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Elvis Presley 75th Birthday Bronze Medallion

July 02, 2010 | Other

Here is the perfect way to commemorate the 75th Birthday Year of Elvis. In addition to the date, this unique medallion includes an illustration of some of the most memorable moments of Elvis' life and career. The reverse side has a beautiful rendering of Elvis' home in Memphis, Graceland with the January 8th, 2010 75th Birthday noted. The medallion comes in a beautiful blue box with blue suede flocking inside. Also included is a certificate of authenticity and a routed walnut wood base for displaying this magnificent collectible.


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al shookup wrote on July 02, 2010
Not for me I'm afraid .....just a bit trashy for my taste!
burton wrote on July 03, 2010
Did anyone notice that they haven't mentioned the price? Do you really want to take out a 2nd mortgage just to have this little piece of "RIP OFF" (and I'm being polite here!)merchandise.
SuzyB wrote on July 03, 2010
Burton, if you weren't so intellectually challenged, youd be able to work out that if you click on the link, voila - there's the price. $50 is hardly a rip-off. But then, you came to that conclusion without even seeing the price. Jeez...
kevo wrote on July 03, 2010
A really nice piece but does anyone know the price??
Steve Morse wrote on July 04, 2010
Here is the perfect way to commemorate the 75th Birthday Year of Elvis : play one of his records !!
benny scott wrote on July 05, 2010
Hi Kevo, read SuzyB's posting ! Always El.
Jerome-the-third wrote on July 06, 2010
some people do have very exclusive taste..
Steve V wrote on July 07, 2010
To each his own, but I can think of many better ways to spend 50.00. This kind of reminds me of the stuff that Boxcar & The Colonel put out in 1977-78. Strictly useless stuff nowadays.