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New Book On Col. Parker

May 31, 2010 | Book

ElvisMatters will issue a new book on Col. Parker late June. The book will contain the travel log Parker's brother Ad kept when visiting him in 1961, the documents Parker sent to Holland and the story of the Dutch years of the Colonel. The book will contain a CD with a message that Parker's brother recorded when in the States. Last but not least - to keep the Elvis connection - there is a picturespecial with the greatest pictures of Elvis and his manager.

The book will be presented on June 26 in Breda. There will be a free exhibition.

Mike Landsdown wrote on May 31, 2010
Sounds interesting.....
aura wrote on June 04, 2010
Most people will buy it because of ELVIS pics and not because of the news about the old bastard... If not for ELVIS, nobody would even know who the Colonel was !
CrazySteph wrote on June 05, 2010
Another rip-off ? Would be terribly dissappointed in EMatters (smells like 'Milcowing again')