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Elvis's TCB Tour Bus Missing?

June 12, 2010 | Other

The bus, which was supposed to be one of the eye catchers of the Elvis Heights Museum in Tupelo, was taken from the lot. Bill Kinard, who owns the Heights Museum, stated: we've just been informed yesterday, by the police that Mr. Larry Michael, owner of Transport Trailers and Celebrity Coaches, moved the bus to another location, without asking us and getting permission.

We have filed a missing and/or stolen bus report with the police. I spoke with a Detective yesterday, and he said, "I found the bus and have personally inspected the bus inside and outside". We hope that we'll be "victorious" against the man that is holding our bus illegally, in court. It has been and still is our goal to not only have the bus at "Presley Heights Museum" for all fans to "see and climb aboard and tour Elvis' last tour bus".

To be continued - no doubt

blackhawk77 wrote on June 13, 2010
Hey everyone, I'm new to the board. That is I'm new as a member. I've actually been coming here for years. This bus story compelled me to become a member so I can fill in those who are not in the know about this bus. This bus 'never' belonged to Elvis. It was J.D. Sumner's tour bus that he and the Stamps used on Elvis' tours in the 70's. Elvis did not own this bus, and he never went on 'any' of his concert tours on it. Elvis only used planes for traveling on his tours. Elvis did not own or use a bus since the 60's. Bill Kinard's stories have been exposed as un truths and misinformation. He even admitted that the bus did not belong to Elvis and never toured on it. But now it seems he is starting this up again. His museum in Tupelo is also filled with fake Elvis items. This has all been proved. I Just thought I'd let you guys know the truth about this bus.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on June 13, 2010
So, why hasn't the guy been prosecuted for fraud and deception by EPE?
moviemaker wrote on June 13, 2010
I have met Bill Kinnard and I have my name on the wall there. I am not surprised this has happened. I could say a lot more but won't!
blackhawk77 wrote on June 13, 2010
I tried to post more info about the fake items. But I guess the board must have blocked it. E.P.E. did make Kinard drop the name Elvis from his 'Presley Heights Museum'. As you know E.P.E. has shown far more interest in promoting Elvis imps (impersonators/imposters) in the past few years to give any real concern to protecting Elvis' image. That job seems to be up to the fans now.
blackhawk77 wrote on June 13, 2010
Kinard has, or had a jumpsuit in his museum that he actually claims is Elvis' original American Eagle (Aloha From Hawaii) jumpsuit. That of course is nonsense. The original jumpsuit has been on display at Graceland since it opened to the public in 1982. Kinard's jumpsuit is a cheap knock off replica that was likely made for an impersonator. And one that was several sizes smaller than Elvis.
blackhawk77 wrote on June 13, 2010
Kinard's museum has a microphone on display that they claim was the mic Elvis used during his return to Tupelo concerts in September 1956. The microphone they have on display does not match the one Elvis is seen using in photos and film footage from the two 1956 Tupelo shows.
blackhawk77 wrote on June 13, 2010
Kinard has an ugly pink and black Cadillac that he claims was owned by Elvis. E.P.E. has no record of Elvis ever buying or owning this car. E.P.E. has copies of the original ownership papers for every car Elvis ever purchased or owned. But they have nothing on that car in their files. It's been checked on.
benny scott wrote on June 13, 2010
blackhawk77 : good to share your info with us. U seem to know what you're talking about. Sounds promising for the future ! Always El.
elizsong wrote on June 15, 2010
I hope this puts this bus controversy to rest soon. It's sad to see people like Bill Kinard making money off of Elvis.
blackhawk77 wrote on June 15, 2010
You should e-mail the people who run this site and ask them why they have ignored all the people who have informed them about Kinard's bus scam. Why did they post this story calling it Elvis' tour bus when they already know it's not.