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12.000 Record Collection For Sale

June 16, 2010 | Other

Britain's biggest Elvis auction is due to take place this summer, after a superfan decided to sell his record collection. Pub landlord Steve Lacey, 44, began his obsession with the King when he was just 11, after he heard the singing legend's death announced on the radio. He went on to amass the UK's largest collection of Elvis records, an astonishing 12,000 discs from around the world.

Steve said: "I'm a fan of all types of music but I got hooked on Elvis as a child. I started spending my pocket money and cash I earned on my paper-round on Elvis records, and it snowballed from there. We've gone without holidays abroad and fancy cars to invest in the collection, but the time has come to sell up." Experts reckon Steve's incredible selection of recordings will fetch around £250,000 (€300,000) when they are auctioned at Bamford's in Derby on 4 July. The prize lot is a complete set of 78 singles from Elvis's time at Sun Records, which are estimated to go under the hammer for up to £10,000 (€12,000).

Alan Judd, collectors department manager at Bamford's said: "It's an honour to sell such a great collection. I've chosen American Independence Day for the sale as Elvis was a great patriot. We're expecting collectors from all over the world to attend the sale, or take part via live online bidding." The collection will be split into 1,500 lots, marked from 'rare' to 'ultra ultra rare', a category which includes Por Favor No Tires De La Cuerda, an Argentinian imprint of Please Don't Drag That String Around.

Steve said: "I've got an imprint from every country in the world that produced Elvis records. In the last few years I've bought things from eBay and other websites, but before that I contacted dealers by letter or phone. For three quarters of my life I've collected Elvis records, so it'll be strange to see them go." One person who will be glad to see the back of the collection is Steve's wife Tina. He smiled: "I didn't dare have Elvis for the first dance at our wedding, but I have been to Memphis once. It was almost impossible to insure the collection and the wife has had enough of seeing Elvis around the place.

We haven't got a mortgage as I've always invested in the records. When you see pieces doubling in price a few years after you've bought them it's difficult to stop. I've kept about 20 silver, gold and platinum discs and a few guitars in the corner of the pub where we have live musicians on. The regulars were used to seeing them and asked me not to box them up with the rest of the collection. But now I've just got one CD of Elvis's 40 Greatest Hits, which is plenty."

loftmanuk wrote on June 16, 2010
One CD left with Elvis's 40 Greatest hits, which is plenty. He is joking right!
SuziB wrote on June 16, 2010
Is this actually the Uk's largest Elvis collection - definitely not if you include cd and possiblt not just with vinyl. There is a sometime contributor to the comments on this website -davrid - who I believe has AT LEAST 10,000 records (and possibly in excess of 12,000) and over 5000 Elvis cds.
Hans Otto wrote on June 16, 2010
Bamford Ltd. homepage informs: "Elvis sale: Please note that the date for the Elvis Sale has been postponed and will be held later in the year." Worth the wait, I guess ;o)
Steve V wrote on June 16, 2010
At least he is keeping something. I think Jim E Curtain got rid of everything a few years ago. And he had more!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 17, 2010
I started collecting in the 50s and still have most of them,he started when Elvis died and now selling them strange thing thing to do.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 17, 2010
Don't think i could sell my collection as it means so much to me.So many stories for me on how and when i brought certain items and remembering the thrill of getting my hands on a original 1st pressing of Loving You on 10", the many times i have upgraded my HMV ELVIS PRESLEY no1 and 2, so many memories and so many years have passed. I often have a flick through the racks of vinyl and cds just to get that feeling, i afraid money cannot replace the love and devotion i have put in over the years.....but hey that's what we Elvis fans do.
alvise preslini wrote on June 17, 2010
Collecting Elvis is a labour of love...if I ever will sell my collections..this means that my love for Elvis will be finished.. but..but there is no any chance this may happen. I started collecting Elvis at around 18..the year was 1958..(yes I am almost 70 now next 29th nov.)...in all these years I have built up a super collections of around 10.000..Elvis records..(plus over other 6000 of various artists).. in my treasured Elvis things there are 78s & 45s.. suns, acetates, test pressings, one of a kind thing.. like "Laurel & Hardy" picture disc pressed on "A legendary Performer vol.1"....original Elvis , signed Elvis items.. (Sun 78-photos,records,,,ecc )some personal Elvis belonging records & more.. I don't want to be misunderstood..by telling too much about my collection..since I am not here to list eveything I have..my post is to describe my suspect..about selling items "so loved" for so many years,,,..I am sure that this will never happen to my own collection.. only hard need of money to pay for a very bad illness could justified such a sad sell. Bruno Pause italy
lamp light wrote on June 17, 2010
I could not sell my Elvis collection that i have collected over the years and still collecting. It is a labor of love collecting Elvis and i don't think i will ever stop until their is no more to collect.