
The alternate title is "Getting Depri In 9 Tracks" :-)
marco31768 wrote on June 30, 2010
It seems to be a good new. There are some unreleased outtakes !
secondrichard wrote on June 30, 2010
Moody Blue ? GREAT ! Solitaire... Can it get any worse ? There are not many Elvis songs I really hate, but Solitaire certainly is one of them and maybe even # 1... Good competitor to 'Love Me Tender' for "worst ballad ever by Elvis"..
Ton Bruins wrote on June 30, 2010
Another alternate title: "Elvis In The Gutter"...:-)
Lefty wrote on June 30, 2010
Good grief! Nine takes of Solitaire, and eight takes of Moody Blue. This is fodder for a bonus CD, at best. I'll let this one float on by.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on June 30, 2010
solitaire worst ballad ever? there will not be many elvis fans agreeing with you on that one buddy and i am one of them
theoldscudder wrote on June 30, 2010
This may be the all time low. Just when I thought I saw it all.
tigerpawl wrote on July 01, 2010
I think this cd should be titled Solitaire Man. Such a sad song but that is the way Elvis was feeling at the time.
JLpResLey wrote on July 01, 2010
Seems to be a pretty strange album with only two songs. Otherwise I love the 1976 sessions, I really do but I´m aware that most fans don´t. What I am critical of is the reactions of it being depressing and sad. I think that Elvis Presley was a much deeper man than we could ever imagine, and I think it was something that was very difficult for him to explore in his music in the past. It´s by far the most personal recording sessions of his life and I think we should be grateful for that. The fans of Elvis Presley often seems to have a great desire to learn every little detail of his personal life, yet the most personal albums of his life is often dismissed and I can´t understand that. And no, Solitaire is not the worst Elvis ballad. It´s amazing, I love that song
old shep wrote on July 01, 2010
Love the cover and Moody Blue, but one take of Solitaire is to much.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 01, 2010
Venus,Venus,venus what have you got up your sleeves here with this 2 song release,i like to place a bet that they have more material from this session and will be on further volumes, hotly tipped for there next release is a soundboard so will be great if this is the case. If the quality on this release is as good as Christmas/Today one then we are in for a treat and if you can go the pace with so many takes of 2 songs give it a go.Reminds me of some previous 'boots' of years past where we have shed loads of takes of the same songs,Loving you sessions,Stereo 57 volumes 1,2 to name a few so concept is not really new and for me gives me a chance to listen to Elvis at work on 2 songs.........boy this rseries may run a while.....bet FTD are really P****ed again?.
Tony C wrote on July 01, 2010
To me, this looks to be a great release. I have loved the "Elvis Presley Boulevard" album since I bought my first copy in 1976. As the years went on, I came to realise how much Elvis gave of himself in these recordings. (Before anybody corrects me, I do know that "Moody Blue" was not on that album but as it was recorded at the same sessions I group them together). I like to hear Elvis working hard on the recordings over multiple takes, he really put his heart and soul into them despite probably wanting to be doing anything other than recording. The reason behind there only being two songs on this CD could be either one of two things. This might be the first release of many or the makers only had access to a limited number of tape reels. Obviously over the space of a session many reels of tape will be used when recording the way Elvis preferred, as-live with the master take been sweetened afterwards. These release cannot please everybody, if they have multiple takes of just a few songs people complain that they are boring but if they are a compilation of odd takes covering a session others ask why certain takes were edited out. We should count ourselves lucky that anything new emerges after thirty three years without Elvis.
Orion wrote on July 01, 2010
It's funny that so many people have psycho-analyzed Elvis through the years - especially since the Col. kept him away from the press. Even more have looked at song choices as his way of telling us what he was feeling (i.e. "Always On My Mind", "You Gave Me A Mountain", "Separate Ways", etc..) If there's any logic to this then Venus is right in their description of the song "Solitaire." This song is heartbreaking but it's anything but B O R I N G or the "worst" ballad by Elvis. I can't wait to get this one and hope there are many more volumes of this series. If FTD were smart they'd release "From EP Blvd" next to beat them to the punch. It's obvious when you look at the top 10 FTD poll what the fans want - Venus seems to be listening. Hopefully, Ernst is as well. Until then (which could be Y E AR S !), my $$ will be spent on this one.
benny scott wrote on July 01, 2010
I'm completely on the same track like drjohn,Kilburn and Orion. Very interesting to listen to the build-up of a song ( in this case 2 songs) ! But I also can understand that this sort of releases is not everybody's cup of tea. Having recorded many times in the past myself, I'm very keen on such releases. So let's hope more of this kind will be released in the near future, I'd welcome it! Always El.
