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Opening Night 1971 - New Release

May 23, 2010 | Music

Flaming Phoenix Productions will release soon their first CD simply titled Opening Night 1971. This album features the opening show of Elvis' fourth appearance in Las Vegas as recorded from the soundboard on January 26, 1971. For the first time EVER all the recordings from this show are assembled together on one CD, including some previously unreleased performances such as '' Johnny B. Goode '' and '' The Wonder Of You '' . This set will be presented in a digipack .

The 1971 recordings from the mixing desk are scarce and less documented than any other year between 1969 and 1977. Here's your chance to acquire one of those rare moments with The King !


1- Introduction : Also Sprach Zarathustra ; 2- That's All Right ; 3- Mystery Train / Tiger Man ; 4- Love Me Tender ; 5- You Don't Have To Say You Love Me ; 6- Sweet Caroline ; 7- You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ; 8- Polk Salad Annie ; 9- How Great Thou Art ( with a false start ) ; 10- Introductions ; 11- Johnny B. Goode ; 12- Introductions ; 13- The Wonder Of You ; 14- Introducing Hal B. Wallis ; 15- Can't Help Falling In Love ; 16- Make The World Go Away ; 17- Something ; 18- Heartbreak Hotel ; 19- Blue Suede Shoes ; 20- Hound Dog ; 21- One Night ; 22- Teddy Bear ; 23- Suspicious Minds ; 24- The Impossible Dream / closing vamp

Unfortunately due to recording difficulties this concert was only partly recorded, and needed to be completed with songs from two other shows from the same season.

Tracks 5-10 recorded on January 27, 1971 MS

Tracks 18-24 recorded on January 28, 1971 MS

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Ronaldv wrote on May 24, 2010
Paying the full price for a few 'new' songs? No thanks. Previously released on older bootlegs and FTD's Impossible Dream.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on May 25, 2010
Is Flaming Phoenix....a.k.a Madison and have they risen from the ashes with this release??.....
Ciscoking wrote on May 25, 2010
The performances are strong,..though..from the musical point of view it is o.k...
CrazySteph wrote on June 05, 2010
Yeah OK will buy this one BUT more interested in UNreleased so far (I guess ??) on FTD or boots the 1971 Vegas season show where he sang apparently Rip it up & Leavin' it all up to you (could that be true ?) Anyone who knows on which CD I can find that material ? If not, then "why" haven't they thought about the potential that one would carry ?Please help me friends.