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BBC Radio 6 Presents The Elvis Story

May 26, 2010 | Other

Starting today BBC Radio 6 presents the 13 part series The Elvis Story narrated by Wink Martindale. Each episode is available as a podcast for one week. Here are the first four programmes. Starting today, you can listen to Part 1 "The Early Years".

25 May - The Early Years
26 May - Sun Records 2/13.
27 May - Presleymania 3/13.
28 May - Presleymania II - The Touring Continues 4/13
29 May - Elvis Goes to War 5/13.

Source:Elvis Information Network
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on May 26, 2010
If my memory serves me right this was first broadcast on the BBC in November 1977 and remember waiting in anticipation for the the next instalment,one of the best audio documentaries ever done and this is long before the 'kiss and tell' documentaries that follwed many years later.I am sure most fans will have heard this through the years but for those who have not please give it a listen even for nostagic reasons and go back to just after Elvis's passing and listen to a real piece of listening pleasure,at a little under 13 hours it's well worth a evening or two.
emjel wrote on May 26, 2010
Second attempt at posting so apologies if this is duplicated. The first broadcast was back in 1971/72 on the medium wave. Being winter months and early evening, the transmission seemed to suffer a little. Back then, it was a tremendous series, but I think 12 episodes, with another being added in 1977. However, I think it is in need of a big makeover/update as so much has appeared since then. I cannot recall even hearing a snippet of an outtake back then.
old shep wrote on May 28, 2010
Thanks emjel, i thought that my memory was playing tricks with me! Thank you for confirming that the series was first broadcast as you say in 1971 and 72 and repeated after Elvis' death in 1977. I have the series somewhere on reel to reel tapes which I steadfastly recorded each Sunday all those years ago. Would like to hear the series again.