Bill Rauhuff wrote on July 01, 2010
Solitaire is ONE of the worst songs Elvis ever recorded. I just cannot hardly stand to listen to it even now. I am sorry but his music after 73-74 could and should have been much better.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on July 01, 2010
Bill Rauhuff? you wanna know what the worst is? hearing over and over that SOLITAIRE is one of the worst ballads Elvis did,Elvis gives a strong performance in this particular song he means every word he's singin and that is the worst? get a grip please
Ciscoking wrote on July 02, 2010
I also see the other side of the coin and that`s Moody Blue...I love the song..and can`t wait to hear more of it..
Santa Claus wrote on July 02, 2010
While you are argueing about these songs ... did anybody realize that we are paying full price for .. let's say 6 new takes? Everything else has been released before on FTD or elsewhere. We are paying full price for a little gap filled here and there and at the end we still don't have the sessions complete as some takes are still missing. This is ripping off the fans. Elvis recorded 700+ songs. We have gaps in almost every session. So figure out how many 20 Euro bills you have to keep handy until you get all those little snippets if this goes on that way. This is milking and betraying fans. This is what makes them jump off the train and download the stuff instead of buying it.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on July 02, 2010
thats' your opinion Santaclaus The Venuslabel is a good and welcome label, i really cannot see this as a ripp-off just ask ciscoking ;)
Santa Claus wrote on July 02, 2010
There were times when we get one hour "The Complete Wild In The Country Sessions" etc. for the price of one CD. And now we get 6 takes for the same money? No rip-off Jesse Garon? May I ask you about you math skills in school?
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 02, 2010
I would like to think fans!!!...a term i use loosely for some people have the ability to decide if they want to buy this or any other import cd or not?......why again,again moan and groan about imports and what you get for your money.Simple rule if you don't like it,dont buy it.!!......nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you buy it.Venus label has had good....sorry very good releases since it's first release and i see no problem with this latest one,as before i bet they have more from this session and maybe we are in for future releases, i like stuff like this as it show work in progress from Elvis and it's great to hear this in the quality that will be released.Quite happy for fans!! to moan after a release and have had a chance to hear it but see no reason for the usual negative reactoon before you have had a chance to hear it.......but of course you won't get the chance if you are not buying it!!......i wonder how many people do buy this when they say they won't. Solid release from a now solid label with good material, what more do you want.
Santa Claus wrote on July 02, 2010
You guys are cute. Raising gas-prices? No problem here. Just don't buy it. Use your feet again. Raising electricity prices? Don't think about it. Just pay without asking or use a candle more often. A pick-pocket has stolen your purse? Don't worry, be happy. Consider it gone and just start saving again. This is fantastic. All problems of this world solved by just a little alternate thinking. Come on guys. I can't figure out why you are talking this naive here. I know many fans who already switched over to downloading their imports. With six short new takes on a full-priced CD they won't even get the idea buying such a release. So, there may be no more Venus label in a year or two. No matter what you are saying: Somebody is making big bugs here with only a little to offer because we once did get more for our money than 12 or 15 minutes of new music.
Orion wrote on July 02, 2010
Hey Santa do us a favor start working on the toys for this year's sleigh ride and give the keyboard a rest. Com'on your post is like someone trying to talk "fans" out of being fans. If people want to buy it, so what ? I'm not spending my kids college money or eating bread sandwiches to enjoy a few CDs. I'm just simply saying that I'll get this one and enjoy it. I would wait for FTD to release this stuff, but I may not be around when they finally do. I know a lot of "fans" are looking forward to the DVD of "On Tour", and I know a lot have fans have passed on before it ever came to be. So, if I've got a chance to hear a few "snippets" of new stuff from down in the jungle room, then I'm going to pick it up. If the sound is crappy, then I will let everyone know to avoid it - What I won't do is tell anyone to avoid it before I hear it. If "Solitaire" isn't your cup of tea, skip it and wait for the next new release. If it's a soundboard and you don't like soundboards, skip it.. It's that simple. I have over 1000 Elvis CDs, but I don't own a single audince recording (except the one in the Ft. Baxter boxed set). I don't care for audience recordings, but I don't knock those who do or the releases from Straight Arrow, etc. I'm just glad all Elvis fans can find their needs met somehow and some way and I don't feel the need to criticize those who dig what I don't. Wish we could all do that and make this site more "fan friendly..." OK, I'll step off now.
