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Never Ending Demand Out

June 23, 2010 | Music

The two volumes covering two 1977 concerts are out now.

Elzo wrote on June 23, 2010
The covers don't promise anything good......I'll pass for sure.
Ciscoking wrote on June 23, 2010
You choose CD`s by covers..?...lol.. To me ..the contents is of importance..and I tell you that we have 2 good shows from 1977 in really fine sound.. This first tour in 1977 was the best of the year with Elvis being in good spirits and even performing some rarities. I think both discs are recommendable ..the Savannah show has been released ages ago..long sold out and is now available again
Elzo wrote on June 23, 2010
well, sometimes I even choose for content. Good content can come without a cover at all. My cabinet is filled already with too much cd's (with good covers btw) I hardly or never play......and 2 more audience-recorded shows from 1977..?? Nice for a download.......
SnOwMan wrote on June 24, 2010
The covers are okay,but how is the sound quality? I have some of the Rainbow releases and i'm disappointed as far as the sound quality goes. Most of them are average at best and some of them are terrible (Stripped Of My Heart, My Soul for example). Now they offer two full priced CD's at the same time and from the same tour SEPARATELY instead of a cheaper 2 CD-set. No thanks... When they offer C-R-A-P then at least the price have to be fair,otherwise what's the point to buy these crappy and full priced 1977 audience recordings?
dragracinprincess wrote on June 24, 2010
They say it is out, as in released? If so where can you get it because I'm finding is everything about it but nothing on buying it
Mystery Rider wrote on June 24, 2010
I dont want anything from 1977, As Alice kramden said to Ralph "blimp Takes Off" and Elvis should have 1977 was a very sad time for him and the music he was making. Had he not died CBS TV would have never showed the TV event in October of that year. They made money because of his death.
Mofoca22 wrote on June 25, 2010
mystery rider if you dont like it dont buy it. you dont have a right to come here and trash the release or elvis for that matter. for some reason i get the feeling you aint even an elvis fan because every comment i see from you is something to trash him.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 25, 2010
Mofoca22, well put my friend, i get tired of so called 'fans' knocking Elvis and 1977.....yes he had problems with weight and health issues but have to say some of the later concerts from this year to me show he still had a voice and was a showman to the end. What we have here in these 2 releases is a chance to hear a first generation improve audience copy of these 2 concerts and for me will make a nice addition.....but then i would think that as a fan. For those who don't like this...please don't buy or bitch.!...i of course appreciate all views on Elvis's career and have learned a lot from some well known contribitor's,but do get a little p***ed when same old comments made time after time and have noticed there has been a decrese in fans comments from due to negative reaction to just about all things Elvis.
benny scott wrote on June 25, 2010
DrJohn : agreed ! Always (mostly) the same "fans" being negative .We all know in Elvis' life it wasn't always "moonlight and roses" . We should be thankful for what he left us, the good with the less good , but some members rarely give positive comments, in spite of the fact that Our Man gave us so much good things to appreciate and remember. Always El.
Ciscoking wrote on June 25, 2010
Our man gave the best shows in 1977 until the beginning of May..and these 2 definitely fall into the category.."well done"..I don`t like all 77 shows but these are fine along with many others from this specific period.... I know all of them..
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 25, 2010
Ciscoking,Benny Scott as always words of wisdom from fans i respect :-))......
GeertFromNl wrote on June 26, 2010
Both shows were recorded on soundboard and FTD have them. It's pointless to release these shoddy audience recordings. One for the money,two for more money... And be happy with your free copies,Ciscoking.
Ciscoking wrote on June 26, 2010
Following your reasons..ALL audience recordings were superfluous. So it is pointless, too. Both shows are fine and in good sound quality capturing the atmosphere of a live show.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 27, 2010
Never understand the argument about money verses bootlegs.?.........so i take it you mean import producers will release anything just for the money! ....well that has always been the case since the first 'boot' was released. Fans do not need to buy all imports that come out and if you do your homework on past and future releases you can certainly get the most for your money. There are some real good import review web-sites available on the WWW and Ciscoking's happens to be one of the best,this has been the case for a long time and has helped me in making the right choices in buying the 'older' imports over the years so for that and all the other great review sites i "Thank you ". Again reviews on future import releases bring out the negative in some people even before they have had the chance to even listen to album/cd so don't know why they 'trash' the release and as usual the same old people who write good,honest reviews......for me this get's boring and have noticed a lack of feedback for a while on this forum?...perhaps real fans are tired of all the same old bash a item and reviewer remarks that happen to often on this forum. These 2 cds are on the way to me and can't wait to play these and see what the difference in sound/content will be and to be honest the money i spent on these was no more than a official release so money well spent.
