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A Canticle For Elvis

May 14, 2010 | Book

In his latest novel, A Canticle For Elvis (Storytellers), A. J. Ragland brings Elvis Presley back to life on January 8, 2035 in order to lead the world into a new age of ascended being. The adventure combines the best of light science fiction and metaphysics with a good dose of humor. Plus, Elvis gets to sing some new songs.

"Between 1949 and 1954, a young man from Tupelo, Mississippi, kept a secret journal documenting the prophetic insights he experienced while sleepwalking. He hid the journal, together with other treasures, in an old hatbox his mother had given him. Had scientists in his century detected the super-concentration of mitochondria that gives rise to a hybrid human every few thousand years, or understood the true nature of delta wave brain activity prevalent in the young and the gifted, they may have discovered as I did—this sleepwalking young man was not alone on his walks."

From the moment Gabriele Kendall, a Memphis DJ, hears Elvis singing from the sky, she is propelled on a journey through seven days of world-shaking miracles and confrontations with world leaders—to the King's return and her own immortality. Tagging along on the journey are a quartet of wise-cracking flying droids, a talking car, an android housekeeper and her retro-loving genius of a dad.

A Canticle For Elvis is Ragland's fourth novel and his first science-fiction. The story also include six new songs that pay homage to the King's hometown, Memphis, TN, and his life-long friends, George Klein and Jerry Schilling.

US Trade Paperback: 260 pages
Genre: Science-Fiction
ISBN: 145159111X
EAN: 9781451591118
Also available on eBook and Kindle platforms