Elvis_The_King wrote on July 02, 2010
pre-ordered this new cd,loved the previous release :)
Santa Claus wrote on July 02, 2010
Okay, I'm off buddies. Seems like some guys here don't want the "Full price for 15 minutes of new music" theory to be too much talked about. I wonder why. Oh, I guess I know. And Orion ... don't pay double price for your christmas presents this year ho ho ho.
Orion wrote on July 03, 2010
Confession is good for the soul - that's why I must confess to owing a couple of audience recordings. I got over-excited in my rant that I forgot about a couple. I do own the Pittsburgh New Year's Eve on FTD as well as his show in Cincy and the next night's show in Indy as audience recordings. OK - I feel better.
Ciscoking wrote on July 03, 2010
I have about 600 AR`s..varying from hardly making out that it is Elvis who sings to excellent..including many gems waiting to see the light of day..and I won`t take a million dollars for them..just a side note re AR`s.. I will definitely getting this release cause it offers more outtakes from the Jungle Room sessions..I am a collector..and you surely get what is written on the cover..granted.. it could have been more takes.
Orion wrote on July 03, 2010
Cisco - I know what you mean about your collection. I've been collecting vinyl and now CDs for 38 of my 47 years. I have several LPs that are AR, but as I said very few CDs. After hearing the soundboards of the Astrodome show and others, I never looked back. As far as this release, I look forward to some the the in-studio discussions more than a missed note or an outttake that is not much different than the master. An example of this is when Elvis mock-threatens the composer of "Solitaire" Neil Sedaka. I was shocked that Elvis even knew who Sedaka was.. lol even though Sedaka had just scored a huge hit with "Bad Blood." I mean Elvis was so sheltered behind the walls of Graceland it's a wonder he knew him at all. I can't imagine Elvis listening to the top 40 on a radio in his bedroom. So, who knows how he knew him ? I doubt he knew much about Led Zeppelin or Elton John when they were ushered backstage. These little insights are worth the price of the CD. So, that in a nutshell is why I look forward to this one - oh did I mention it has "Moody Blue" ? lol
Tony C wrote on July 03, 2010
Elvis knew Neil Sedaka personally, they met several times over the years. Sedaka was on a TV show in England a few years ago and he was asked if he had ever met Elvis. He told the interviewer that the last time they met was in Las Vegas in December 1976. Neil and his wife Leba went to Elvis' suite after the show and chatted for a while, with Elvis giving Leba a scarf as they left. He said that they were both very sad afterwards because it was obvious Elvis was not in good health. Neil Sedaka was a contemporary of Elvis in the fifties and early sixties, as well as during his comeback years in the mid seventies. Elvis even got a mention in Sedaka's hit record "The Queen of 1964".
Zoltan84 wrote on July 06, 2010
I'm not interested in this one.
Steve V wrote on July 10, 2010
I cannot understand why anyone would want this, I just cannot. With so many CDs out there by other artists old & new that can be a new listening experience for someone, I just cannot understand anyone buying this instead. The 2 songs aren't even that great. Now maybe if it was the Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel sessions, I may understand it. But this?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 15, 2010
drjohncarpenter0117 its called an opinion,im with steve on this one,you know Ftd will release the same outtakes on the overhyped classic series along with other outtakes you already have. Keep buying them records umm Ftd's.
Elvis_The_King wrote on July 18, 2010
Still no release date for this cd?
HowGreatEP wrote on July 21, 2010
Too weak a product to stand on its own. Why didn't Venus go to ElvisUnLtd or FTD in Denmark and sell it to them so that this material could be incorporated into a more comprehensive good quality CD carrying all these outtakes. Can't wait to hear its quality though. Are these guys the same as the ones that have the original tape in possession with 'We can make morning' on it ?? We wonder, really do!