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Elvis In Concert 2011 Tour

May 28, 2010 | Other

‘Elvis Presley In Concert‘ will hit international shores again in the fall of 2011. Further details about line-up, locations and dates are not known at this time.

Big Daddy Dan wrote on May 29, 2010
I sure hope they dont forget the USA. I saw the show several years ago in Atlantic City. It was amazing...PEACE
pab75 wrote on May 29, 2010
Yes I hope they come back to the USA. It's been much to long.
Natha wrote on May 29, 2010
This beats it all. The only thing better would be a live concert of Elvis himself. This is the real thing. I start saving money!
Sirbalkan wrote on May 29, 2010
They HAVE TO come to Istanbul Turkey.. :)
Brian Quinn wrote on May 30, 2010
I cannot see this Concert returning to the U.S.A. in 2011. The official information states that it will 'return to 'international shores'.
Big Daddy Dan wrote on June 10, 2010
I wonder why is doesnt tour here in the US? I don't get it. I know he is and always has been hudge in other countries, I get that, but it would be nice to see it get a nice promotion here and tour again. Hopefully one day down the road we will get another chance to see it........PEACE