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Harold Newton Collection For Sale On eBay

May 21, 2010 | Other

Harold Newton, the Elvis fan and photographer who passed away last year, was more than a 'photographer'. Harold was a die hard fan, who collected everything he could put his hands on: menus, news paper clippings, books, lobby cards, posters... His entire collection will be sold through eBay, as of June 6th.

JimmyCool wrote on May 21, 2010
That's kinda sad... it made me wonder what'll happen to all my Elvis' stuff when I'm not here any more :/
NONE000000 wrote on May 22, 2010
Yeah JimmyCool, I've thought about the same thing. All my records are at my mother's house--I have not played them in years. I have my CDs, but even those are mostly collecting dust since almost all of it is on my computer and ipod. I have boxes and boxes of old newspaper clippings too, and posters and calendars and playing cards and jewelry, magazines... I wonder if it'd be more sensible to try to put that stuff on eBay while I am still alive. I think I might.
Steve V wrote on May 23, 2010
Here's a liitle tip. Like probably most fans on this site I have an original Elvis collection, from Sun 209 to everything released during his lifetime. I bought a lot after 1977 also but mostly sold it all, especially the records, boots, books & magazines as these were mostly items made & sold to cash in on his death. I have dealt with the buying & selling of Elvis since the mid-70's first in Goldmine auctions, record fairs, and now on Ebay. I have seen a big drop in the interest of most items except if they are Sun records or rare 1950's EPE items, things of that nature. So my advice would be it the items dont mean as much to you as they once did and you are happy playing his music on Ipods or whatever, sell it now on Ebay while there are still some folks who may want it. The interest drops each year.