GeertFromNl wrote on June 27, 2010
Good sound quality? Compared to what?:) There are only a couple of audience recordings i would consider good sounding. And those are mainly booth recordings from Las Vegas. The latest Straight Arrow release (FADED LOVE),the 1973 show on the Profile set and a few others. But it's not the case here. I have these shows on CD-R and the sound is only average for an audience recording. And compared to a soundboard it's TERRIBLE!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 27, 2010
Of course it would be great if all concerts were released via soundboard recordings but we all know that will never happen?....so we have to take all the other options that come our way, so are good and yes some are real bad but if it gives me a glimpse into that concert for that year then that's fine with me until a more improved sounding one comes along. Take on board your frustration with poor audience releases but having a knock at someone (Ciscoking) for giving a simple view is a little strong and not relevant to this 2 cd set. Let's wait and see just how different this set is and when i have give it a spin will of course get back to you with the results?.......if of course you don't have a copy yourself??? ;-))
benny scott wrote on June 27, 2010
Hi there,Geert and drjohn , First of all : Geert, it's heartwarming that a young man of 23 years old is into the Elvis-world.So : congrats ! Secondly : in all honesty, I have to agree 200% with drjohn. Let there be no misunderstanding Geert, I'm not critizing you for your point view ! But pls notice what follows : I did some homework myself : RCA ( or FTD if you prefer) are, according to J.Tunzi's book Recording Sessions III,from page 555 on,) in possession of the following soundboard-recordings ( reel to reel or cassette ) : 1969 : 6, 1970 : 24, 1971 : 16, 1972 : 14, 1973 : 33, 1974 : 98, 1975 : 37, 1976 : 67, 1977 : 56. That makes a total of 351 !!! soundboards. Since the birth of FTD in 1999 untill now ( = 11 years !!) FTD has released +/- 34 !!! soundboards, that's not even 10 % of what's available !!!, so +/- 317 sounboards of concerts { rehearsels or compilations do not count IMHO)} remain to be released) Tell me, my friend, supposing FTD should release 4 soundboards a year ( but that's theory, we all know this is not, and will never be the case) then it will take +/- 79 years !!! before everything has seen the light of day . Well, pardon me, but most of us will never ever live that long . So the question is : when will a specific soundboard be released ? Of course an audience recording is supposed to be inferior to a soundboard, but in the meantime : can you blame us fans who buy this ARs for doing so ? And last but not least : pls don't bash Ciscoking, he's being a great help untill now in accordance with "imports", and if he gets free copies of some bootleg-labels, well, I really have no problems at all with that, after all, he's not begging to obtain them, the labels send them to him on their personal initiative . Always El.
Herman wrote on June 27, 2010
OK benny scott, you're right on that. And there is enough space on a dvd so why not an audio-dvd with 25 soundboards on it ?
benny scott wrote on June 27, 2010
Hi Herman. Well, your idea is, in my opinion, a very good one, and I mean that. But you do know as well as I do that the people who are behind the FTD-label ( and I'm not pointing at Ernst in the first place, because he may be in charge of the label, but he is not the "upperboss" ) will never follow such (anti-commercial) policy. One can be "pro or contra", but it's a fact that music-business is supposed to make money . So after all, I'm glad with what I can obtain, be it FTD or "import" . Like I wrote before, an AR will never beat a soundboard-recording soundwise, but there are some "listenable" ARs around. Even FTD released an AR in the past (Newyears-eve concert) 'cause. there was no soundboard-source available. All the best to you. Always el.
