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75th Anniversary Celebration In Theaters In July

June 19, 2010 | Video

After they filmed "Elvis: That’s the Way It Is," Elvis and his team were eager to follow that success with another captivating concert documentary. How could they make it different? By going backstage and on the road. Now, for only one night, you can experience the excitement of what it was like to tour with Elvis. On Thursday July 29, 2010 in select movie theaters nationwide, see the masterpiece "Elvis on Tour."

Warner Bros., Elvis Presley Enterprises and NCM Fathom are commemorating the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth by presenting Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration, a special in-theater event that celebrates the timeless music of the rock ‘n’ roll icon.

This one night event will feature much of the last film footage shot with Elvis, a specially produced, exclusive retrospective featuring Priscilla Presley, and never-before-seen Elvis footage. More than 25 numbers spotlighting Elvis Presley’s talent, range and showmanship fill this lively chronicle of his multi-city 1972 series of concerts. Plus montage sequences (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcase Presley’s early career in music and movies.

The unique split-screen presentation conveys the whirlwind, “you-are-there” energy and performance thrills of "Elvis on Tour." The result of this different look at the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll™? Fan euphoria – and a Golden Globe® for Best Documentary. The presentation of "Elvis on Tour" will be specially formatted to preserve the exact aspect ratio of the film as first seen by audiences in 1972.


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TY1975 wrote on June 19, 2010
Fantastic news! I can't wait to see Elvis On Tour on the big screen - a dream come true for a fan too young to have seen him live in concert. Thank you Warner, EPE, and Fathom for making this happen.
AlStrada wrote on June 19, 2010
Troy1975, why you say thank you Warner? It is NOT a new film. Yet there is no new footage in this new version.Only one packaging
TY1975 wrote on June 19, 2010
AlStrada, I thanked Warner Brothers because they are partially responsible for bringing Elvis On Tour to the big screen in the US on July 29. I've never had the chance to see the film in a movie theater, so whether it is "new" or not makes no difference to me. This is not something that Warner does for every DVD or Blu-ray catalog release, so I applaud them. This will be an event. As for the forthcoming Blu-ray release, I gladly thank Warner for that, too. Sure, I'd prefer to have hours of previously unreleased footage in addition to the original theatrical version of the film, but getting Elvis On Tour in high definition format and surround sound is something to celebrate. I'm not going to let the lack of extras spoil this release for me. I can't wait.
Judy_Fairytale wrote on June 19, 2010
I wish they would put it on in cinemas here in the UK as well as the US. They're missing out on a lot of revenue from us fans over here who would LOVE to see this film on the big screen.
Dan wrote on June 19, 2010
I am soo excited to see this. I was at the '68 special premire a few years ago and that was great as well. A complete sell out. I already purchased my tickets here in Las Vegas! Judging by the clips for "On Tour" that are posted on Amazon.com, the pix and sound will be top notch. I wonder what the Unreleased Footage will be? Oh, well, now the hard part... waiting!!!!
Steve B. wrote on June 19, 2010
I just got our tickets for a showing in the Dallas areas. My wife and our four year old will be checking it out. I love watching our four year old enjoying Elvis. She ask me all the time, "Daddy, when are we going back to Elvis house?"
vegaselvisfan wrote on June 20, 2010
i and 2 friends have our tickets ready to see this in vegas. i did see it in a vegas theater back in '72. (the building is now a store :) i look forward to reliving a blast from the past!!!
Dixieland Rock wrote on June 20, 2010
I think this is great "Elvis On Tour" being back in theaters. I just wish it could run for at least a week or so. One thing that amazes me. I just looked at the list of select cities showing this film. Neither Tupelo, Mississippi where he was born or Memphis, Tennessee, where he died are on the list for showing it. I would have thought these two cities would definitely want to be first on the list to show this film in any of their movie theaters after all the great exposure Elvis has given to these two cities. Anyway, I'm pleased that alot of theaters will show it in July.
TY1975 wrote on June 20, 2010
I'm guessing the reason it's not showing in Memphis on July 29 is because of the special Elvis Week screening of the film already scheduled there for August 14 at the Orpheum theater. This would draw attention away from that event, plus the July 29 ticket prices are considerably less expensive. I've been to a couple of Fathom events before, one for the '68 Comeback Special and the other for Star Trek: The Menagerie (1966 episode in HD). Both were incredible experiences, a chance to see on the big screen with other fans what I normally watch at home. Though it essentially looks the same on the screen as any other movie, the process behind it is actually a little different because the theater has to have the capability to receive a satellite transmission for the one-night showing. Only some theaters have the ability to receive satellite transmissions, so this affects where Elvis On Tour can play as well. It's possible that no theater in Tupelo has this capability.
hillbillycatlover wrote on July 24, 2010
Yes, that is the case; the Tupelo Cinemark does not have satellite capability. Memphis is holding out for EW. I agree that both his birthplace and the city where he lived his adult life should be showing it for the locals regardless. Poor research and planning on the part of Fathom and Cinemark. Tupelo friends and fans especially deserve to see it! The closest showing is 2 hours away; that's crazy !!