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 27, 2010
No matter what the arguments are concerning "audience recordings" versus "soundboard recordings", I will always lay the blame for this at Elvis's & especially the Colonel's feet. This one of those "would've, could've should've" comments that can never be corrected. It boggles my mind at the LACK of vision that Elvis & the Colonel both had about properly preseving in high quality both in film & audio most of if not all of Elvis's shows. The argument that about cost in doing such a thing costing too much will never convince me. I believe that it could've been done. Sure the Colonel may have had to lay gambling & Elvis could've layed off buying a few cars, but it's a shame that neither saw the value of preserving these shows. Wow, can you imagine for a second the Colonel actually seeing more value in preserving those shows over the cheaply made trinkets he hawked at them? To me, it should have mandantory that with every show done, that they been filmed & recorded. It's a shame that "the Artist of the Century" is reduced to being preserved in many cases by an "audience recording". But I must say, hats off to those that had the guts to record these shows while Elvis & the Colonel were asleep at the wheel. Thank goodness someone in the crowd had the smarts to hit the record button. Although "audience recordings" sound bad in most cases, I do appreciate them. Even though they aren't perfect, they do give us a glimpse as to certain shows E.P. done. Rather than knocking "audience recordings", I'm thankful they exist. It amazes me that while those "audience recordings" was being taped, the Colonel was probably not far away selling more cheap trinkets of "his boy" for fast buck. Meanwhile, he had zero clue that the real value in those concert buildings was what was happening on the stage, not some cheaply made trinket. Wow, if the Colonel could have seen that, we wouldn't be depending on "audience recordings" for these shows. What a waste.
benny scott wrote on June 28, 2010
Dixieland Rock : fully agreed and amen to that! Always El.
benny scott wrote on June 28, 2010
I almost forgot : I don't think Elvis himself was to blame . His part of the job was being on the stage and perform . As for the not-recordings of many concerts : blame it, indeed, on the manager . Always El.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on June 28, 2010
Dixieland Rock, you've said it all, and so well, too! I couldn't agree with you more! And, EPE is still marketing all those silly trinkets, instead of pushing to release unseen footage and concerts, etc.
Ciscoking wrote on June 28, 2010
I gave the shows a closer spin..for AR`s they really do sound fine...and Montgomery is complete for the very first time..we only had an incomplete soundboard on Coming On Strong (hello Mr.Geert from NL) and a CDR with My Way being incomplete.....just a side note..
benny scott wrote on June 28, 2010
Thanks for the info Ciscoking! Waiting for my ordered copies . Always El.
Tony C wrote on June 28, 2010
People complain that Colonel Parker did not film or record all of Elvis' live, but why would he have done that? Elvis was under contract to RCA so any sound recording meant for release would have been their job. I am old enough to remember the seventies and one thing I do recall is the constant complaining of fans about "...another live album!" As for the filming of them, for what commercial reason? There was no home video market at the time and the idea of bands releasing instant CDs or DVDs of their concerts was decades away. People say that Parker was only interested in making money, but that was his job. Elvis certainly needed the money, he was spending it quicker than he could earn it. We have to take into account how hindsight changes our perspective on history. Rather than concentrating on what does not exist, we should focus on what does. We should not take for granted the fact that literally hundreds of concerts exist as soundboard recordings, which is a miracle as they could so easily have been taped over. Regarding EPE not releasing concerts or trying to persuade others to do so, they only have control of the 1977 "Elvis In Concert" special. They have clearly stated why that has not been released, reasons that I strongly disagree with. As for the "That's The Way It Is" and "Elvis On Tour" out-takes, the owners of the footage will make their own decisions. Sadly, they will take no notice of us or EPE.
Mystery Rider wrote on June 28, 2010
To Mofoca22. I am and have been an Elvis Fan since I first Heard Mystery Train in September 1955, I have close to 5000 original records from all over the world in my collection including 10 each of the original Sun releases I bought in Memphis in 1959 while traveling with my father. I dont like what was done to him by all the hangers on and the colonel using him as a cash cow. Nobody does 2 shows a night in Vegas Elvis was a gentlemen as I found out when I had the security detail on the NYPD while he worked madison Square Garden. When he became sick in the mid 70's it was time to walk away but his allegiance to the colonel and the hangers on is something i will never understand. As for the records, they will be paying for my grandsons college starting in 2015 and for that i have Elvis to thank.
Zoltan84 wrote on June 29, 2010
Dear Benny Scott,te vén szaros buzi,we all appreciate your posts. Yes,it was indeed the sound engineer's fault that he didn't record these shows. But this is not an excuse for the bad sound quality. Several bad sounding shows rather have to remain unreleased.
benny scott wrote on June 30, 2010
Hi Zoltan84. I think you're right. When a recording really sounds too bad it's better not to release it. Personally I had some bad experiences with a couple of audience recordings where the sound was really disgusting. Luckily most of the sounboards sound OK, and, although many members do not like audience recordings in general, I must say that some of these recordings can be listended to in acceptable quality. And in case there is no soundboard-source available of a lot of concerts by Our Man, it's not bad to have a ( rather "good" ) AR if one wants to keep up with his collection of live-performances. Have a nice day ! Always El.